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As the leading authority on bootcamps, the team at Course Report has been researching, tracking, and sharing updates on the tech sales bootcamp industry since 2013. In 2024, there are now more than 30 tech sales bootcamps around the world, so we’re using our knowledge and expertise to curate a list of the 8 top tech sales bootcamps. Put simply, these are the 8 tech sales schools we would recommend to our own family and friends.

Best Technical Sales Bootcamps List

  • Careerist - Sales Engineering
  • CourseCareers - Technology Sales
  • Elevate - Sales Development Representative 
  • Fuel Sales Academy - Sales Development Accelerator
  • PreSales Academy - Solutions Consultant/Sales Engineer Bootcamp
  • Sales Platoon - Sales Academy
  • School16 - Technology Career Acceleration Program
  • Uvaro - Tech Sales Foundations

These sales bootcamps teach students the skills to become a sales development representative (SDR), customer success manager, or account executive by teaching skills like cold calling and pitching, maintaining CRM tools like Salesforce, and providing technical support. Graduates of tech sales bootcamps typically go on to work in SDR roles (Sales Development Representative).

How to Choose The Best Tech Sales Bootcamp for You

This list is not a ranking, but rather technical sales schools are listed alphabetically. Remember, there is no ultimate “best tech sales boot camp” – the best tech sales program for you depends on your own learning style, career goals, availability, etc. No matter how many accolades a school has, make sure you do your research: read reviews, talk to alumni, take an intro course, and ask about job outcomes data.

Wondering where to start? Check out our Technical Sales Career Guide, featuring answers to our most frequently asked questions. This list includes tech sales bootcamps only – for more, check out our list of Best Coding Bootcamps, Best Online Bootcamps, Best UX/UI Design Bootcamps, Best Digital Marketing Bootcamps, Best Product Management Bootcamps, Best Cybersecurity Bootcamps, Best Data Science Bootcamps, and Best QA Testing Bootcamps..

When technical sales courses stand out in certain areas, we award them the following Badges of Honor:

Inclusion Methodology

To be considered for this list of top tech sales bootcamps, schools must meet the following criteria:

  • Offer an immersive technical sales program. For this list, immersive means 8+ hours of class time per week for at least 4 weeks.
  • Be instructor or mentor-led
  • Provide career assistance
  • Have graduated at least one cohort of students and be rated at least ★★★★ by alumni
  • Other attributes we value when choosing the top bootcamps are a selective application process, reputable instructors and mentors, a commitment to diversity, transparent student outcomes, and scholarships or innovative payment plans.

Bootcamps in the Rising Stars category have stood out to us because they've been rated highly by alumni, shown growth over the last year, or demonstrated a proven curriculum.

Marketing partnerships that Course Report may have with schools on this list bear no weight in the ranking process.

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The Top 8 Best Bootcamps

In Alphabetical Order

  1. careerist-logo
    4 Courses Guarantees Job

    About Careerist

    Careerist is a US-based career accelerator offering online courses in Software QA Engineering, QA Automation, QA Bundle that includes manual QA and QA test automation and UX/UI Design. Careerist is designed to help students learn the skills needed to land a tech job. They are committed to making tech education accessible, and creating new career opportunities for individuals who want to get into the tech industry. Over 1,000 companies in 40 states now employ Careerist...

    Review from an alum:

    Vladislav Krutskikh

    5Graduate - Course: Manual And Automation QA Bundle bootcamp - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    An impressive and useful QA course

    I completed the manual testing program and was very satisfied. Careerist has a convenient platform for classes, and managers promptly answered any questions ...
  2. coursecareers-logo
    6 Courses 

    About CourseCareers

    CourseCareers is an online modern learning platform that offers affordable, self-paced courses in technology sales and information technology. Students start by going through a free introduction course to learn about which career to pursue, then enroll in their desired, paid course. Students complete the course in a few weeks to a few months depending on how much time they commit. CourseCareers teaches students exactly how to land an entry-level position or internship...

    Review from an alum:

    Marcus Jones

    5Graduate - Course: Information Technology Course - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    100% Recommend-Technology Information Course

    I recently had a great experience with CourseCareers and their IT course. The course material was excellent and provided me with valuable knowledge that I co...
  3. elevate-logo
    1 Course 

    About Elevate

    Elevate is a 10-week, multi-tiered online Sales Development Representative (SDR)  bootcamp. The SDR bootcamp is part-time and meant to jump-start a student’s careers while they attend. One of the main goals of the bootcamp is to improve diversity and inclusiveness in the tech scene. Their membership base is over 70% POC and close to 50% women. Elevate is perfect for complete beginners or individuals having a hard time breaking into sales due to lack of experience. Th...

    Review from an alum:

    Jerahmeel Israel

    5Graduate - Course: Sales Development Representative - First Summit - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Great Experience

    Elevate's training program was top-notch! I was blown away by how thorough and helpful it was. The support they provided made all the difference. I'd recomme...

  4. About Fuel Sales Academy

    Fuel Sales Academy offers an “Earn While You Learn” Sales Development Accelerator bootcamp in Kansas City, MO. This bootcamp is offered live online and takes approximately 8 weeks to complete. Students graduate when they consistently hit sales metrics over a 4-week period. Students will learn technologies such as, SalesLoft, Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Zoho.  The first step in applying for the Fuel Sales Academy bootcamp is to enroll in the free, ...

    Review from an alum:

    Oksana Zaskalna

    5Student - Course: Sales Development Accelerator - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Best start in Ed tech sales

    Can absolutely recommend this program if you are interested in getting into Ed Tech sales and see yourself working with schools and school districts (bringin...
  5. presales-academy-logo
    PreSales Academy5.0Reviews:27
    1 Course 

    About PreSales Academy

    PreSales Academy (PSA) is a 10-week, part-time online tech sales bootcamp that is broken up into three stages. Stage 1 (Ramp Up!) involves 3+ weeks of self-paced online learning. Stage 2 (Perform) consists of 4 weeks of live-sessions that happen three times a week from 4:00-5:30pm PST. Stage 3 (Land the Job!) involves 1+ weeks of live and online content. The mission of PreSales Academy is to make tech jobs accessible to people from all backgrounds for a more diverse a...

    Review from an alum:

    Ana Rodriguez

    5Graduate - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Successfully transitioned into tech!

    Before I discovered the PreSales Academy, I had been trying to transition into the tech industry for months with no luck. The PSA provided me with the struct...
  6. sales-platoon-logo
    Sales Platoon4.95Reviews:20
    1 Course Guarantees Job

    About Sales Platoon

    Sales Platoon is an immersive, online, 12-week Sales Academy bootcamp designed specifically for transitioning service members and military veterans. Sales Platoon instructors are military veterans with over 20 years of sales leadership experience. Sales Platoon is cohort-based , and students will learn VALUE selling; utilization of Challenger sales methodology; how to source, develop and close sales pipelines; manage a sales funnel; and negotiate and close a sale. Aft...

    Review from an alum:

    Camara Brown

    5Graduate - Course: Sales Academy - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Amazing course!

    Sales Platoon is an incredible resource for any military member leaving Active Duty service. The number of tools I received to help not only with a sales car...

  7. About School16

    School16 is a 16-week, live online, part-time Technology Career Acceleration Program that gets students job-ready for tech careers without needing to learn how to code. In the first 8 weeks, students learn foundational tech skills from experienced industry professionals as they rotate through Sales, Marketing, Project Management and Product Management – all while building critical career searching skills. Students then select an Advanced Learning Concentration (ALC) c...

    Review from an alum:

    Vilma Quito

    5Student - Course: Technology Career Acceleration Program - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Join a community!

    School16 came into my life at the most precise time. While I was very grateful for my previous experience in government I was curious about other career oppo...
  8. uvaro-logo
    6 Courses 

    About Uvaro

    Uvaro is a community-based educational program that offers online career success programming with a focus on tech sales. Uvaro offers part-time and full-time courses that range from 4 to 12 weeks, a large variety of workshops that are 1 to 2 hours in length, plus free on-demand video programming. Uvaro members learn common SaaS tools, Code, Cloud, and AI, SaaS sales terminology and metrics, prospecting and qualifying leads, the art of the pitch, negotiating and closin...

    Review from an alum:

    Robert Barrett

    5Applicant - Course: Tech Sales: 12 Weeks - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Informative , Relevant!!

    The course was exactly what I was looking for !! I wanted to pursue a career in Tech sales , but didn’t even have a basic understanding of what that entails ...

Rising Stars of 2024

In Alphabetical Order

  1. aspireship-logo
    6 Courses 

    About Aspireship

    Aspireship is an industry-recognized reskilling and job placement platform that offers online, self-paced bootcamps in SaaS Sales Foundations, Customer Success Foundations, Revenue Operations and Software Engineering. Aspireship's programs are self-paced with video lectures and instructional support. The school was founded by Corey Kossack after he noticed that quickly growing SaaS companies face issues with hiring and retaining staff during a growth transition. Aspi...

    Review from an alum:

    Riley Blaisdell

    5Graduate - Course: SaaS Sales Foundations - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Building Block of SaaS

    I was laid off with a sales background and wanted to get into tech.  But companies told me I didn't have a background. So I found a building block to help me...
  2. leveld-logo
    3 Courses 

    About Leveld

    Leveld is a tech training provider offering online, self-paced bootcamps in cybersecurity and tech sales. The Cybersecurity bootcamp covers topics like firewalls, VPNs, Java, Python, HTML, PHP, SQL, and networking. The Tech Sales bootcamp covers topics like communication, negotiation, relationship building, lead generation, and sales strategies.  Leveld offers ongoing coaching after students complete a bootcamp to provide extra support while they build careers in tech...

    Review from an alum:

    Gazal F.Gazal F.

    5Student - Course: Cybersecurity - Online

    Verified Via GitHub

    Leveld Catapulted My Cybersecurity Career

    Leveld Careers provided me with a comprehensive, hands-on, and up-to-date curriculum that perfectly aligns with the dynamic world of cybersecurity. The cours...

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