Which Coding Bootcamps Accept VETTEC?

By Liz Eggleston
Last Updated January 20, 2022

What Is VetTec?

VET TEC is a high-tech training pilot program that doesn’t use GI Bill benefits and pays a monthly housing stipend to students in the program. VET TEC stands for Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses. In other words, veterans can attend a coding bootcamp for free without using any GI Bill benefits!

VetTec vs GI Bill

Of course, many coding bootcamps now accept the GI Bill. But Vet Tec is different from the GI Bill:

  • Veterans only need one day of unexpired GI Bill benefits. And the program itself doesn’t use GI Bill benefits. So for example, if you already used your GI Bill education benefits on a 4-year degree, then you could still apply for Vet Tec and take a coding bootcamp.

  • Vet Tec pays a monthly housing stipend to students in the program (on a first-come, first-serve basis)

  • You apply via the VA instead of applying to the bootcamps itself (as you would using the GI Bill). More information about applying to Vet Tec here.

  • Also, schools are paid differently than the GI Bill operates. As Maggi Molina, an advisor at Operation Code, says: "The biggest benefit to veterans is that it's essentially the full GI Bill benefit without actually using your GI Bill. Because bootcamps only get the full tuition payment after a veteran gets hired, bootcamps have an incentive to get veterans jobs."

    • The VA will pay the Bootcamp in stages:

      • An initial 25% of tuition and fees when the Veteran enrolls and attends.

      • Another 25% when the Veteran completes his or her training program.

      • The remaining 50% once the Veteran secures meaningful employment in his or her field of study.

  • FYI: See a full list of bootcamps that accept the GI Bill. And compare the GI Bill vs VET TEC vs VRRAP here.

Which Schools Accept Vet Tec

A bootcamp is “preferred” if they agree to refund tuition and fees to the VA if the student completes the program and does not find meaningful employment within 180 days.

Preferred Bootcamp Partners 

Non-Preferred Bootcamp Partners

Coding bootcamps can apply to be a VetTec partner here

How to Apply for VetTec

  • Apply online here. You’ll receive a letter from VA with a decision. 

  • Choose a coding bootcamp from the VA’s list of approved providers (above). 

  • Tell the bootcamp you are eligible for VET TEC and interested in their program. You may need to pass a coding challenge and be admitted to the bootcamp as well (it depends on the bootcamp).

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