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Become a Developer at these Summer Coding Bootcamps!

Oh Summer, one of the best seasons of the year! While it’s a time to relax, bask in the sun, and plan trips with family and friends, summer is also an awesome time to learn. If you’re a current student, teacher, or professional looking to learn to code, a summer bootcam...
Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
July 02, 2024

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Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated July 11, 2024

Modern software engineers need to be familiar with generative AI and predictive analysis. Whether you already have a data science background and want to become a machine learning (ML) engineer, or are just starting in tech and want to dive into an exciting, cutting-edge career path, learning from a coding bootcamp will ensure you’re prepared for the workforce in 2024. Will Sentance, CEO of...

Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated July 09, 2024

WebXR is a pivotal technology that revolutionizes how we experience the web. WebXR blends virtual and augmented realities, bringing immersive experiences directly to our browsers. From transforming how we shop online to redefining educational and training environments, WebXR is setting the stage for the future of digital interaction...

Nat Davis
Nat Davis
Updated July 03, 2024

Digital marketing is the way brands digitally connect to their target market. Over the years, digital marketing has evolved to include email, website copy, online ads, and social media campaigns, and with the addition of AI, digital marketing is poised to reach new heights! From content generation to workflow automation, l...

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