Learn Digital Marketing at These 128 Digital Marketing Bootcamps

While you may think of marketing as print ads, commercials, direct mail, or telemarketing, expect digital marketing to soon overtake these traditional methods and impact how we consume ads. Digital marketing remains a growing field and makes it easier for companies to track the return on investment of their marketing efforts. As a Digital Marketer you can expect to work with email, social media, advertisements, SEO, and content to promote businesses across the digital sphere. In 2019, digital marketing accounted for roughly half of the global ad market.

At digital marketing bootcamp, you’ll learn customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, social media strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), organic search, webmaster tools, paid search and pay per click (PPC), adwords and Google analytics, SEM, lead generation, analytical thinking, creativity, and communication. Your career might include jobs like Social Media Marketer, Growth Hacker, Content Marketer, Email Marketer, SEO Specialist, or Inbound Marketer.

The best digital marketing bootcamp depends on what you’re looking for. But our users have rated BrainStation and General Assembly the highest. Digital marketing bootcamps range from 5-weeks to 12-months and can be found all across North America and Europe. The Digital Creative Institute offers digital marketing bootcamp free and students get the opportunity to work in a paid digital marketing position at an innovative company. For more information, read our Ultimate Guide to Digital Marketing Bootcamps!

There are thousands of jobs available to marketers with the right digital skills – find the best digital marketing courses on Course Report. 

There are 128 bootcamps that teach Digital Marketing skills around the world – which is best for you? This list has top-rated bootcamps like Le Wagon, BrainStation, CareerFoundry. As you do your research, look for Digital Marketing bootcamps with great alumni reviews, proven student outcomes, and a strong Digital Marketing curriculum.


128 Best Digital Marketing Bootcamps

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