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Instructor Spotlight: Meng He of Startup Institute

Imogen Crispe5/2/2016

Meng He is a volunteer instructor for part of Startup Institute’s immersive Web Design program. She has been a UX designer for eight years, and joined Startup Institute as a way to give back and help out other budding UX designers. Meng tells us about how she grew into a UX designer, why she was drawn to teaching at Startup Institute, and what she sees in her most successful students.

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Instructor Spotlight: Jim OKelly of Devschool

Liz Eggleston5/2/2016

Armed with years of development experience, hundreds of CodeMentor hours, and a deep understanding of remote work, Mexico-based Jim OKelly founded online web development school Devschool in January 2015. Now having graduated several cohorts, Jim sits down with Course Report to talk about the time commitment he expects of successful graduates, keeping the curriculum updated, and how the Devschool experience remains “insanely human.”

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