The 22 Best Data Science Bootcamps

Course Report's Top Schools of 2021

By: The Course Report Team

Last Update: 8/24/2021

As the leading authority on data science bootcamps, the team at Course Report has been researching, tracking, and sharing updates on the data bootcamp industry since 2013. Each year, we use our knowledge and expertise to curate a list of the top data science bootcamps and data analysis bootcamps around the world. Put simply, these are the data science schools we would recommend to our own family and friends.

These bootcamps teach students the skills to become a data scientist or data analyst by teaching either Python and/or R, and covering skills like data visualization, machine learning, big data, natural language processing and more.

Many data science bootcamps have rigorous admissions processes and require applicants to have a degree in STEM. Some of these programs are actually data science fellowships, which require a post-graduate degree (like a PhD), and are free for students transitioning from academia into industry.

To be considered for this list of top data bootcamps, schools must meet the following criteria:

  • Alumni + Student Reviews: Students and alumni have left more than 40,000 reviews on Course Report. We consider both quality & quantity of bootcamp reviews, and particular weight is given to Verified Reviews.
  • Time Commitment: Data science bootcamps included in this list have programs where students dedicate at least 20 hours of study a week and are at least 8 weeks long.
  • Transparency Around Career Outcomes: Schools that have published CIRR outcomes within the past year, though schools that self-publish outcomes are also recognized.
  • Varied Financing Options: Bootcamps that offer a variety of payment options like deferred tuition, income share agreements, or school financing to make their program more accessible to students.
  • Vetted Lending Partnerships: Whether a school has been vetted and approved to work with reputable financing companies like Ascent Funding and Climb Credit.
  • In addition to the above factors, we considered a school’s operation time, number of campuses, selectivity in the application process, caliber of career support, and commitment to diversity when creating this list.

Bootcamps in the Rising Stars category have stood out to us because they’ve been rated highly by alumni, shown growth over the last year, or demonstrated a proven curriculum.

This list is not a ranking, but rather data science programs are listed alphabetically. Remember, there is no ultimate “best data science boot camp” – the best data program for you depends on your own learning style, career goals, availability, etc. No matter how many accolades a school has, make sure you do your research: read reviews, talk to alumni, take an intro course, and ask about job outcomes data.

Wondering where to start? Check out our Ultimate Guide to Data Science Bootcamps, featuring answers to our most frequently asked questions. This list includes data science bootcamps only – for more, check out our list of Best Coding Bootcamps and Best Online Bootcamps.

When data courses stand out in certain areas, we award them the following Badges of Honor:

A school has published their alumni job outcomes for 2020 or later

A school has been operating for more than 7 years and has offered their data science bootcamp for 3+ years

A school has 20+ Data Science Verified Reviews with a 4.5-star rating or higher

Marketing partnerships that Course Report may have with schools on this list bear no weight in the ranking process.

The 22 Best Data Science Bootcamps:


  1. Avg Rating: 4.69 (1131 reviews)

    Toronto, New York City, Online, and 3 more...


    BrainStation offers full-time and part-time courses in data science, design, development, marketing, cyber security and product in New York City, Miami, London, Toronto, Vancouver, and through an Online Live platform. BrainStation’s goal is to empower individuals, businesses, and brands to succeed in the digital age by offering diploma programs, certification courses, and training options across the full digital product lifecycle. BrainStation provides a collaborative, project-based learning experience, with curriculum updated on a daily basis to ensure professionals gain the skills and experience needed to succeed in their careers.

    Great place to learn

    I had a great experience at BrainStation. The educators are knowledgeable and they sure know how to teach (not a lot of people do).  TA's are always helpful. Th ( more)

    Review By: Gina Zhou
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  2. clarusway-logo

    Virginia-based IT training school, Clarusway offers online bootcamps in three main program tracks: AWS DevOPs, Full Stack Development, and Data Science. Bootcamps can be completed in 24-36 weeks depending on the student’s incoming skill level. Clarusway is committed to helping individuals attain practical knowledge through affordable and effective IT training programs. Clarusway programs include mentorship programs, peer-learning, and project-based group study methods. Students gain requisite classroom knowledge paired with the necessary hands-on skills demanded by today’s tech industry.  

    Data Analyst, Data Science

    Honestly, I started with a lot of doubts. Because it was online and even if there are a lot of good reviews, I couldn’t be so sure about the path. I profited fo ( more)

    Review By: H. Y. M.
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  3. Avg Rating: 4.61 (56 reviews)

    Dallas, San AntonioGuarantees Job


    Codeup is an immersive 22-week, in-person full stack web development, and data science career accelerator in San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston. The Full Stack Web Development Java program covers HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Java, Spring, and MySQL. The Data Science Program covers Python, SQL, data visualization, data analytics, data wrangling, and statistics. Codeup guarantees all graduates a job offer within six months of graduation.

    Best Decision I've Ever Made

    Before Codeup, I was a home-health, Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant. After a couple of years, I felt overworked and drained. Although, the work was satisf ( more)

    Review By: Alicia Gonzalez
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  4. Avg Rating: 4.75 (124 reviews)

    Dallas, Online


    Colaberry offers instructor-led remote, on-campus (Dallas, TX) and self-paced training in data analytics, data science, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. Colaberry courses are designed from the ground-up to focus on the latest tools and approaches to working with data, and on developing integral human skills, including communication, teamwork, time management, and critical thinking, to assure long-term professional success in the field. Colaberry’s teaching methodology incorporates a learn-by-doing approach, hands-on workshops, and the award-winning technology platform Refactored for online synchronous and asynchronous learning. 

    Data Analytics

    I loved the course as it prepared us for the on-job situations. ( more)

    Review By: quanique Thomas
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  5. Avg Rating: 5.0 (21 reviews)



    Divergence Academy is a 12-week full-time data science bootcamp in Addison, Texas. The program has a focus on Python, and also covers statistical modeling, the UNIX/LINUX command line, machine learning, web scraping, databases, collaborative coding, working in the cloud, visualization tools, distributed algorithm frameworks such as Hadoop, and system architectures. Students will complete multiple data science projects throughout the bootcamp which can be used to demonstrate abilities to employers.

    Data Nerd

    These guys are more than teachers they are professionals who became teachers. Very smart people. ( more)

    Review By: Al Sosa
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  6. Avg Rating: 4.53 (543 reviews)

    New York City, Online, Denver, and 1 more...


    Flatiron School offers immersive on-campus and online programs in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, and product design (UX/UI design). Flatiron School’s immersive courses aim to launch students into fulfilling careers by providing a robust career services framework and dedicated one-on-one coaching post graduation that is included as an added value with the tuition. 


    I'll talk about the bad and then the positives. My only complaint is that career services didn't set me up with the right career coach. I had a hunch that maybe ( more)

    Review By: Jeffrey Ng
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  7. Avg Rating: 4.31 (580 reviews)

    New York City, San Francisco, Sydney, and 48 more...


    General Assembly offers short and long courses in web and mobile development, product management, data science and more, online and in-person, across 15 campuses in 4 continents. Focusing on the most relevant and in-demand skills across data, design, business, and technology, General Assembly is confronting a skills gap and providing access to opportunities in tech. General Assembly offers a breadth of different course offerings and classes range from full-time immersive courses for learners that want to switch to a new career, to part-time courses for learners that are looking to improve their career trajectory by acquiring a new skill set, and mentor-led online circuits for a more flexible way to acquire foundational skills.

    Data Science

    My experience at GA was extremely positive. I was very impressed with GA's team knowledge, with their way of teaching and how the course was correctly structure ( more)

    Review By: Ignacio
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  8. Avg Rating: 4.71 (130 reviews)

    Atlanta, Savannah


    Georgia Tech Boot Camps offer 24-week, part-time, or 12-week, full-time web development courses, 24-week, part-time, data science and analytics, cyber and network security, and UX/UI courses, and 18-week, part-time digital marketing and product management courses. The full stack curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, databases, MongoDB, MySQL, and Git.

    Data Analyst

    You can really go from not coding at all to coding within a few months. 1 on 1 tutor, office hours, and slack chat group available. All the tools to succeed!  ( more)

    Review By: Marie P
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  9. Avg Rating: 4.6 (58 reviews)



    GW Boot Camps offer 12-week, full-time or 24-week, part-time web development courses, 24-week, part-time data analytics, cybersecurity, UX/UI, and financial technology (FinTech) courses, and 18-week, part-time digital marketing, product management, and tech project management courses. The full stack curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, databases, MongoDB, MySQL, and Git.

    It is worth more than what you pay for...

    I took the data analytics bootcamp with little programming background, yet for the sole purpose of improving my skills as entrepreneur, or better put, “not to b ( more)

    Review By: Meakin Marange
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  10. Avg Rating: 4.66 (167 reviews)

    Online, Cape Town, London, and 1 more...


    HyperionDev offers part-time and full-time bootcamps in software engineering (6-12 months), data science (3-6 months), and web development (3-6 months) available online and in person at campuses in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. HyperionDev’s deep experience supports students’ ability to code and helps them achieve career-focused skills. Students will engage in tailored courses and coding exercises that integrate human-led code review. HyperionDev has partnered with organizations such as Google, Facebook, The University of Edinburgh, The Computer Science Association of South Africa, Oracle, and the South African Department of Education to ensure the highest quality standards.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    I had zero programming experience and in a few months HyperionDev helped me develop the right foundation for my Data Science journey. My first tasks included wr ( more)

    Review By: Natacha Nsengiyumva
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  11. Avg Rating: 4.98 (2207 reviews)

    Brussels, Paris, Bordeaux, and 44 more...


    Le Wagon offers 9-week full-time and 24-week part-time courses in Web Development and Data Science at over 40 campuses across the world. The 24-week part-time course meets on weekday evenings and Saturdays. With a community of students with various backgrounds (engineers, marketing managers, designers, academics, etc.) and more than 13,500 alumni worldwide, applicants join an exciting tech community. All the students of Le Wagon share the same technical background and apply industry best practices. This mix between diversity & technical expertise makes the community unique.

    Best bootcamp to start a freelance carreer

    After 10 years of professional experience, I realized that data management was fundamental to streamline processes and precisely measure company performance. Th ( more)

    Review By: Christian
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  12. Avg Rating: 4.89 (137 reviews)



    Metis offers data science and analytics training via part-time Online Flex bootcamps, part-time bootcamp prep courses, and corporate training programs. The Metis Data Science & Analytics Bootcamps provide specialized curriculums with expert instruction and routine interaction with classmates in an online environment. Designed and taught by industry practitioners, the programs cover Python, algorithms, linear regression, machine learning, NLP, databases, interactive data visualization, and much more. Graduates will be comfortable designing, implementing, and communicating the results of data science or analytics projects, while grasping the fundamentals of their specific career path. The curriculum is delivered through project-based, hands-on, collaborative learning, resulting in a portfolio of projects at the end of the bootcamp that can be leveraged during the interview process. 

    Data Science & Machine Learning Graduate

    Metis was overall an amazing experience. From the application through graduation the staff and instructors were supportive and responsive! The course content wa ( more)

    Review By: Alexandra Garney
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  13. nyc-data-science-academy-logo

    NYC Data Science Academy offers 12-week, accredited data science and data analytics bootcamps in New York City and live online. NYC Data Science Academy is a nationally accredited Data Science Bootcamp in the U.S that teaches both Python and R. In the program, students will learn beginner and intermediate levels of Data Science with Hadoop, Spark, Github, Docker, SQL, R, and Python packages like XgBoost, Caret, Dplyr, Ggplot2, Pandas, Scikit-learn, and more. The program distinguishes itself by balancing intensive lectures with real-world project work and the breadth of its curriculum. The academy is well known for its industry project-oriented learning experience and well-immersed community established since 2013.

    An amazing and very positive experience

    I graduated college with bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science and Statistics in December of 2019 and had difficulty finding a job after graduation.  I decided ( more)

    Review By: Bailey Russo
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  14. Avg Rating: 4.83 (156 reviews)

    OnlineGuarantees Job


    Practicum is a 30-46 week, online coding bootcamp offering tracks in Data Science, Data Analysis, and Software Engineer and aimed at sparking career change. Each bootcamp includes full access to an interactive online platform, real-life projects, tutor support from experienced developers, code reviews, online webinars, and live-coding sessions. Practicum stands on the quality of the programs; if a student doesn't secure a position within six months of graduating, Practicum guarantees to refund their money. 

    Data Scientist

    This is a great program of those unfamiliar with the field. If you are new to the field, like myself, you might find yourself spending more time on each 2 week ( more)

    Review By: Renee Raven
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  15. Avg Rating: 4.93 (51 reviews)



    Science to Data Science is a 5-week, online data science course for PhDs and MScs. S2DS teaches the skills needed to transition from a scientific background to become a successful data scientist, such as Python, R, Hadoop, SQL, and machine learning. Fellows accepted into the program will learn via hands-on projects, and work in groups to complete real-life big data problems. 


    The S2DS boot camp is probably quite different from other offerings. First of all, it is £800 for the virtual version compared to many thousands of dollars for ( more)

    Review By: Emanuel Blei
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  16. Avg Rating: 4.97 (106 reviews)

    Zurich, Munich, Online


    SIT Academy offers 12-week full-time bootcamps in full stack software development and data science in Zurich, Switzerland. The Full Stack Software Development program covers JavaScript, React.js, Docker, Python, Django, and more. The Data Science bootcamp covers R, Python, Machine Learning, natural language processing, and deep learning. Students participate in immersive, practical, and hands-on experience. SIT Academy aims to give students the chance to become programmers no matter their stage in life and is focused on democratizing IT education to enhance Switzerland as an important technology hub within Europe. Classes are hosted at Technopark Zürich.

    Data Science Bootcamp

    Enrolling in the Data Science Bootcamp was a great decision to kick start my career change from academic sciences into the finance industry. The instructors and ( more)

    Review By: Malwina
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  17. Avg Rating: 4.74 (97 reviews)

    Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and 1 more...


    SPICED Academy offers full-time, 12-week coding bootcamps and data science bootcamps in Berlin, Germany. The Full Stack Web Development program covers JavaScript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, MV Frameworks, NodeJS, and SQL. The data science bootcamp teaches data analysis in Python, machine learning, data visualization, SQL, noSQL, data infrastructure, and GitHub. Students will learn vital skills like effective communication, problem-solving, and self-awareness.

    Data Science

    I decided to update myself and joined 12 weeks of intensive data science bootcamp at SPICED academy. It was a great experience that I learned and enjoyed. I wou ( more)

    Review By: Zafer Kucuk
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  18. Avg Rating: 4.64 (1216 reviews)

    OnlineGuarantees Job


    Springboard is an online learning platform that prepares students for the tech industry’s most in-demand careers with comprehensive, mentor-led online programs in software engineering, data science, UI/UX design, cybersecurity, tech sales, and more. All Springboard courses are 100% online, remote, and self-paced throughout an average of 6-9 months. Springboard acts as a support system, coach, and cheerleader for working professionals who are ready to level-up or make a major career shift. Students have access to a unique community of industry mentors, thought leaders, and alumni, who are on hand to offer insights, networking opportunities, and support throughout the program and well past graduation. Every Springboard student is matched with a personal student advisor and industry mentor who guides them throughout the program through regular video calls.

    great bootcamp to be a data scientist

    My journey started a year back when I first joined springboard. Because of my background (I have MBA, PhD and 4+ years of research experience) advisor suggested ( more)

    Review By: Priyank Shukla
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  19. Avg Rating: 4.77 (61 reviews)

    Madrid, Online, Valencia, and 2 more...


    The Bridge offers cybersecurity, data science, UX/UI product design, full stack web development and digital marketing bootcamps both remotely and at its headquarters in Madrid and Valencia, Spain. Full-time bootcamps are 16 weeks long and the part-time programs are 31 weeks long. During The Bridge bootcamps, students get access from O’Reilly content and have the chance to work with people in the other bootcamp programs for a multidisciplinary approach. The Bridge’s goal is to teach students everything they need to know to excel in a technical career.

    Perfect way to kick start a career in Data Science

    I have recently finished a bootcamp in Data Science at The Bridge and I couldn't be happier. I had no previous experience in any IT or coding, and they provided ( more)

    Review By: David Guix
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  20. Avg Rating: 4.55 (910 reviews)

    OnlineGuarantees Job


    Thinkful, a Chegg service, provides every adult learner with a pathway to a rewarding career. This online bootcamp offers fast-paced, career-focused programs in Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, UX/UI Design, Digital Marketing, and Technical Project Management. These programs are offered in part-time and full-time formats. Students commit 20-25 hours per week in the part-time format, and up to 60 hours in the full-time option. All programs include personal mentor meetings, a custom-built curriculum, and Q&A sessions with industry professionals. 

    Data Analytics Flex

    I had an excellent experience with Thinkful from day 1. My Academic Success Specialist Sue was highly responsive and always offering encouragement and tips for ( more)

    Review By: Michael Levy
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  21. Avg Rating: 4.71 (73 reviews)

    Austin, Houston


    UT Austin Boot Camps offer 12-week, full-time and 24-week, part-time web development courses, 24-week, part-time data analytics, UX/UI, and cybersecurity courses, and 18-week, part-time digital marketing and project management courses. The full stack curriculum includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Express.js, Node.js, databases, MongoDB, MySQL, and Git.

    The Data Analysis and Visualization Boot Camp at Texas McCombs

    This boot camp has been incredible, the skills and connections that I have been able to make have already begun to shine in my career.I have been working as a s ( more)

    Review By: Paul Westmore
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  22. Avg Rating: 4.9 (90 reviews)

    Berlin, Lisbon, Lyon, and 4 more...


    Wild Code School is a 5-month, European training program teaching in-demand digital skills through a blended learning approach. Wild Code School was created to train digital professionals to adapt to the changing work environment. The teaching style uses a combination of e-learning, in-class training, and hands-on projects where students master agile project management methods and other collaborative tools. Students are taught web development languages and application frameworks that vary from program to program. For example: PHP/Symfony, JavaScript, AngularJS, Vue.js, React or Java and Android.

    Nice bootcamp for Data Analyst

    It was a very nice experience to study with Wild Code School Lisbon campus. Our course was hybrid, meaning some students were on site, some were joining remotel ( more)

    Review By: Alma
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Rising Stars of 2021


  1. Avg Rating: 4.26 (118 reviews)



    Bloom Institute of Technology is an online coding bootcamp that trains people to become software engineers, data scientists, or back end developers at no up-front cost. The computer science academy offers full-time, 6-month programs for Web Development and Data Science, and a 9-month program for Backend Development, which is jointly developed by BloomTech and Amazon. Throughout the rigorous programs, students will demonstrate mastery of core front end and back end technologies as well as computer science fundamentals. Remote classes are live and interactive, and include one-on-one help, professional mentorship, opportunities to build real products, and frequent code reviews. The school also helps students find employment by providing interview preparation, portfolio review, effective resume writing tips, and salary negotiation practice. Students graduate with 900+ hours of hands-on technical experience for Web Development and Data Science, and with over 1,400 hours of hands-on coding experience for Backend Development. 

    Data Engineer

    My experience with BloomTech (FKA Lambda School) went above and beyond my expectations. I was switching careers and had no math or coding background. I didn't w ( more)

    Review By: Temsy Chen
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  2. Avg Rating: 4.43 (579 reviews)

    Seattle, Online, Los Angeles, and 4 more...


    Founded in 2012, Coding Dojo is a global technology education company that offers three full stack coding bootcamps, full-stack part-time programs, as well as courses on data science and other emerging technologies. Coding Dojo has campuses in Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Jose, and online worldwide. Students can choose to learn one, two, or three of the industry’s most in-demand web development languages, including Python, MERN, Java or .NET Core. An online option is also available for students who don’t have access to campuses. In addition to an extensive curriculum, students collaborate with peers, join interactive lectures with their instructors, work with career services, and have access to Assistant Instructors during lab sessions. Students experience building dynamic web applications, solving job-relevant problems, learning to think like true software engineers, and discovering how to become a self-sufficient developer.

    Rewarding Data Science Bootcamp

    The Data Science program offered by Coding Dojo is rigorous but very rewarding and so worth the time and money spent! I joined with no background in coding and ( more)

    Review By: Nikitha Ramchander
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  3. Avg Rating: 4.91 (66 reviews)

    Barcelona, Toronto, Washington, and 15 more...


    Data Science Dojo offers online and in-person data science bootcamps in Redmond, Washington. Data Science Dojo believes that anyone can learn data science, and provides comprehensive, hands-on training that helps students jump into practical data science, including R programming, AWS, and Azure tools. The in-person course can be completed in five days, and the online course can be completed within 14 weeks. Bootcamp students are trained in machine learning concepts, and deploy predictive models as a service, complete an IoT (Internet of Things) project, and enter a Kaggle competition. The curriculum is taught by experienced data scientists covering both data science and data engineering. All students participate in an in-class Kaggle competition against their peers.

    16 Week Remote DSDojo Bootcamp

    16 weeks may seem like a daunting time commitment, but the course is so worth it! The way the Data Science Dojo crew runs their bootcamp program is very thoroug ( more)

    Review By: Tatyana S.
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  4. Avg Rating: 4.65 (20 reviews)



    Data Science Retreat is a 3-month, full-time, immersive program for advanced data science and machine learning based in Berlin, Germany. DSR's rigorous bootcamp is taught in English and covers data science, business analysis, software engineering, communication, and career coaching. Founded in 2014, DSR provides state-of-the-art data science education and practical coaching to individuals, while also enabling businesses to identify and access untapped talent in a future-proof way. Participants get to work with real-world data and practical problems in order to develop a portfolio project, demonstrating that they can own a business problem, solve it, and communicate why their results are definitive. 

    Long-term perspective of a graduate after almost six years

    I attended (and graduated) from the very first batch of Data Science Retreat (DSR) which took place in Berlin from the beginning of May to end of July 2014 .Sin ( more)

    Review By: Alex
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  5. Avg Rating: 5.0 (21 reviews)

    OnlineGuarantees Job


    DataScientest is a coding bootcamp offering 12-week, full-time courses in Data Analysis, Data Science, and Data Engineering. The DataScientest bootcamps are primarily conducted online, but have several in-person coaching sessions in Paris, France. Students can access a ready-to-code environment through DataScientest’s full SAAS platform that includes over 1,000 hours of learning content. While the bootcamps are full-time, DataScientist can adapt them to be 24- to 36-week part-time courses for students who need it. 

    Data Analyst Bootcamp *****

     DataScientest est une expérience d'apprentissage phénoménale du début à la fin. La plateforme est un outil de qualité et le contenu de très haut niveau. Toutes ( more)

    Review By: DG
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  6. Avg Rating: 4.9 (275 reviews)



    GreyAtom School of Data Science in Mumbai, India offers a full-time, 16-week Front End Web Development bootcamp and a full-time, 32-week Data Science with Artificial Intelligence bootcamp as well as a 4-week course in Data Analytics with Python.  In the last three years, GreyAtom has helped more than 2,500 learners transition to data science and front end development careers. The Data Science curriculum covers Python fundamentals, Pandas and Numpy, statistics, and natural language processing. The Front End Web Development curriculum covers web foundations, responsive web design, JavaScript, React, Angular, data structures and algorithms. GreyAtom’s practical learning approach with industry projects and hackathons helps students build practical and industry-ready skills under the guidance from industry-experienced instructors and mentors. 

    Nice experience

    If there is one thing that I always keep in mind when opting for a Data Science Program is being assured of the mentor: student ratio. If the number of students ( more)

    Review By: Ishita Vora
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  7. Avg Rating: 5.0 (13 reviews)

    New York City, OnlineGuarantees Job


    Jigsaw Labs is a data engineering bootcamp taught part-time and online. Jigsaw Labs offers a 24-week Data Engineering Bootcamp and a 12-week Web Development Bootcamp with Python. In the Data Engineering bootcamp, students will learn backend programming (Python, SQL, Flask and testing), how to work with professional codebases, DevOps (AWS, Docker), and data pipelines (Pyspark, Airflow, Redshift, DBT). The Web Development with Python course curriculum covers Python, OOP, SQL, Flask, and Dashboards. 

    Up to date curriculum and great instructor

        I had been looking to get into the field of data and programming and took numerous short intro classes at several well known technical schools/bootcamps to ( more)

    Review By: Karen Yu
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  8. learningfuze-logo

    LearningFuze offers web development, data science, and UI/UX design bootcamps through live, virtual classrooms and in Irvine and Orange County, California. Students are taught by live instructors and get support throughout the course, including problem-solving skills, essential workplace and interviewing skills, and mindset training. Bootcamp students receive lifetime career services and 1:1 career coaching. 

    Great Place to Learn Coding!

    Currently, I am still in the program, but, I have to say, it's the best learning experience in my life. I have been in the sales and management field for the la ( more)

    Review By: Kenneth W.
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  9. Avg Rating: 4.46 (94 reviews)



    Lighthouse Labs is a Canadian online bootcamp that teaches web development and data science. The bootcamps have small class sizes and on-demand mentorship from a community of over 40 full-time developers. The web development program covers JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, Node.JS, software architecture, and responsive design, as well as computer science and software engineering concepts. The Data Science bootcamp teaches Python, SQL, machine learning, and deep learning. 

    Great class

    I learned the fundamentals of python and R. The course was very informative and the exercises were useful. ( more)

    Review By: Marshé Hutchinson
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  10. Avg Rating: 4.63 (43 reviews)

    Nashville, Online


    Nashville Software School (NSS) is a nonprofit vocational school in Nashville that prepares adults for careers in technical fields like software development, software engineering, UI & UX design, data analytics and data science. Nashville Software School is a place where a person with aptitude, motivation, and commitment can learn a new craft or build on their existing skills. NSS is committed to growing diversity in technology by opening the door to underrepresented groups in tech irrespective of their economic situation. By providing a hands-on, project and team-based learning environment that mirrors the real-world environment, graduates leave with knowledge that is applicable on the first day of their job.

    Life Changer

    I don’t think I could overstate the value of my time at NSS. I was a paralegal for 10 years and had no coding background or exposure to the tech world. I left t ( more)

    Review By: Jennifer Whitson
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  11. Avg Rating: 5.0 (28 reviews)



    Nod is an immersive, 10-week Data Analytics coding bootcamp in Stockholm, Sweden. The Nod curriculum covers Python, SQL, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, A/B testing, and regression analysis. Students are introduced to supervised and unsupervised machine learning, and by the end of the bootcamp, students will build an entire Machine Learning pipeline. Nod trains students to be autonomous coders who are ready to learn new programming concepts on the fly in order to thrive in any organization. The bootcamp meets from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday.  

    A solid experience

    I found the bootcamp to be a very rewarding experience. The curriculum is broad and intense, covering a lot of ground in Python using libraries like Pandas, Num ( more)

    Review By: Victor
    Reviewer's Score: Read Full Review
  12. Avg Rating: 4.32 (34 reviews)

    New York City, Washington, San Francisco, and 2 more...


    The Data Incubator offers an intensive full-time, 8-week Data Science Fellowship, a part-time, 20-week Data Science Fellowship, and a full-time, 8-week Data Engineering Fellowship in NYC, San Francisco, Washington D.C., and online. Designed by experienced data science instructors and with feedback from industry partners, TDI’s data programs help students master in-demand skills so they can launch a data career. The course accepts applicants who have degrees in STEM and equips them with the final skills to be self-sufficient, productive contributors to data science. 

    Great way to hone your skills and position yourself as a Data Scientist in the industry

    The application process can be daunting and intimidating, however, each step has its reasons. This makes each cohort learn and progress in a homogeneous pace, w ( more)

    Review By: Andres Gonzalez Casabianca
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  13. Avg Rating: 4.85 (353 reviews)

    Portland, Online


    The Tech Academy offers several full-time and part-time technology bootcamps that can be completed online or in-person at their Portland, Oregon campus. The Tech Academy offers bootcamps in computer programming, website development, cybersecurity, and front end development. The immersive experience aims to create well-rounded technology professionals, and also gives students the option to take the course at their own pace. There are also no set starts dates or rigid scheduling. Students can enroll at any time, study from anywhere and choose whatever study schedule they would like.  

    Data Science Boot Camp

    I am so happy with my decision to do my boot camp with the tech academy! I was drawn to the program because it was self-paced, middle of the range in terms of c ( more)

    Review By: Kenzie
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  14. Avg Rating: 4.94 (17 reviews)



    VIVADATA offers 10-week, full-time, artificial intelligence and intensive data science bootcamps in Paris, France. The Machine Learning bootcamp is for beginners and covers Python programming, data collection using REST APIs and SQL, data analysis, algorithms, natural language processing, and an introduction to deep learning. The Deep Learning bootcamp is for more advanced students and covers convolutional and recurrent neural networks, Tensorflow, Big Data Engineering with Hadoop, and reinforcement learning. Classes are small and students learn via projects and real-world examples. The courses are taught in French, but content is in English.

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