Los Angeles Coding Bootcamps


Our comprehensive guide to Los Angeles coding bootcamps, including the best Los Angeles code schools, reviews, scholarships, and more!

Los Angeles coding bootcamps are in the company of tech giants such as Google and Microsoft that host local offices in addition to Tinder and Snapchat and a bevy of smaller companies that call SoCal home. California’s startup tech scene is big on the mobile industry so if you’re looking for coding bootcamps for app developers in Los Angeles, there are many coding schools in Los Angeles to choose from.

Coding Dojo is a Los Angeles coding bootcamp that provides rigorous, comprehensive full-stack development training programs to meet the career goals of both aspiring developers and industry veterans. Students learn the industry’s most in-demand web and mobile dev languages: Ruby on Rails, LAMP, MEAN, Python and Swift/iOS. General Assembly, one of the largest networks of coding bootcamps, offers full-stack immersive programs along with significant job preparation. Located just a few miles from the beach in Santa Monica, General Assembly offers one of the most popular classes in web development in Los Angeles. Sabio is a coding bootcamp that trains underrepresented and underemployed individuals to diversify the technology workforce. Students at Sabio will be trained across the full-stack in Front End, Back End, and Database development, Source Control, and Development platforms.

Los Angeles is a TechHire city and part of the White House initiative to expand access to tech jobs. Before you sign up for computer programming classes in Los Angeles or enroll in one of the many Los Angeles coding bootcamps, be sure to research all options to find the best coding school in Los Angeles for you.

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