Seville Coding Bootcamps


Our comprehensive guide to Seville coding bootcamps, including the best Seville code schools, reviews, scholarships, and more!

Seville is a historic city in southern Spain, and generates a quarter of the regions GDP. The economy has recently become dominated by the service sector, whereas previously industry and agriculture were the primary areas of income. Seville is a port city, and facilitates trade of goods between Spain, Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. The city is considered a key technological research center for renewable energy and the aeronautics industry – the Technological and Aeronautical Park (Parque Tecnológico y Aeronáutico Aerópolis) in Seville is focused on technology and the aircraft industry. The city of Seville encourages scientific initiatives, and the city is home to Neocodex, the largest DNA bank in Spain, where genetic research takes place. Other fields of science and tech include biotechnology and telecommunications. Tech companies based in Seville include Bitnami, Genera Games, Ontech, and EC2CE.

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