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Vancouver Coding Bootcamps

Our comprehensive guide to Vancouver coding bootcamps, including the best Vancouver code schools, reviews, scholarships, and more!

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All About Coding Bootcamps in Vancouver:

Vancouver is one of Canada’s leading tech cities. One of Vancouver’s largest employers is Canadian communication company Telus though many international tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon also have a healthy presence in in the area. Startups like Hootsuite, ZipZap, ShareDesk, NodeFly, and Trippeo are actively hiring web development professionals. If you are looking for a Vancouver bootcamp, there are several in the area.

Lighthouse Labs got its start in Vancouver but has since expanded throughout Canada. From their Vancouver location they offer three different learning experiences. Students can choose from a part-time intro to web development course, full-time iOS development or their flagship full-time web development immersive program.

Brainstation offers two courses from their Vancouver campus. For those looking for web design courses in Vancouver, they have an intro to front-end web development course, while those interested in design may find their user experience (UX) course to be the ideal choice.

CoderCore runs a nine week Ruby on Rails bootcamp and hosts a programming fundamentals course that covers HTML, CSS, Ruby, and database basics. These camps are doing a great job of getting the local community qualified for the growing amount of web development, and software engineering jobs that are available in the area.

For aspiring Canadian tech entrepreneurs, Vancouver coding bootcamps offer a variety of programming courses.

Vancouver coding bootcamps received an average 4.5 of 5 based on 162 reviews