Choosing a coding bootcamp is a big decision.

We want to help.

We know that researching a school is about more than scrolling through a database. That's why Course Report features reviews, application tips, and interviews with founders, students, and instructors to equip you with all the details you need to choose the coding bootcamp that’s right for you.

Course Report was founded in 2013 by LivingSocial alumni Adam Lovallo & Liz Eggleston. While at LivingSocial, they saw the Hungry Academy come to fruition and were inspired by the program’s success in transforming bright employees into entry-level developers in just about six months. As the bootcamp model continued to gain steam, so too did the need for a third-party resource for their students. With a little seed money and a lot of love, Course Report launched in December. Course Report is fortunate to be advised by Jay Weintraub, Aaron Batalion, and Tim O'Shaughnessy.

About us

Adam Lovallo


Adam lovallo

Former head of user acquisition for LivingSocial and dessert lover.

Liz Eggleston


Liz eggleston

LivingSocial alum, breakfast taco connoisseur, and bootcamp advocate.

Omar and Animal

CFO & COO, respectively

Omar animal

Finding inspiration in yarn and Excel models.

Imogen Crispe

Content Manager

Imogen crispe

Journalist, storyteller, filmmaker, global citizen.

Lauren Stewart

Communications & Operations Manager

Lauren stewart

Lover of communication, organization, tech education, and career development.

James Middlemiss

Lead Developer

James middlemiss

This wasn't my coffee.

Course Report is fortunate to work with
several key advisors including:

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