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At Course Report, we field a lot of questions about coding bootcamp cost. From students looking for free coding bootcamps to those wondering if an $18,000 bootcamp is worth it, we understand that cost is important to future bootcampers! While the average full-time programming bootcamp in the US costs $11,451bootcamp tuition can range from $5,000 to $21,000. So how do you decide what to budget for? Today, we're breaking down the costs of several popular coding bootcamps.

This is a cost comparison of full stack (front end and back end) in-person (on-site) immersive bootcamps that are nine weeks or longer, and many of them also include extra remote pre-work study. We have chosen courses which we think are comparable in course content – they all teach HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, plus back end languages or frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Python, Angular, and Node.js. All schools listed here have at least one campus in the USA. To find out more about each bootcamp or read reviews, click on the links below to see their detailed Course Report pages.

$5000 - $10,000 Coding Bootcamps

CodeCraft School Cost: $9,500

Financing: Skills Fund
Scholarship: $500 for applicants through Course Report
Length: 10 weeks
Pre-work: optional depending on experience
Location: Boulder


$10,000 - $15,000 Coding Bootcamps

DevPoint Labs Cost: $11,000

Financing: Mountain America Credit Union
Scholarship: 50% off available for women and $500 for applicants through Course Report
Length: 11 weeks
Pre-work: 15-20 hours remote
Location: Salt Lake City, Provo

Wyncode Cost: $11,500

Financing: Pave and Climb Credit
Scholarship: Available for women and military
Length: 9 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: Optional assignments
Location: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Miami Beach

DigitalCrafts Cost: $12,950

Financing: Skills Fund
Scholarship: $1,000 and $500 Early Enrollment Tuition Credits, $500 for applicants through Course Report
Length: 16 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: 30-40 hours remote
Location: Atlanta

LearningFuze Cost: $12,995

Financing: Pave
Scholarship: $500 for applicants through Course Report
Length: 12 weeks
Pre-work: 2 weeks remote or on-site
Location: Irvine, CA

Coding Dojo Cost: $13,495

Financing: Pave and Upstart
Scholarship: $1000-$1500 for college students, recent college grads, career reinvention, veterans and $2500 for females.
Length: 14 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: optional online course
Location: Seattle, Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, Dallas

RefactorU Cost: $13,500

Financing: Pave, Earnest, Climb, TFC
Scholarship: 20% for retired or active service US military personnel or spouse
Length: 10 weeks
Pre-work: 40-50 hours remote
Location: Boulder

General Assembly (Web Development Immersive) Cost: $13,500

Financing: Earnest, Climb, Affirm, or Skills Fund.
Scholarship: Sometimes available. Check out the Opportunity Fund.
Length: 12 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: 40 hours
Location: San Francisco, Washington DC, New York, Chicago, London, and 10 other locations.

The Iron Yard (Back End Engineering) Cost: $13,900

Financing: Climb Credit, Pave, or Upstart 
Scholarship: Diversity scholarship available for underrepresented groups
Length: 12 weeks
Pre-work: No
Location: Washington DC, Durham, NC, Tampa Bay, FL, Indianapolis, IN, Greenville, SC, San Antonio, TX, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, Detroit, MI, Cincinnati, OH.

Dev Bootcamp Cost: $13,950 (New York, San Francisco)
$12,700 (Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Diego)

Financing: Skills Fund, Affirm, Pave, and Upstart.
Scholarship: available for women, veterans, and underrepresented groups
Length: 10 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: 9 weeks part time remote (required)
Location:New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Austin, Seattle, San Diego


$15,000 + Coding Bootcamps

Flatiron School Cost: $15,000

Financing: Payment plans available
Scholarship:Available for students from underrepresented groups
Length: 12 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: 150 hours (required)
Location: New York

Launch Academy Cost: $15,500

Financing: available through Skills Fund and Affirm
Length:10 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: 50-100 hours
Location: Boston

Hackbright Academy Cost: $16,570
(get $3000 back if they place you with a partner company)(women only)

Financing: Pave, Skills Fund, Affirm
Scholarship: A variety available
Length: 10 weeks full time + 2 weeks career prep
Pre-work: 20 hours + (required)
Location: San Francisco

Makersquare Cost: $16,920

Financing: Pave, Climb, WeFinance,
Scholarship: $500 for applicants through Course Report
Length: 12 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work:100 hours (required)
Location:Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles

Fullstack Academy Cost: $16,810

Financing: Pave and Upstart
Scholarship: $2000 student scholarship, $1000 scholarship for women
Length: 13 weeks
Pre-work: 4 weeks part time remote (required)
Location: New York

Hack Reactor Cost: $19,780

Financing: Affirm, Pave, Earnest
Scholarship: $1000 for women and underrepresented minorities
Length: 12 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: 8 weeks part time remote (required)
Location: San Francisco

Turing Cost: $20,000 (includes laptop)

Financing: Earnest, Climb, Pave, Skills Fund and in-house financing
Scholarship: $500 for applicants through Course Report
Length: 28 weeks
Pre-work: No
Location: Denver

Galvanize Cost: $21,000

Financing: Earnest, Climb, Skills Fund
Scholarship: Partial and full scholarships based on merit, financial need, or underrepresentation, $500 for applicants through Course Report.
Length: 24 weeks
Pre-work: Take-home pre-challenge
Location: Seattle, San Francisco, Denver, Fort Collins, Boulder, Austin, London


Deferred/Contingent Tuition

Grace Hopper Academy Cost: $3000 refundable deposit + 22.5% of first year salary (women only)

Financing: No
Scholarship: No
Length: 13 Weeks
Pre-work: 4 weeks part time remote
Location: New York City

App Academy Cost: $5000 refundable deposit + 18% of first year salary

Financing: GoFundMe, Upstart, Pave, Affirm
Scholarship: No
Length: 12 weeks full time onsite
Pre-work: 50-100 hours remote
Location: San Francisco; New York

Coding House Cost: $4000 for living costs + 18% of first year salary

Financing: No
Scholarship: One, 100% scholarship to a female developer per cohort.
Length: 14 weeks (live-in)
Pre-work: 2.5 weeks part time remote
Location: Silicon Valley



Check out these resources for information on how to fund your bootcamp experience:

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