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Irrational Labs offers an 8-week, online Behavioral Design bootcamp, teaching the same techniques and frameworks they share with their consulting clients like Google, Lyft, and more. The bootcamp curriculum covers how to use behavioral science to boost your KPIs, enhance customer experience, and build effective products from the ground up. 

Behavioral Economics students will learn the “3B framework” for behavior change, when and how to conduct smart experim...

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  • Rob
    Digital Marketer • Student • Online
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    May 03, 2021
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    Behavioral Design Bootcamp

    I thought the course was fascinating. I've read some Behavioral Economics content in the past, but this was a great introduction to the practical application of Behavioral Science. Really enjoyed the course, especially the live components and the Slack group, and highly recommend it! 

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Jess Feldman
Updated May 03, 2021
Matthew Gardner had been working in design for years, but when his current organization noticed a gap in customer engagement, Irrational Labs offered the training they needed to discover new solutions. Matthew shares what it was like to juggle a full-time job with the Irrational Labs Behavioral Science bootcamp , and how he got the most out of the online learning experience. Plus, Matthew provides his insights into what a designer can gain from learning behavioral science ...

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Is Irrational Labs worth it?
Is Irrational Labs legit?
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Course Report readers can receive an Exclusive Scholarship to Irrational Labs!


How much does Irrational Labs cost?

Irrational Labs costs around $480.

What courses does Irrational Labs teach?

Irrational Labs offers courses like Behavioral Economics.

Where does Irrational Labs have campuses?

Irrational Labs teaches students Online in a remote classroom.

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Is Irrational Labs worth it?
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Recent Irrational Labs News

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