Learn Data Engineering at These 112 Data Engineering Bootcamps

Data engineers set up the infrastructure on which the data scientists and machine learning engineers do their work. They are responsible for data storage, data transportation, at the right volume, at the right velocity, for the required usage. Data engineers are primarily software engineers that specialize in data pipelines and ensuring that data flows where, when, and how it's needed for these models to actually work. They don't need to understand the machine learning or statistical models the way data scientists do.

As Data Engineering Instructor Jeff Katz explains, "It’s the data engineer’s job to collect data from various sources, change that data so it’s easier to use, and store that data in an analytical database. The data engineer needs to automate this to ensure the data is current, accurate, and standard throughout the organization.  From there, the data engineer may be involved in cleaning and analyzing the data to provide to the marketing, operations, sales, or product teams."

Data engineers need to know data storage and pipeline tools: SQL-databases like Oracle, NoSQL like Cassandra, queuing and messaging systems like Kafka, and workflow tools like Airflow.

For example, if a data scientist develops a model that theoretically can detect credit card transaction fraud at a bank, then the data engineer would be responsible for ensuring that all the transaction data that the bank handles is stored properly. If the system needs to process a million transactions a second, the data engineer would build the data pipelines that can convey all that info at the right time to the right parts of the system without any delays or bottlenecks. 

You can expect to learn data engineering at a Data Science Bootcamp like Jigsaw Labs, NYC Data Science Academy, Springboard, and many more. 

There are 112 bootcamps that teach Data Engineering skills around the world – which is best for you? This list has top-rated bootcamps like Le Wagon, BrainStation, Udacity. As you do your research, look for Data Engineering bootcamps with great alumni reviews, proven student outcomes, and a strong Data Engineering curriculum.


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112 Best Data Engineering Bootcamps

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