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Become a Developer at these Summer Coding Bootcamps!

Oh Summer, one of the best seasons of the year! While it’s a time to relax, bask in the sun, and plan trips with family and friends, summer is also an awesome time to learn. If you’re a current student, teacher, or professional looking to learn to code, a summer bootcam...
Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
May 10, 2024

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Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated May 22, 2024

Product managers are an essential part of a technical team, and now these professionals are turning to AI tools to enhance their productivity and impact. From bug identification to market research, learn about five AI tools and how product managers are using them on the job. While AI tools can be a boon to product management...

Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated May 15, 2024

Asheville-based musician Lee Dyer’s coding journey began by building his own songwriting website. When his self-taught technical skills hit a ceiling, he realized he needed structured guidance and support, so he enrolled in the part-time Software Engineering Bootcamp at Coding Temple. Lee shares how...

Jess Feldman
Jess Feldman
Updated May 20, 2024

User Experience (UX) design is where creativity meets technology, and with the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), UX designers are discovering new tools to revolutionize how they craft digital experiences. From image and prompt generators to enhancing wireframing and collaboration, learn about the seven, most commonly used AI...

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