The Best Cape Town Coding Bootcamps Of 2023

Our comprehensive guide to Cape Town coding bootcamps, including the best Cape Town code schools, reviews, scholarships, and more!

Cape Town is the 2nd most populous city in South Africa and Africa's third main economic hub city. The city serves as the regional manufacturing center in the Western Cape. Cape Town's main industries are fishing, clothing and textiles, wood product manufacturing, electronics, furniture, hospitality, finance, and business. You can find coding bootcamps CodeSpace and iXperience in Cape Town.


6 Best Coding Bootcamps in Cape Town

  1. 275

    HyperionDev offers part-time and full-time bootcamps in software engineering (6-12 months), data science (3-6 months), and web development (3-6 months) avail... Learn more about HyperionDev.

    Aykut KALAAykut KALA

    5Student - Course: Software Engineer Bootcamp - Online

    Verified Via GitHub

    Says: Hyperiondev software engineering bootcamps

    This course is totally wonderful. Although I didn't have any experience coding before starting this bootcamp, I  really enjoyed it and I nearly finished all tas
  2. 128

    School of IT offers both online and in person bootcamps from its campuses in Cape Town and Somerset West, South Africa. Bootcamps include Full Stack Software... Learn more about School of IT.

    Tumelo Mfihlo

    5Student - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Fantastic learning experience

    They were very flexible with me, the course work was very practical, relevant and useful in my job and multiple areas of life. Very powerful tool for analysis a
  3. 21

    CodeSpace Academy is an internationally recognized, online education institution that specializes in teaching coding and technology skills. Students can choo... Learn more about CodeSpace.

    Nuhr van der schyff

    5Graduate - Course: Software Development - Cape Town

    Verified Via LinkedIn


    I got a job four weeks after graduating. I was assisted in preparing for my interviews and got an interview through CodeSpace's employer network.CodeSpace Acade
  4. 3065

    Le Wagon is a global tech training provider that offers full-time, in-person and online bootcamps in Web Development, Data Science, and Data Analytics. Le Wa... Learn more about Le Wagon.

    Johannes Renner

    5Graduate - Course: Data Science & AI Bootcamp - Full-time - Amsterdam

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Great Intense Deepdive Into Data Science

    My recent completion of a Data Science Bootcamp in Amsterdam marks the End of 9 great weeks. The instructors were not only knowledgeable but approachable, makin
  5. 21

    Melsoft Academy is a South Africa-based tech training provider offering a 24-week, online, full-time Full Stack Software Engineering bootcamp. The Full Stack... Learn more about Melsoft Academy.

    Prosper Gwatidzo

    5Graduate - Course: Full Stack Software Engineering - Online

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Helped me successfully launch my startup

    As a non-technical founder with a food delivery startup idea, I needed to build an app but didn't have the skills. Thankfully, I discovered Melsoft Academy! The
  6. 0

    iXperience is a credit-bearing, study-abroad career accelerator program for university students based in Cape Town, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, and Berlin, in partners... Learn more about iXperience.

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