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Why should you upskill your workforce?

Tech skills are in demand

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers is expected to grow by 17%, “much faster than average” by 2024, which is about 200,000 more roles. Software developers are already expensive, and “harder than average to recruit," so more and more companies are thinking about re-training their own workforce. For example, AT&T is currently retraining 100,000 employees – could your company be next?

Tech skills are not just for software engineers. Other roles and jobs can benefit from coding skills such as product managers, designers, content marketers, and marketing analysts.


We all know that retaining good employees is valuable to the bottom line. And a University of Rhode Island study found that training helps improve employee commitment and therefore retention. And many employers already know this:

“I’m always amazed when I hear company leaders say, ‘I’m hesitant about training people because they might leave. Well, if you don’t train them and they stay, that’s not a good picture. This has to be a leap of faith and you have to have trust in your team, which we do. To me, the best way to retain an employee is to help them grow and move forward and thrive in their careers.” -  Mat Lignel, president and chief executive officer, Laughlin/Constable Inc

What are Coding Bootcamps?

Coding bootcamps are intensive technology education providers which quickly and efficiently train people in the latest digital technologies. They range from 8 weeks to 3 years, and teach technical skills including software development, UX design, data science, cyber security, and more. Curriculums are highly iterative to ensure students are always learning the most up-to-date and important technologies and skills.

As the industry grows, these bootcamps have identified a need for companies to provide in-house training for their employees. Many bootcamps now offer a range of customizable corporate training programs.

Ways To Partner with Bootcamps

Bootcamps offer a number of ways to upskill/reskill your employees:

  • On-site training
  • Online training
  • In-classroom training
  • Custom hackathons
  • Upskill current employees to keep them engaged and learning
  • Mentor or onboard new hires

Companies like Deloitte, Accenture, and Barclays are testing “intrapreneurship programs” where employees learn how to be innovators in their own companies. And General Electric recently launched a program to teach all new hires how to code.

What to look for in a Coding Bootcamp

There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing a corporate training provider for your employees. Consider this when selecting a bootcamp that fits for your team:

  • Instructors – who is teaching the class, what experience do they have, and does that fit your needs?
  • Convenience – do you need in-house training, or would you prefer your employees to go offsite?
  • Technology/Subjects – does the bootcamp have expertise in the technologies you want your employees to learn?
  • Corporate Training Experience – has the bootcamp had success working with other companies?
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these bootcamps are ready to work with you:

  • 36 Courses

    Le wagon logo

    Le Wagon offers enterprise training designed for companies. Programs include workshops and multi-day sprints in UI/UX design, product management, and web development. Workshops cover coding, communication, product management, HR, intrapreneurship, and startup workflows.

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  • 32 Courses

    Logo ironhack blue

    Ironhack offers digital skills training to help companies keep up with emerging and essential processes and technologies. The school provides custom training programs for staff, digital leadership guidance, and organization of innovative and engaging community events....

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  • 33 Courses

    Social profile image t

    Thinkful offers corporate training that is interactive, on-demand, and customizable. Their network of experienced mentors can help companies cut onboarding time and costs, and adopt new technologies to enhance a company’s operations. To better help employees succeed in...

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  • 178 Courses

    General assembly reviews logo

    General Assembly helps companies find and close their skills gaps by driving performance and leadership through corporate training and hiring programs. General Assembly helps companies build onboarding programs, train employees, and benchmark team success. The GA Advanced...

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  • 32 Courses

    Cd logo blue 600x600

    Coding Dojo helps companies close the skills gap with customized training courses which build employee skills to match company needs. Coding Dojo believes every team must refine and adapt its skill set to maintain relevancy and efficiency while taking advantage of...

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  • 15 Courses

    Data science logos final

    NYC Data Science Academy offers customizable corporate training in R, Python, and Big Data, including high-level executive offerings, and technical hands-on training programs. Programs can be delivered online, or on-site. Tracks include data analysis with R or Python,...

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  • 37 Courses

    00 brainstation icon blue

    BrainStation offers corporate training which can be tailored to suit a company’s digital needs. Full-day training workshops incorporate real issues, projects, and processes in order to make learning meaningful and relevant. BrainStation can design custom...

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  • 14 Courses

    11707547 470365183123940 1304279354420006360 n

    Software Guild’s Talent System is a flexible way to attract, reskill, and upskill talent for roles which require technical skills. Software Guild offers full-time, part-time, or self-paced training programs tailored to suit company needs, along with multiple modality...

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  • 38 Courses

    1982192 823446997671475 891607919 n

    CareerFoundry Online; Berlin, Germany CareerFoundry offers corporate training which blends education, coaching, and consulting to get teams up to speed on essential digital skills and industry developments. CareerFoundry offers online, customized training for employees in...

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  • 14 Courses

    Stacked hycollege small

    HackerYou provides hands-on, project-based learning for executives, agencies and non-technical teams to help them thrive in today's digital economy. HackerYou can lead workshops in-house at company offices, or bring the team on campus. Programs include one-day workshops,...

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  • 33 Courses

    500x500 logo arrow

    Startup Institute aims to help companies retain top performers by keeping them engaged with corporate innovation training that will expand their skills. Providing customized curricula to train and develop employees, Startup Institute will teach the newest technology...

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  • Wccit logo circle sm

    We Can Code IT provides project-based corporate training for employers to minimize costs and turnover. Through courses on recruiting, onboarding, upskilling, promoting, reskilling, and cross-training – We Can Code IT gives an agile approach to programming where projects...

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  • 38 Courses

    14600876 1153941844686157 1151082146521142282 n

    New York Code + Design Academy offers corporate training programs to help companies deliver high-impact, tech-focused training for web developers and designers. NYCDA can build bespoke part-time or intensive programs specific to a company’s needs, and provide in-house or...

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  • 19 Courses

    Byte academy logo

    Byte Academy’s corporate training programs involve sourcing, assessing, and training employees in-house, online, or on campus. Byte Academy can train employees on new technologies, teach refresher courses, and provide custom curriculum. Corporate training areas include...

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  • 38 Courses

    Metis logo

    Metis provides corporate data science training to build and strengthen businesses. By providing training to fill skills gaps, Metis enables organizations to capitalize on the potential already within the company. As an accredited intensive data science bootcamp owned by...

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  • Hel stackedlogo onwhite

    Helio Training provides customized corporate training for development teams. Helio Training curriculum designers determine company training needs, then develop a unique curriculum. Helio Training can provide curriculum for employee orientation, career planning,...

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  • Logo white on blue

    The Data Incubator offers custom big data and data scientist courses for employee data science training. Programs can include two to three day workshops, or multi-week courses. Data Incubator instructors will cover data science techniques including machine learning,...

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  • Evolve security academy logo

    Evolve Security Academy provides professional training focused on delivering real and measurable improvements to a company’s security posture by working alongside staff to manage and resolve dangerous security vulnerabilities. Customized training is for staff at each level...

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  • Maydenacademylogo

    Mayden Academy offers workshops and individual modules to train company staff on particular areas of full stack development. With a focus to train developers to be competent, enthusiastic, and problem solvers, trainings include customized courses and hands on projects to...

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  • Nobledesktoplogo

    Noble Desktop provides custom training for companies looking to teach employees new skills, update current skills, and create the most talented and efficient workforce possible. 

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  • Centriqtraininglogo png

    Centriq Training offers corporate IT training options to best fit the needs of a company. With their in person classroom option, employees can receive hands-on training from a live instructor. Centriq Training also provides virtual classes and a self-paced course option...

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  • Edit logo

    Offers corporate training: EDIT offers training designed for specific needs of company employees. Companies can choose to attend the training during working hours or post work at its own facilities, or at the EDIT premises throughout the country and abroad....

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  • Ntier training image

    nTier Training offers customized corporate training strategy and onboarding programs to sync departmental learning efforts and to enhance the skills of company technical talent. Employees will experience hands-on labs to maximize comprehension and promote team growth.

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