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Watch Demo Videos and Compare Online Coding Bootcamps

Imogen Crispe5/26/2016

What is it like to study at an online coding bootcamp? How will you interact with your instructors, mentors and other students? And will your learning portal be a place you look forward to learning each day? We have done the research and asked some of the most popular online bootcamps to give us walkthrough demos to answer all your questions about studying online.

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Landing a Job after Startup Institute

Imogen Crispe5/24/2016

Multidisciplinary tech bootcamp Startup Institute aims to prepare all their students to find great jobs they can excel in after they graduate. Startup Institute has already published an outcomes report detailing their job placement rates, but we wanted to know how they achieve those impressive statistics. We spoke to the Startup Institute Career Placement team, to find out what the career process looks like, what employers like about Startup Institute grads, and what sort of jobs grads are already in.

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