Learn Natural Language Processing at These 25 Natural Language Processing Bootcamps

Data science uses computer science and math to retrieve useful knowledge from datasets in order to support educated business decisions. This requires an array of skills — from data analysis to AI and machine learning — in order to analyze and manipulate data. One of these skills is natural language processing (NLP), which is a method for pre-processing natural text and turning it into data that an algorithm can use, such as numbers or categories.  Examples of NLPs are virtual assistants, chatbots, recommendation engineers, and predictive text — imperative accessibility technology for the modern world!

Data scientists average a salary of $80k. If you want to get into data science or data analysis, learning from a bootcamp is one of the best ways to receive all-encompassing insight on the tools and skills necessary for this growing field, plus the opportunity to build a project portfolio to share with prospective employers. 

There are 25 bootcamps that teach Natural Language Processing skills around the world – which is best for you? This list has top-rated bootcamps like BrainStation, Springboard, Flatiron School. As you do your research, look for Natural Language Processing bootcamps with great alumni reviews, proven student outcomes, and a strong Natural Language Processing curriculum.


25 Best Natural Language Processing Bootcamps

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