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New Year, New Career? Learning to Code in 2024!

Is your 2024 New Year’s resolution to make a career change into tech? You already know that a coding bootcamp can help you get there – 79% of bootcamp grads get jobs in tech and the average alum sees a 56% salary lift. The best way to stay on track is to break down your...
Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
January 03, 2024

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Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated February 12, 2024

Capstone projects are one cornerstone of a reputable, immersive technical bootcamp; oftentimes, students take the opportunity to get creative and build something they’re passionate about. We recently tuned into the Global Final Project Showcase at Flatiron School, and were particularly impressed with ...

Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated February 07, 2024

When he left the Marines, Kody Low knew he wanted to work in Bitcoin as a developer. He pursued a Master’s degree in computer science, but took a pause to get more hands-on experience. By enrolling in the Software Engineering Bootcamp at Hac...

Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated February 13, 2024

As artificial intelligence evolves, it’s being incorporated into powerful tools used for cybersecurity. Two experts in the field from Fullstack Academy walk us through the ways AI is being used in cybersecurity in 2024, and the three AI tools that cyber professionals are now integrating into the...

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