The Best Tokyo Coding Bootcamps Of 2023

Our comprehensive guide to Tokyo coding bootcamps, including the best Tokyo code schools, reviews, scholarships, and more!

Tokyo, Japan is a new location for coding bootcamps. Tokyo is currently home to coding bootcamp, Le Wagon.


4 Best Coding Bootcamps in Tokyo

  1. 2569

    Le Wagon offers 9-week full-time and 24-week part-time courses in Web Development and Data Science at over 40 campuses across the world. The 24-week part-tim... Read More

    Cannelle Magdane  User PhotoCannelle Magdane

    5Graduate - Course: Web Development Course - Full-time - Paris

    Verified Via GitHub

    Says: Awesome experience!

    Le Wagon was a great learning experience. To be honest, I learned more than I expected from a bootcamp and I was impressed by what I could build at the end of t ... Read More
  2. 28

    Code Chrysalis is a coding bootcamp located in Tokyo, Japan. Code Chrysalis has a rigorous, industry-aligned curriculum, career placement support and mentors... Read More

    Yoshio Hasegawa  User PhotoYoshio Hasegawa

    5Graduate - Course: IMMERSIVE FULL-TIME [ENGLISH] - full-time 12-week software engineering course - Tokyo

    Verified Via LinkedIn

    Says: Best Option in Tokyo

    Code Chrysalis is a fast-paced, well-rounded bootcamp for anyone looking to break into the Software Engineering space. I couldn't have asked for a better curric ... Read More
  3. 103

    TECH.I.S offers 12-week, immersive, online Web Development and Data Science bootcamps. These full-time programs require students to attend daily standup meet... Read More

    Mayelin Maria  User PhotoMayelin Maria

    5Student - Course: Web Development Course - Online

    Verified Via GitHub

    Says: Thank you to TECH I.S. for making this happen, with no upfront fee, and the option to pay only after I get hired has been heaven-sent.

    I am presently a student at TECH I.S. and so far I have had such good experiences learning how to code and work on projects etc, although I started off as a beg ... Read More
  4. 4

    Since 2014, Preface Coding has been offering personalized programming training for adults, kids, and corporations. Preface Coding’s courses include Data Scie... Read More

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