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Choosing the right coding bootcamp

With over 500 code schools worldwide, you should do your research before choosing which one will kickstart your career in tech. From price to time-commitment to technology stack, Course Report provides all the details you need to choose the coding bootcamp that's right for you. Start the process here:

  1. Use our directory to find coding schools in your city.
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Is a coding bootcamp worth it?

The data says yes. A coding bootcamp costs about $12,000, but the average graduate earns $70,698 (a $24K salary lift). To determine whether a bootcamp is worth it for you, calculate your Return on Investment (this article also has our advice to make sure your bootcamp is worth it).


How much do coding bootcamps cost?

The average full-time programming bootcamp in the US costs $11,450 with some code bootcamps charging up to $20,000 in tuition. Some bootcamps offer deferred tuition or Income Sharing Agreements, so you don't have to pay tuition until you get a job. Compare coding bootcamp tuition costs here.


What are the best coding bootcamps?

We've used our 4 years of knowledge and expertise to curate a list of the top 49 in-person coding bootcamps around the world. Put simply, these are the 49 schools we would recommend to our own friends. All of these "best bootcamps" have been rated at least ★★★★ by alumni, demonstrate a proven curriculum, and have graduated at least one cohort of alumni. Remember, there is no “best coding bootcamp” – the best school depends on your own learning style, availability, career goals, location etc.


Are coding bootcamps accredited? 

Generally, no. But the bootcamp you attend should be licensed by a state regulatory agency. Licensing often means that the school has to submit their curricula (and any major curricula changes) for approval, invest in liability insurance in case of closure, and publicize their course catalog. It does not mean that the code school is able to grant degrees. 


Read more: Top 13 Code Bootcamp FAQs. Have more questions? Reach out to our team. Good luck!


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