The 11 Best Tech Sales Bootcamps

Course Report's Top Schools of 2023
Curated By: Liz Eggleston & Jess Feldman from Course Report

As the leading authority on bootcamps, the team at Course Report has been researching, tracking, and sharing updates on the tech sales bootcamp industry since 2013. In 2023, there are now more than 30 tech sales bootcamps around the world, so we’re using our knowledge and expertise to curate a list of the 11 top tech sales bootcamps. Put simply, these are the 11 tech sales schools we would recommend to our own family and friends.

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The 11 Best Tech Sales Bootcamps

In Alphabetical Order

  1. coursecareers-logo
    3 Courses 

    About CourseCareers

    CourseCareers is an online modern learning platform that offers affordable, self-paced courses in technology sales and information technology. Students start... Read More

    Leslie Howard

    5Student - Course: Technology Sales Course - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Clear, concise content

    The course is a go at your pace, content is understandable and relatable and relevant.Once you’ve joined CourseCareers, there is a community of alumni, mentors ... Read More
  2. elevate-logo
    1 Course 

    About Elevate

    Elevate is a 10-week, multi-tiered online Sales Development Representative (SDR)  bootcamp. The SDR bootcamp is part-time and meant to jump-start a student’s... Read More

    Deion Madison

    5Applicant - Course: Sales Development Representative - First Summit - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Fast-track tech sales career

     Elevate's SDR Bootcamp is an excellent fast-track program for those looking to jump-start a career in tech sales. With live instruction, one-on-one coaching, a ... Read More

  3. About Fuel Sales Academy

    Fuel Sales Academy offers an “Earn While You Learn” Sales Development Accelerator bootcamp in Kansas City, MO. This bootcamp is offered live online and takes... Read More

    Gayle S.

    5Graduate - Course: Sales Development Accelerator - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Learning and Growth for this transitioning teacher

    You will learn so much about being an SDR in a short period of time Understanding of sales methodology including call and email scriptingSupportive coaches, dai ... Read More
  4. hyrise-academy-logo
    Hyrise Academy4.96Reviews:25
    1 Course Guarantees Job

    About Hyrise Academy

    Hyrise Academy is a recruiting and training program that offers a tech sales bootcamp that may be completed in 6-12 weeks. Hyrise Academy’s mission is to sup... Read More

    Noura K.


    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Best basis for your future career

    The rise academy gave me the best basis to optimally pursue my career in the tech sales industry. The complete training, the content, the personal feedback, and ... Read More
  5. presales-academy-logo
    PreSales Academy5.0Reviews:19
    1 Course 

    About PreSales Academy

    PreSales Academy (PSA) is an 8-week, part-time online tech sales bootcamp that is broken up into three stages. Stage 1 (Ramp Up!) involves 3+ weeks of self-p... Read More

    Kahlil L.

    5Graduate - Course: May-June Cohort: Solutions Engineer Bootcamp - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Great Experience and Support

    I was accepted to Cohort #6 (Oct 2022) for PreSales Academy (PSA). Overall I felt completely supported the whole process.  The classes are only twice per week i ... Read More
  6. sales-platoon-logo
    Sales Platoon4.95Reviews:20
    1 Course Guarantees Job

    About Sales Platoon

    Sales Platoon is an immersive, online, 12-week Sales Academy bootcamp designed specifically for transitioning service members and military veterans. Sales Pl... Read More

    Camara Brown

    5Graduate - Course: Sales Academy - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Amazing course!

    Sales Platoon is an incredible resource for any military member leaving Active Duty service. The number of tools I received to help not only with a sales career ... Read More
  7. satellite-logo
    1 Course 

    About Satellite

    Satellite is a 3-week, online tech sales training program that prepares professionals for entry-level sales careers through independent learning, live simula... Read More

    Jack Qualey

    5Graduate - Course: Tech Sales Career Accelerator - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: SDR Bootcamp

    Satellite taught me everything I needed to know about the SDR role thoroughly and quickly! Thanks to everything they taught me and their employee network, I am ... Read More

  8. About School16

    School16 is a 16-week, live online, part-time Technology Career Acceleration Program that gets students job-ready for tech careers without needing to learn h... Read More

    Vilma Quito

    5Student - Course: Technology Career Acceleration Program - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Join a community!

    School16 came into my life at the most precise time. While I was very grateful for my previous experience in government I was curious about other career opportu ... Read More
  9. sv-academy-logo
    SV Academy4.81Reviews:224
    1 Course Guarantees Job

    About SV Academy

    SV Academy offers a 4-week full-time and 12-week part-time online business development bootcamp available anywhere in the world with a strong internet connec... Read More

    Renny A Stern

    5Graduate - Course: Fellowship - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: SV Academy is a homerun

    SV Academy is a boot camp that not only focuses on the skills of an SDR but the skills to be hirable in the tech field.  The mentors are supportive and the feed ... Read More
  10. uvaro-logo
    5 Courses 

    About Uvaro

    Uvaro is a community-based educational program that offers online career success programming with a focus on tech sales. Uvaro offers part-time and full-time... Read More

    Briant Petersen

    5Graduate - Course: Tech Sales: 4 Weeks - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: 4 Week Tech Sales Foundations

    I just completed the online course and was extremely impressed with the quality and organization of the material. The instructors, Bernie and Astha, were very k ... Read More
  11. victory-lap-logo
    Victory Lap4.9Reviews:29
    1 Course 

    About Victory Lap

    Victory Lap is a 5-week, immersive, virtual tech sales bootcamp. The tech sales curriculum is delivered through a combination of self-paced lessons, weekly l... Read More

    Stephen Wicks

    5Graduate - Course: Tech Sales Bootcamp - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: It's the real deal

    I am so thoroughly impressed and pleased with the curriculum, instructor, and staff of Victory Lap.  Their program will prepare you for a successful career in t ... Read More

Rising Stars of 2023

In Alphabetical Order

  1. bluebird-logo
    1 Course 

    About Bluebird

    Bluebird is a 6-week part-time, live online tech sales bootcamp based in Canada. The Tech Sales bootcamp covers topics like tech sales fundamentals, filling ... Read More

    Carlos S.

    5Student - Course: Tech Sales - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Excellent program - Would highly recommend!

    I decided to enroll in this program, not knowing what to expect. The application process was super easy and straightforward. I applied back in February 2022, by ... Read More
  2. careerist-logo
    6 Courses Guarantees Job

    About Careerist

    Careerist offers online courses in Manual QA, QA Automation, Tech Sales, and Systems Engineering. Careerist's courses include a built-in internship, resume d... Read More


    5Graduate - Course: QA Manual - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Great Program, But Job Market Was Tough

    I took the Careerist Manual QA Bootcamp & it was the best thing I did for my mid-career pivot from tax accounting to tech.  Pros:- easy course that can be compl ... Read More

  3. About Palette Skills

    Palette Skills is a Canadian-based training provider offering online bootcamps in B2B tech sales. Students attend the bootcamp full-time for 1 week and part-... Read More

    Kaylea Gray

    5Graduate - Course: SalesCamp - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Stop thinking about it, do it!

    I couldn’t have been happier with my palette skills experience, the entire team is amazing! The course gave me the skills I needed to change career paths and fe ... Read More
  4. 2 Courses Guarantees Job

    About Vendition Sales Bootcamp

    Vendition is an online sales training provider that offers a self-paced Sales Bootcamp and a 12-week Apprenticeship. In the Sales Bootcamp, students receive ... Read More

    Olivia N


    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Client Engagement

    Steve really takes the time to make sure you are getting what you need out of the class. The whole staff is on your side. Steve is very intelligent and savvy wh ... Read More

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About the authors

This list was curated by Jess Feldman and Liz Eggleston from the Course Report team. Course Report is the most complete resource for students researching coding bootcamps. Course Report research has been cited in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and more.

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