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With over 300 coding bootcamps worldwide, you should do your research before choosing which code school will kickstart your career in tech. From price to time-commitment to technology stack, Course Report provides all the details you need to choose the coding bootcamp that's right for you. Start the process here:

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1.  Coding bootcamp vs college: what's my best option? 8. What should I expect in a bootcamp interview?
2. Can I learn to code on my own?  
3. Am I ready for a coding bootcamp? PAYING FOR BOOTCAMP
  9. How much should I budget for a coding bootcamp?
NARROWING YOUR OPTIONS 10. How do I pay for a coding bootcamp?
4. What type of coding bootcamp should I attend?  
5. Should I move cities for a bootcamp? JOB PLACEMENT
6. Which Programming language should I learn? 11. Will I get a job after a coding bootcamp?
7. Where can I find coding bootcamp reviews? 12. What can I do with a coding bootcamp education?
  13. Are coding bootcamps accredited?

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Alumni Spotlight: Matthew Arvidson of Coder Camps

Lauren Stewart8/21/2017

Since 5th grade, Matthew Arvidson wanted to be a developer, but didn’t think it was a viable career because he didn’t know anyone working in the tech industry. After teaching himself some code online, Matthew took a friend’s advice and chose to attend Coder Camps’ Full Stack Software Development online program. Read more about the Coder Camps online experience and see how Matthew landed a job as a Software Developer.

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How to Kick Imposter Syndrome At Coding Bootcamp

Imogen Crispe8/18/2017

Are you learning to code but worried you’ll never truly be a professional coder? You may be experiencing Imposter Syndrome, and don’t worry – it’s pretty common. As the Dean of Students at all-women’s coding bootcamp, The Grace Hopper Program, Meg Duffy has heard first hand about the anxieties that come with learning to code. We sat down with Meg to find out what exactly Imposter Syndrome is, why it’s common among coding bootcamp students (especially women), and four tips to overcome imposter syndrome so you can build a career as a software developer. Watch the video or read the summary.

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