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    8 Companies That Hire Coding Bootcampers

    Over 650 companies hire coding bootcampers. Meet 8 of them!

    8 companies that hire from coding bootcamps
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    Why a UI Designer is Not a UX Designer

    What is the difference between UX Design vs UI Design? Find out the roles, tools, skills of UX vs UI

    Why ui designer is not ux designer
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    10 Founders Who Started at a Bootcamp

    We love an inspiring success story, so we’re highlighting these bootcampers who founded startups!

    Computer pc apple business 159859

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    Ultimate Guide to Mobile Dev Bootcamps

    A guide to help you learn about mobile dev and what it takes to attend a mobile dev bootcamp.

    New years resolutions coding bootcampers
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    Learning to Code Before Coding Bootcamp

    Why it’s important to maximize your learning before the first day of coding bootcamp.

    Learning to code before a bootcamp
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    Ultimate Guide to Security Bootcamps

    A guide to help you learn about cyber security and what it takes to attend a security bootcamp.

    Coding bootcamp prep programs

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    React Native vs Native iOS/Android

    Should you use React Native or a native mobile language like Swift or Java to build your first app?

    React native vs native mobile ios android
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    Meet Our Review Sweepstakes Winner

    Meet our reviews sweepstakes winner and hear his advice for attending a coding bootcamp!

    Ios objective c vs swift
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    Git Creative: 4 Ways Alumni Got Hired

    4 Flatiron School alums share their creative stories of how they found jobs after coding bootcamp.

    Creative ways to find job after coding bootcamp

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    Submit your review by July 31, 2017!

    Coding bootcamp reviews sweepstakes
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    Attend Flatiron School for Free!

    Apply by June 21st to win this $15,000 scholarship. Yeah, you read that right.

    Canadian coding bootcamps list
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    17 Coding Bootcamp Housing Options

    17 coding bootcamps which offer free or affordable housing for students learning to code.

    Coding bootcamp housing included options tuition

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    2016 Growth of the Bootcamp Model

    Bootcamps teaching UX/UI Design, Data Science, Product Management, and Marketing Grow by 64% in 2016

    Prepare for a javascript bootcamp
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    2016 Alumni Outcomes & Demographics Study

    Coding Bootcamp alumni report a 64% increase in salary in our industry report.

    Coding bootcamp outcomes report 2016
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    2016 Coding Bootcamp Market Size Study

    Coding Bootcamps Expected to Graduate 17,966 Students and Grow by 74% in 2016

    2016 coding bootcamp market report

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    Episode 10: January 2017 Bootcamp News

    Read and listen to our January 2017 roundup of news and happenings in the coding bootcamp world.

    Coding bootcamp news roundup podcast
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    3 Ways to Stay Marketable After Bootcamp

    Top job hunting tips from a successful coding bootcamp graduate

    3 ways to stay marketable during the job search
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    Episode 9: November 2016 Bootcamp News

    Read and listen to our November 2016 roundup of news and happenings in the coding bootcamp world.

    Coding bootcamp news roundup podcast