August 2018 Coding Bootcamp Podcast + News Roundup

By Imogen Crispe
Last Updated August 30, 2018

We are rounding up all of the most interesting bootcamp industry news that we read and discussed at Course Report in August! This month we heard about a $43 million fundraise and a big acquisition, we saw the decline of CS degrees in the tech job market, we read about a bunch of interesting alumni who were featured in the news, we looked at how coding bootcamps can help us avoid “robogeddon,” and we celebrated an initiative teaching women in prisons to code. Plus, we’ll talk about all of the new bootcamps in August and our favorite blog posts!

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Favorite articles on the blog

  • Liz enjoyed putting together a “Back to School” piece about bootcamps with start dates in the Fall! She chose about 14 schools that are starting soon – a great place to begin your research.
  • Lauren had fun speaking with Chance Payne, a computer science grad and a self-taught mobile developer, who now teaches the new Lambda School Android course. He shared the history and nuances of Android development – this guide is a great place to find out how to get started in Android.
  • Imogen enjoyed shooting and editing a video interview with a coding bootcamp grad who decided to stay on at his bootcamp and teach new students for three months before starting his official job search. We spoke to Marshall who became a Fullstack Academy teaching fellow about the new skills he learned while teaching, and how those will be applicable to his future career as a software developer. This is a great watch for anyone considering their next moves as they graduate from coding bootcamp!


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About The Author

Imogen is a writer and content producer who loves writing about technology and education. Her background is in journalism, writing for newspapers and news websites. She grew up in England, Dubai and New Zealand, and now lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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