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Choosing the right coding bootcamp

With over 300 coding bootcamps worldwide, you should do your research before choosing which code school will kickstart your career in tech. From price to time-commitment to technology stack, Course Report provides all the details you need to choose the coding bootcamp that's right for you. Start the process here:

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  9. How much should I budget?
NARROWING YOUR OPTIONS 10. How do I pay for this?
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5. Should I move cities? JOB PLACEMENT
6. Which Programming language should I learn? 11. Will I get a job?
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Ultimate Guide to Security Bootcamps

Lauren Stewart1/19/2017

You’re probably familiar with the term “hacking,” but do you really understand the importance of cyber security? Did you know that by 2019, it’s projected that globally we’ll need 6 million security professionals, but we’ll be short by 1.5 million? Cyber security is comprised of technologies and practices to protect networks, computers, software programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access. The need for technical security talent is increasing and Security Bootcamps are launching to fill this void. If you’re deciding on which coding bootcamp route to take, and you’re interested in cyber security, there are a few things to consider (and we’ve listed where you can learn these skills!)

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Git Creative: 4 Ways Alumni Got Jobs After Coding Bootcamp

Joshua Hirshfeld1/18/2017

Attending a coding bootcamp can be a ticket to a fulfilling new career as a software engineer. But while demand for developers is high, jobs aren’t just handed out at bootcamp graduations. As the Flatiron School's Career Services Commitment emphasizes: job placement is a team effort, but you need to treat getting a job like a job – keep learning; put yourself out there; you get out of it what you put into the process. Find out how four Flatiron School alumni successfully launched their new tech careers – and how you can use their tactics in your own job search.

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