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Insight is an intensive 7-week post-doctoral training fellowship bridging the gap between academia and data science in Silicon Valley and New York. Applicants should have a background in Physics & Astrophysics, Mathematics & Statistics, Neuroscience & Bioinformatics, or Engineering & Computer Science, as well as their PhD. Students are mentored by employees of top tech companies, who then hire graduates as data scientists and engineers. Insight is a...

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  • Anonymous
    Sep 05, 2019
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    Questionable experience

    I applied for the program several months ago and was interviewed by one of Insight’s interviewers, ‘Matt.’ About 10 minutes into the call, Matt jumped into an immediate negative assessment of my interview performance after asking when I last coded professionally. 

    I then asked a series of questions about the program, which he perfunctorily answered  and directed me to read Insight’s FAQ. 

    Matt then asked if I was recording the conversation, with no reasons offered for h...


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Insight Data Science worth it?
Is Insight Data Science legit?
Does Insight Data Science offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
Can I read Insight Data Science reviews?
Is Insight Data Science accredited?

How much does Insight Data Science cost?

Insight Data Science costs around $0.

What courses does Insight Data Science teach?

Insight Data Science offers courses like Artificial Intelligence, Data Engineering, Data Science, Health Data Science.

Where does Insight Data Science have campuses?

Insight Data Science has in-person campuses in Boston, New York City, and Silicon Valley.

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Is Insight Data Science worth it?
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