Learn Artificial Intelligence at These 108 Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps

Artificial Intelligence aims to create intelligent machines. Using AI, machines can act and react like humans with access to expansive information about the world. Machine learning is a core part of AI. Overall, Artificial Intelligence is the process of creating simple mathematical models for high dimensional data sets. At an Artificial Intelligence bootcamp, you’ll learn how to produce a computer-assisted solution when data is too complex for humans to find answers. Artificial Intelligence schools combine data science and machine learning skills to help prepare you for the job market.

Machine learning is used in products like Amazon Alexa which converts spoken audio into language information; Google Image Search which uses image recognition to return specific search results; and Samsung Smart Fridges which use data and machine learning to produce intuitions about customer behavior. But the best Artificial Intelligence bootcamps will teach you that AI can be used for more than products. AI bootcamp students like Jake have created a program that detects skin cancer from an image!

BloomTech’s Thomson Comer says, “The most successful machine learning engineers can report on what they’re working on in a compelling way. They make good visualizations, graphics, and websites. Plus, they have a willingness to explain how algorithms work.”

After a bootcamp, AI jobs could include Machine Learning Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, and more. The best Artificial Intelligence course will teach you Python and Python libraries, Jupyter, data visualization, machine learning models, maths like linear algebra, data interpretation, deep learning, and more. 

There are 108 bootcamps that teach Artificial Intelligence skills around the world – which is best for you? This list has top-rated bootcamps like Le Wagon, BrainStation, Correlation One. As you do your research, look for Artificial Intelligence bootcamps with great alumni reviews, proven student outcomes, and a strong Artificial Intelligence curriculum.



108 Best Artificial Intelligence Bootcamps

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