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By: The Course Report Team

Last Update: 7/24/2019

As the leading authority on coding and technology bootcamps, the team at Course Report has been researching, tracking, and sharing updates on the coding bootcamp industry since 2013. Each year, we use our knowledge and expertise to curate a list of the top data science bootcamps and data analysis bootcamps around the world. Put simply, these are the data science schools we would recommend to our own family and friends.

These bootcamps teach students the skills to become a data scientist or data analyst by teaching either Python and/or R, and covering skills like data visualization, machine learning, big data, natural language processing and more.

Many data science bootcamps have rigorous admissions processes and require applicants to have a degree in STEM. Some of these programs are actually data science fellowships, which require a post-graduate degree (like a PhD), and are free for students transitioning from academia into industry.

To be considered for this list of top data bootcamps, schools must meet the following criteria:

  • Offer a full-time, immersive, synchronous data science or data analytics program
  • Be instructor or mentor led
  • Follow curriculum with a focus on R and/or Python
  • Provide career assistance
  • Graduated at least one cohort of students and be rated at least ★★★★ by alumni
  • Other attributes we value when choosing the top online technology bootcamps are a selective application process, reputable instructors and mentors, a commitment to diversity, transparent student outcomes, and scholarships or innovative payment plans.

This list is not a ranking, but rather data science programs are listed alphabetically. Remember, there is no ultimate “best data science boot camp” – the best data program for you depends on your own learning style, career goals, availability, etc. No matter how many accolades a school has, make sure you do your research: read reviews, talk to alumni, take an intro course, and ask about job outcomes data.

Wondering where to start? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Data Science Bootcamps, featuring answers to our most frequently asked questions. This list includes data science bootcamps only – for more, check out our list of Best Coding Bootcamps and Best Online Bootcamps.

When data courses stand out in certain areas, we award them the following Badges of Honor:

A school has 35+ data science reviews with a 4.5-star rating

A school has published their data science alumni job outcomes

A school has been operating their data science program for 4+ years

The 15 Best Data Science Bootcamps:


  • BrainStation offers full-time and part-time courses in data science, design, development, marketing, and product in New York City, Toronto, Vancouver, and through an Online Live platform. BrainStation’s goal is to empower individuals, businesses, and brands to succeed in the digital age by offering diploma programs, certification courses, and training options across the full digital product lifecycle. BrainStation provides a collaborative, project-based learning experience, with curriculum updated on a daily basis to ensure professionals gain the skills and experience needed to succeed in their careers.

    Data Analytics course review

    I had an amazing experience during a 10 weeks long Data Analytics course at Brainstation. I decided to go with online learning, and it turned out to be a really ( more)

    Review By: Marko Krsmanovic
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Coding Temple offers 10-week, full-stack coding bootcamps and data science bootcamps with campuses in Chicago, Boston, and live online. The Full Stack Web Development bootcamp focuses on ASP.NET, C#, MVC, JavaScript, JQuery and more. The Python + Data Science bootcamp covers Python, SQL, React, JQuery, Numpy, and more. Students will also learn best practices including Test Driven Development and Agile Development and how to develop industry standard application and get hands on experience with partnered clients. Coding Temple also offers weekend workshops on specific topics. 

    One of the best decisions I ever made

    I don't think I'll ever go through a course or even put in an environment where everyone around you has your back and is looking out for you to ensure your succ ( more)

    Review By: Patrick Nedumackal
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Divergence Academy is a 12-week full-time data science bootcamp in Addison, Texas. The program has a focus on Python, and also covers statistical modeling, the UNIX/LINUX command line, machine learning, web scraping, databases, collaborative coding, working in the cloud, visualization tools, distributed algorithm frameworks such as Hadoop, and system architectures. Students will complete multiple data science projects throughout the bootcamp which can be used to demonstrate abilities to employers.

    Data Nerd

    These guys are more than teachers they are professionals who became teachers. Very smart people. ( more)

    Review By: Al Sosa
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Flatiron School offers immersive on-campus and online programs in software engineering, data science, UX/UI design, and cybersecurity in NYC, Brooklyn, Washington DC, London, Houston, Atlanta, Austin, Seattle, Chicago, Denver, and Online. Flatiron School’s immersive courses aim to launch students into fulfilling careers as software engineers, data scientists, and UX/UI designers through rigorous, market-aligned curricula, and the support of seasoned instructors and personal career coaches. Through test-driven labs and portfolio projects, Flatiron teaches students to think and build like software engineers and data scientists. Flatiron School’s UX/UI Design Immersive includes a client project to give students client-facing experience and an industry-vetted portfolio.

    Best Option to Transition into DS

    I had a fantastic experience at Flatiron that ended up in me receiving two job offers two days apart, a month after my graduation! They provide the necessary st ( more)

    Review By: Fernando
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Galvanize offers a 13-week full-time and a 26-week part-time data science bootcamp, as well as Hack Reactor's 12-week JavaScript coding bootcamp in Austin, Boulder, Denver, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, and New York City. The data science bootcamp covers Python, SQL, and Hadoop. The software engineering bootcamp covers full stack JavaScript including AngulaJS, Node.js, and Express.js.

    Data Science Immersive 5/5

    I'm going to keep this review short, sweet, and to-the-point. Galvanize (Seattle) was an amazing experience for me, and, below, I've listed why. 1) The profe ( more)

    Review By: Austin
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • General Assembly offers short and long courses in web and mobile development, product management, data science and more, online and in-person, across 15 campuses in 4 continents. Focusing on the most relevant and in-demand skills across data, design, business, and technology, General Assembly is confronting a skills gap and providing access to opportunities in tech. General Assembly offers a breadth of different course offerings and classes range from full-time immersive courses for learners that want to switch to a new career, to part-time courses for learners that are looking to improve their career trajectory by acquiring a new skill set, and mentor-led online circuits for a more flexible way to acquire foundational skills.

    Data Analytics 2019 review

    I've just completed the 10-week part-time course in Data Analytics and found the experience to be highly valuable. As virtually a total beginner in Excel, SQ ( more)

    Review By: Lee Robson
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  • Metis offers data science training via 12-week full-time immersive bootcamps, part-time online bootcamp prep courses, and corporate training programs, with campuses in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle. The Metis Data Science Bootcamp is designed and taught by industry practitioners and covers Python, Bash, algorithms, linear regression, machine learning, NLP, databases, and interactive data visualization. Graduates will be comfortable designing, implementing, and communicating the results of a data science project, will grasp the fundamentals of data visualization, and will get exposure to modern big data tools and architecture such as Hadoop, Hive, and Spark. The data science curriculum is delivered through project-based, hands-on, collaborative learning and Metis provides students with on-site instruction, and access to speakers, mentors, events, and job support.

    Best Breakthrough into the Data Science Industry

    I came to Metis directly out of undergrad, having done a computer science and math minor, along with some econometrics. I knew that I wanted to be a data analys ( more)

    Review By: Eric Patterson
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  • NYC Data Science Academy offers 12-week data science bootcamps in New York City. In these programs, students learn beginner and intermediate levels of Data Science with R, Python, Hadoop, Spark, Github, and SQL as well as popular and useful R and Python packages like XgBoost, Caret, dplyr, ggplot2, Pandas, scikit-learn, and more. Once the learning foundation has been set, students work on multiple projects through the bootcamp. The program distinguishes itself by balancing intensive lectures with real world project work, and by the breadth of its curriculum. Throughout the program students work alone and in teams to create at least four projects that are showcased to employers through multiple channels; private on-campus hiring partner events, student blogs, meetups, and filmed presentations. 

    An extremely rewarding experience

     I picked NYCDSA because it offered the most comprehensive curriculum. Surely, the amount of content introduced was overwhelming especially in the second half o ( more)

    Review By: Austin Cheng
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Principal Analytics Prep offers a 12-week, full-time and 12-week part-time data specialist bootcamps in New York City. The data bootcamps cover Python, R, statistical reasoning, machine learning, SQL, data visualization, and more. Seeking to assemble small classes of highly motivated individuals who have a promising future in the data science and business analytics, Principal Analytics Prep wants to give students a solid launchpad for their new career. The 12-week Certified Data Specialist immersion program is a full-throttle educational experience, featuring full days of lectures, occasional guest speakers, social activities and career counseling sessions. Instructors are industry veterans from large and small companies, a variety of industries, and a mix of academic backgrounds.

    Vote Yes for Principal Analytics Prep

    I have completed the Summer 2019 cohort and recommend Principal Analytics Prep for a thorough immersion into the various competencies needed to be a data scienc ( more)

    Review By: RJ Hardeman, MSLIS
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Propulsion Academy offers 12-week full-time bootcamps in full stack software development and data science in Zurich, Switzerland. The Full Stack Software Development program covers JavaScript, React.js, Docker, Python, Django, and more. The Data Science bootcamp covers R, Python, Machine Learning, natural language processing, and deep learning. Students participate in immersive, practical, and hands-on experience. Propulsion Academy aims to give students the chance to become programmers no matter their stage in life and is focused on democratizing IT education to enhance Switzerland as an important technology hub within Europe. Classes are hosted at Technopark Zürich.

    Staff invested in your success

    When I was applying for bootcamps, I was interested in finding something that would have a high calbre of teaching and cover the groundwork in statistics and da ( more)

    Review By: Juliet Bowater
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Science to Data Science offers both a 5-week data science workshop in London training analytical PhDs, and a 5-week online data science course for both PhDs and MScs. Both courses teach the skills needed to transition from a scientific background to become a successful data scientist, such as Python, R, Hadoop, SQL, and machine learning. Fellows accepted into the program will learn via hands-on projects, and work in groups to complete real-life big data problems. The curriculum also includes 30 hours of lectures on topics such as professional development and business skills, designed to help students achieve their goals after the program. For those attending the campus-based program, housing in London is included. 

    Exactly what I was looking for!

    Science to Data Science is a great head start for anyone who has the technical and analytical skills to be a good data scientist, but lack the commercial and in ( more)

    Review By: Miaomiao Yu
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • SPICED Academy offers full-time, 12-week coding bootcamps and data science bootcamps in Berlin, Germany. The Full Stack Web Development program covers JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, MV Frameworks, NodeJS, and SQL. The data science bootcamp teaches data analysis in Python, machine learning, data visualization, SQL, noSQL, data infrastructure, and GitHub. Students will learn vital skills like effective communication, problem-solving, and self-awareness.

    Outstanding teacher in a pleasant environment

    I also attended the first Data Science cohort and I can fully support the positive comments made below by Konstantin. The course at SPICED Academy was very valu ( more)

    Review By: Marcus
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • The Data Incubator offers an intensive full-time, 8-week Data Science Fellowship in NYC, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and online. The Data Incubator is a Cornell Tech-funded training and placement organization leading the charge on data science education. The course accepts applicants who have advanced degrees in STEM and equips them with the final skills to be self-sufficient, productive contributors to data science. 

    Great way to hone your skills and position yourself as a Data Scientist in the industry

    The application process can be daunting and intimidating, however, each step has its reasons. This makes each cohort learn and progress in a homogeneous pace, w ( more)

    Review By: Andres Gonzalez Casabianca
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Thinkful is an online bootcamp that equips students for new careers in the world’s next workforce by offering online, fast-paced, job-ready programs in software engineering, data science, data analytics, design, product management, and digital marketing. Students learn cutting-edge industry standards, have 1-on-1 mentoring with an industry professional, and receive career services and job placement assistance to get a job in tech. Thinkful also offers a tuition refund guarantee for qualifying courses. While Thinkful is an online platform, the school also has in-person communities in tech hubs around the US, where students can attend in-person events and classes. 

    Data Analytics Flex Program

    This program goes in depth in regards to excel, SQL, tableau, power point, basic stats, and Python. ( more)

    Review By: Daniel Pellegrini
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  • Ubiqum Code Academy is an immersive, 4 to 5-month Data Analytics & Java Coding bootcamp with campuses in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Barcelona, Spain and Berlin, Germany. If you are looking for a career in Technology or Data Analytics, Ubiqum is one of the few schools that offers a guarantee of employability, worth 50% of your course value. Ubiqum Code Academy's structured curriculum gradually rises in complexity until students are performing comfortably on a daily basis. Students will be able to think like a professional and immerse themselves into a real-life team environment. 

    Data Science

    I was doing my masters' degree in Space engineering and I was unhappy as I didn't find anything that kept me interested and devoted. I had tried a few things in ( more)

    Review By: Roshan Kumar Bhuyan
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
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