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Elevate is a 10-week, multi-tiered online Sales Development Representative (SDR)  bootcamp. The SDR bootcamp is part-time and meant to jump-start a student’s careers while they attend. One of the main goals of the bootcamp is to improve diversity and inclusiveness in the tech scene. Their membership base is over 70% POC and close to 50% women.

Elevate is perfect for complete beginners or individuals having a hard time breaking into sales due to lack of experience. There are no technical requirements to get into Elevate Hire, but applicants should be prepared for a fast-paced learning environment. 

Elevate is designed to get students into an SDR role as quickly as possible and their average time to land a role is 6 weeks. Students receive one-on-one career coaching and access to a network of hiring partners. Elevate grads also receive continued support well into their careers as the 10-week First Summit program is the first of three tiers that students attend throughout their SDR journey. Students are offered a guarantee that they will land a job that pays $60,000 or more within their first year of completing the program.

Students attending Elevate have several options for financing their education. They may opt to pay the upfront cost of $25,000 for all three tiers of the program. They also have the option to enroll with an Income Share Agreement (ISA) where they pay a certain percentage of earnings after they land a career that pays $60,000 or more.

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  • Sales Development Representative - First Summit

    OnlinePart Time10 Weeks
    Start Date None scheduled
    Class sizeN/A
    The curriculum covers CRM, prospecting, researching target accounts, cold calls, and discovery calls.
    Tuition PlansIncome Share Agreement available.
    Refund / GuaranteeStudents are offered a guarantee that they will land a job that pays $60,000 or more within their first year of completing the program.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelNo previous experience required to apply.
    Placement TestNo
  • Fatih Safak  User Photo
    Fatih Safak • SDR • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
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    6 weeks ago, I was uncertain about my saas career after applying to 100's of positions in the saas space with no results to show for it. I had sales experience going door to door, B2B, and even startup SDR experience at a bootstrapped startup.

    "What was I doing wrong?" kept going off in my head daily as I pushed more applications through.

    I realized that I needed to check my ego at the door and get some specific and qualified saas sales career training but was unsure of where to go.

    One of my applications had gone to the Elevate 10-week Bootcamp without even realizing it. I met with Jordan Apodaca and Norman Rodriguez they laid out the blueprint to get it done.

    I went all-in - I bet on myself and committed to getting an offer anyway.

    The level of coaching and mentorship I am receiving from the Elevate team and Alumni is more than I ever imagined. When I began to doubt myself, I reached out to the team for support and they pulled me to double down on my ability to learn, execute and progress in my skillset as an SDR.

    Fast forward 6-weeks later, I was in a position to receive multiple offers from saas companies because of my newly acquired skills in the modern tech stacks, email writing, cadences, and cold outbound.

    I highly recommend this to anyone trying to make waves in the Saas space as a salesperson to create a better income, lifestyle and experience.

  • Jeremy Vasquez  User Photo
    Jeremy Vasquez • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
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    Elevate has been a incredible boot camp that gets you the skills to be a successful SDR/BDR. This program will teach you cold calling, Objection Handling, and other very valuable skills. Norman has worked incredibly hard and it shows with the people that support Elevate.
  • GraceAnn Watson • Account Executive • Graduate
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    Let us take a realistic delve from the beginning.

    Personally, I never thought that I would launch my career and change my life with any Industry with the word "Sales" was in. First looking at Elevate the one word that popped into my head was "Scam". What's sad to realize is that I almost let my prejudices get in the way of one of the best opportunities that ever came to me in my life.

    Not only did Elevates team take me from scratch and transform me and my life for what it is today, but they gave me a permanent community to be a part of and proud of.

    A little bit of background on what I mean by scratch:
    • Never worked in a corporate nor remote setting. (I didn't even have a LinkedIn)
    • Typically avoided anything to do with tech.
    • Before Elevate I worked in Maintenance.

    Though I fell in love with what I do today because Elevate nurtured me, guided me, and provided me with everything I need to succeed and have fun in this Industry. The teachers and community are amazing, even after gaining my career and advancing they are still by my side.

    Even though I am walking and path I never dreamed of, it became my future...scratch that, it became my dream and I hope it can become yours too.
  • Sdr bootcamp
    - 12/17/2021
    Sophia Seniga • Student
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    Since joining Elevate I have felt so empowered and excited for my new journey in Tech Sales. We have the best instructor Matthew and he’s really dedicated to making sure his students understand the material. Jordan has made sure that any questions people have will get answered and he takes his time to meet individually for student check ins weekly and gives helpful feedback on assignments. If you want to be apart of a bootcamp with members and leaders that will keep you motivated and accountable then this is the bootcamp for you!
  • Luther • Student
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    I discovered Elevate via LinkedIn, and after my first conversation with Robert, I knew I had made the right choice. He was open and honest in answering all of my questions about the program, was open about the process, and assured me that he would be there to guide me. When I was introduced to Norman, the CEO, he was down to earth, relatable, and made me feel welcome. Mentors are available whenever you need them, which is convenient if you have questions. Everyone is patient and willing to help you until you figure it out. IF YOU HAVE JUST GRADUATED FROM COLLEGE OR ARE LOOKING FOR A CHANGE IN CAREER. The tech industry is booming, and Elevate can help you get the job you want!