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Pluralsight is an online learning platform to help technologists keep up with changing technology and build skills in cloud, mobile, security and data. Pluralsight Paths range in length from 9 hours to 50 hours, and combine multiple courses and tools to teach specific skills from start to finish in the right order. Pluralsight offers Paths in Web Development, IT Ops, Creative, Security.

There is no admissions process for Pluralsight Paths, but students can take skill assessments to identify where to start in a path based on their background. Students have access to video lessons and complete learning checks, skill assessments and certification practice exams throughout Paths.

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  • James • Graduate
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    Pluralsite is a great platform and has a lot of great tech courses. Its also has one of the best, if the the best mobile app in comparison to other platforms. Before commiting to taking out a subscription its worth signing up for a trial to look over the courses and get a feel for the style.

    The downsides are that some courses are outdated, and whilst its great for technology focused courses, its not great for creative or debatable for other areas of study. 

    I've written an extended review that can be found on Course Spotter