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We all know that veterans make great coders: discipline, collaboration, and technical skills are all synonymous with the military. Until 2017, the GI Bill, which covers education benefits for veterans, was slow to cover code schools, accelerated learning programs, or online education. However, with the enactment of the Forever GI Bill in August 2017, it's becoming easier for coding bootcamps to be approved for the GI Bill. Below, we break down which coding bootcamps accept the GI Bill, which coding bootcamps are part of VET TEC and VRRAP, and the 11 scholarships for veterans in coding bootcamps. From $500 automatic scholarships to 90% off of the cost of tuition, if it’s a scholarship for veterans, we’ve got it covered on this comprehensive list.

Want to hear from coding schools like Flatiron School, Turing School, and Operation Code about their thoughts on using the GI Bill for coding education? Check out our podcast on The GI Bill and Coding Bootcamps: Why (and How) It Works!

Coding Bootcamps that Accept the GI Bill:

  1. As of July 2015, Skill Distillery is VA-Approved and began accepting the GI Bill. 
  2. As of June 2016, Galvanize acceptes the GI Bill for their 6-month bootcamp in Boulder and Denver, Colorado.
  3. As of July 2016, Codeup accepts the GI Bill at their campus in San Antonio, Texas.
  4. As of July 2016, Nashville Software School accepts the GI Bill at their Nashville campus.
  5. As of August 2016, Sabio is partnering with Antioch University to offer the Certificate in Web Development, makes veteran benefits available in Los Angeles, California.
  6. As of August 2016, Code Fellows is certified by the Veterans Association to accept the GI Bill.
  7. As of October 2016, Turing School accepts the GI Bill at their campus in Denver, Colorado.
  8. Code Immersives in New York City to accepts the GI Bill.
  9. Deep Dive Coding is eligible for GI Bill benefits at their campus in Alburquerque, New Mexico.
  10. As of January 2017, SecureSet Academy accepts the GI Bill at their Colorado Springs campus.
  11. As of June 2017, PDX Code Guild in Portland is eligible to accept the GI Bill.
  12. As of September 2017, DevPoint Labs in Salt Lake City accepts the GI Bill as part of their partnership with the University of Utah.
  13. As of November 2017, devCodecamp accepts the GI Bill at their Milwaukee campus. DevCodeCamp also offers free housing to veterans. 
  14. As of November 2017, Cincy Code IT accepts the GI Bill at their Cincinnati campus. 
  15. As of November 2017, We Can Code IT accepts the GI Bill at their Cleveland campus.
  16. As of January 2018, The Software Guild accepts the GI Bill at their Louisville campus.
  17. As of January 2018, Code Platoon accepts the GI Bill at their Chicago campus.
  18. As of January 2018, Big Sky Code Academy accepts the GI Bill.
  19. As of January 2018, BoiseCodeWorks accepts the GI Bill. 
  20. As of February 2018, General Assembly accepts the GI Bill at their NYC and Washington, DC campuses for select courses.
  21. As of February 2018, V School accepts the GI Bill at their Salt Lake City campus.
  22. As of March 2018, Tech Elevator's Cleveland campus accepts the GI Bill.
  23. As of May 2018, DevLeague accepts the GI Bill for their Honolulu campus.
  24. As of May 2018, Metis accepts the GI Bill for their New York City campus.
  25. As of May 2018, Eleven Fifty Academy accepts the GI Bill for their JavaScript, .Net, iOS, and Android bootcamps.
  26. As of January 2019, We Can Code It accepts the GI Bill for their Java Developer Bootcamp
  27. As of September 2019, Claim Academy has been approved for the GI Bill.
  28. As of May 2019, Evolve Security Academy has been approved to accept the GI Bill for their in-person (Chicago) Bootcamp.
  29. As of September 2020, Eleven Fifty Academy has been approved to accept the GI Bill in partnership with Hiring Our Heroes. 
  30. As of March 2022, Divergence Academy accepts the GI Bill for two bootcamps: Cybersecurity Professional Penetration Tester and Data Science Immersive.
  31. As of June 2024, University of Chicago Digital Skills Bootcamps by ThriveDX accepts the GI Bill. 

Coding Bootcamps That Accept VET TEC:

VET TEC is a high-tech training pilot program that doesn’t use GI Bill benefits and pays a monthly housing stipend to students in the program. VET TEC stands for Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses. In other words, veterans can attend a coding bootcamp for free without using any GI Bill benefits! You can see which coding bootcamps are preferred and non-preferred partners with VET TEC here.

Coding Bootcamps That Accept VRRAP:

VRRAP is the Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program. It was passed in March of 2021 as part of the economic stimulus package in response to COVID-19. VRRAP builds off of VET TEC, but there are a few big differences:

  • There's much more funding available in VRRAP. VRRAP has $386 million in funding over a 2-year period. Compare that to the $45 million/year in funding for VET TEC.
  • VRRAP is for veterans who no longer have a G.I. Bill benefit and lost their jobs due to coronavirus. 
  • Like VET TEC and the G.I. Bill, VRRAP pays for both tuition and housing. 

 You can see which coding bootcamps accept VRRAP here.

Which Coding Bootcamps Give Automatic Veteran Discounts?

These 14 code schools offer automatic discounts for any veterans or military personnel who are accepted to their programs:

  1. CodeCore offers a $500 (CAD) scholarship for all veterans. Only Canadian citizens are eligible.
  2. Code Platoon is a nonprofit, veteran-only coding bootcamp offering 16 weeks of intense, in-person instruction with scholarships of $10,000 to $13,000 for all veterans and military spouses.
  3. Coder Camps awards 20% of tuition to those in active duty and those who are veterans.
  4. The Dev Masters offers scholarships up to 10% off of tuition to all persons with a military background and veterans.
  5. DigitalCrafts offers $1000 - $1500 scholarships for veterans.
  6. Launch Academy offers a $500 scholarship to any veteran, female or person of an ethnic minority group underrepresented in the software engineering field.
  7. LearningFuze offers $600 discounts for women and US military members.
  8. Metis offers a $3000 scholarship to put towards tuition for all women, underrepresented minorities, and veterans or members of the US military.
  9. Momentum offers a $1,000 discount to military veterans. 
  10. NGT Academy offers 20% off their base tuition of $12,500 for military veterans.
  11. NPower offers a free full-time, 14-week cyber security course with a 12-week paid internship; and a free full-time, 12-week, full stack web development course for active military personnel and veterans in New York City and Dallas, Texas.
  12. RefactorU offers a 20% tuition discount ($2,700 value) to successful applicants of the Intensive Web Development Bootcamp who are either current or former U.S. military personnel (including their spouses). RefactorU also accepts to GI Bill
  13. The Software Guild $2000 Veterans Who Code Award is available to eligible military personnel who are admitted into The Software Guild’s full-time online coding bootcamp program or Louisville on-ground program.
  14. Thinkful offers veterans a $1200 discount for their web development bootcamp .  
  15. V School - V School offers $1400+ women, minority, military and hardship scholarships.

Which Coding Bootcamps offer Scholarship Programs for Veterans?

These 11 coding bootcamps offer limited scholarships for select groups of veterans and military personnel- expect to apply for these unique scholarships! 

 School Scholarship Scholarship Amount Details
General Assembly Military Tuition Discount
  • $1,595 off of Immersive bootcamp tuition
  • The Military Tuition Discount is for an active military member or veteran, or partner of a military member or partner of a veteran. Tuition Discount applies to Immersive bootcamps, such as Software Engineering, Data Science, Data Analytics, and UX Design.
V School Veterans in Tech Scholarship
  • 100% of tuition + free laptop rental and free veteran housing
  • Scholarship is available to veterans of any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States and military spouses.
V School Military & Veterans Fund
  • 100% of tuition


V School Meritorious Veteran Full-Ride Scholarship
  • 100% of tuition


Coding Dojo Military Retraining Scholarship
  • $1000 scholarship
  • The Military Retraining Scholarship is intended to assist military veterans and current servicemen/women to transition their careers to web software development.
Code Platoon Code Platoon Scholarships
  • Scholarship awards are typically $12,500
  • Transitioning service members may be eligible to participate in Code Platoon through the Department of Defense ​Skillbridge​ program.
Sales Platoon Sales Platoon
  • Up to $12,000
  • Sales Platoon offers a full scholarship to active duty military and separated veterans.
  • Sales Platoon also partners with Hiring Our Heroes to help students transition into a sales career.
DevPoint Labs

Opportunity in Tech Scholarship

  • 50% Off Tuition
Suncoast Developers Guild

Hero Award Scholarship

  • $1,900
  • Available to members (or the spouses, partners, parents, and children) of the veterans or active-duty military, first responders, law enforcement, and teachers.
Flatiron School Access Scholarship
  • $2,000–$3,000.
  • Recipients who are in need of financial assistance (as outlined in the “Other Eligibility” section) may be eligible for an additional $1,000.
Zip Code Wilmington Interdigital Scholarship
  • Up to $6,000
Turing School Diversity Scholarships
  • Two $4000 scholarships per cohort



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