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Product Faculty offers a part-time 8-week course in product management in Toronto, Canada. The course covers both basic and advanced product management content including PM Foundations, product strategy, roadmaps, agile methods, business, data, and UX skills. Students will engage in one-on-one mentorship throughout and after the course from instructors with more than 8 years of product industry experience. In each class, students can also learn professional guest speakers from the tech industry product space.

Product Faculty envisions empowering product managers with the product ethos required to excel in tomorrow’s economy. Students will review the top Toronto tech start-ups and product cases, and receive resume critiques and mock interviews to help strategically translate past experience to a product. This guidance better helps students land a product management job. 

As well as receiving catered lunch for every class; upon completion of the course, students earn an Advanced Product Management certificate.

Recent Product Faculty Reviews: Rating 4.96

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    • Advanced Product Management

      Product Management
      OnlinePart Time8 Hours/week7 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      The course covers both basic and advanced product management content including PM Foundations, product strategy, roadmaps, agile methods, business, data, and UX skills.
      Tuition PlansPayment Plans Offered
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      Minimum Skill LevelN/A
      Placement TestNo
    • Kunal Anand  User Photo
      Kunal Anand • Product Manager • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Hands down, this is the best learning experience I have ever had. If you can commit to investing 8 hrs per week for 8 weeks - this course will enlighten you, enrich your product knowledge & empower your ambitions. Product Faculty is a special community nurtured by passionate instructors, intellectual discussions, knowledge sharing, hands-on workshops, renowned product leaders, high calibre peers and a strong alumnus network. 

      Moe Ali is one of the most humble humans I have met. He is easily approachable by all his students and his team of product experts genuinely connects with students to ensure the holistic growth of each individual.

      My top 3 take-aways from Product Faculty:
      1. The content of the course isn't static. Every session is followed with a feedback loop that enables continuous improvement. This course has a living syllabus that is constantly being refined so that it's extremely relevant and well-vetted. Renowned product leaders come to class every week to share their knowledge as guest speakers. 
      2. The experience is specifically curated to enable a student's growth. There are special efforts taken to ensure participation from all. Each week you sit next to new class-mates and work with different peer groups on various hands-on workshops. This course provides support in all forms (academic, peer-to-peer, career, etc.) and you also form great personal friendships & relations. 
      3. The network that you build through this course is invaluable. I joined a cohort of amazing peers with diverse backgrounds who were eager to extract and share knowledge. You are not only tapped into Moe's extensive network of product leaders & enthusiats but also form a strong Product Faculty alumni network. 

      It was amazing experience that got me hooked from the first class that I attended, to a point where I looked forward to the 8 hr class every saturday! 

      It's the creme de la creme of all product courses in Toronto. I would definitely recommend it. 
    • Kelechi Uzoma  User Photo
      Kelechi Uzoma • Senior Product Manager • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      The Product Faculty 8-weeks Advanced Product Management Program is second to none in my opinion. The course offers practical tools, frameworks and skills used by product managers at every competence level. Whether you are an aspiring product manager who wants to develop a product mindset or a senior executive looking to transform your organization with a solid understanding of technology, product trends/opportunities, Moe and his team of product experts are able to genuinely connect on a level that instills valuable knowledge (and support) and ensures a holistic understating of product management with REAL examples.

      In addition to the awesome weekly in-class collaboration with peers with incredible experience, we were always lectured by respected industry experts who were willing to share knowledge and inspire. 

      Having also participated in a product management program with a contemporary of the Product Faculty, I can confidently recommend this course to anyone who really wants to learn product or grow their craft. My Product Faculty cohort had way more students (46) than the other product program (8), but it was surprisingly more engaging, impactful and supportive - with access to an active product community. The course content, delivery and subsequent mentorship further strengthened my resolve to ply my trade in product. I always looked forward to projects' feedback as they were structured, true and for my growth.

      Despite the circumstance that ensued (physical distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic), Moe and his team demonstrated true grit by making our transition to a virtual classroom seamless and equally rewarding.

      I am happy to recommend this course to anyone who is passionate about product management! I also think the benefits outweighed the course fee (compared to contemporaries I had experienced). 

      Thank you - Moe, Sikander, Weiting, Bisma & Nataliya!

    • Jeesoo Lee  User Photo
      Jeesoo Lee • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Product Faculty is suitable for both those experienced in the realm of product and those who are completely new to the space. 

      As someone new to product, I was able to obtain amazing insights from experienced leaders in the space and rapidly learn from hands-on workshops and assignments. 

      Moe and staff were also able to take on (on their personal time) all the challenging career questions I had and offer up valuable advice that will definitely help in progressing my product career forward.
    • Best Investment
      - 4/3/2020
      Yana Gursoy  User Photo
      Yana Gursoy • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      I took an Advanced Product Management course with the Product Faculty and never second-guessed my decision. It was an amazing journey! 
      The instructors are truly passionate about their craft and enjoy sharing their valuable knowledge with students. 
      The community they created is very special. You can always expect to get good advice and feel supported not only by instructors themselves but also by alumni and your class-mates. 

      I would recommend taking this course if you:
      1. Work in Marketing, Sales, Customer Success and want to get a 360-degree view on the product management to benefit from it in your function
      2. Want to transition to a role within the product management discipline
      3. In your early stage of product management career and want to gain more knowledge to move further in your path

      With this course you will get:
      1. Understanding of what product management is all about (theory and real-life examples)
      2. Learn main frameworks from the research stage to execution
      3. Hands-on experience using those frameworks
      4. Hear from TOP product management professionals of Toronto sharing their knowledge and talking about their experience 
      5. Collaboration with amazing class-mates while working on different assignments
      6. Expand your professional network
      7. Last but not least, enjoy great lunches with your peers!

      If I could bring back time, I would take this course again! I definitely recommend it!

    • Elie Yachoui  User Photo
      Elie Yachoui • Data Product Manager • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      This is a one of a kind learning experience taught by passionate professionals in the field of product management. Whether you're an aspiring product person or currently building your craft I advise you to have a chat with Moe and strongly recommend taking this program for the following reasons:
      -Gain hands on experience from comprehensive product frameworks
      -Enrich your understanding and get an unbiased view of the field
      -Learn the intricacies of the PM world directly from field experts 
      -Identify what you need to improve on hone your craft with proper mentorship
      -Network with next generation of PMs

      Quality, organization, and acute attention to detail is how like to describe the course. In addition to the content of the course, you'll find that the organizing team will do whatever it takes to make your learning journey optimal and without any doubt go the extra mile to support you all throughout those 2 months.
    • Harshit Jaiswal  User Photo
      Harshit Jaiswal • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Product Faculty gave me great hands-on learning experience, a network of peers equally passionate about product and a whole lot of confidence in my product skills. I have never received so much value from a classroom experience ever. Moe and team work very hard but more importantly, they've designed the course by putting the aspiring/existing product manager at the centre. Classes are packed with content that you'll use in your product job, you hear from some pretty awesome (and famous) product leaders in every class and you get to make friends with your class over an hour long lunch at earl's kitchen over 8 weeks. What stood out most to me? Moe and team's proactiveness with asking for feedback on every class and making changes asap. It was so much learning and fun. I'm going to miss being in that classroom.
    • #wortheverypenny
      - 10/16/2019
      Maria Vilshanski  User Photo
      Maria Vilshanski • Product Manager • Student Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:
      Prior to starting my career as a Product Manager, I worked in Talent Acquisition for 10 years.
      Before switching careers, I did the responsible thing. I did some free courses, and read all the “mandatory” books on Product Management. 
      Three months into my Product Manager role, I was still confused about Product Management. I felt that I needed to know and learn more. I ended up reaching out to random PM's on Linkedin. More than one PM recommended Product Faculty.
      Upon researching the APM course at Product Faculty, I knew it was the right place for me. I loved that it offered an immersive experience.
      It was for 8 weeks, for 8 hours in class. I know this sounds intense, but this type of commitment speaks to the calibre of people, that are a part of this class. The people that make this community so special.
      The calibre of participants elevates groups discussions, in class activities, projects, educational material. I loved every minute of the "intense" days.
      The two other elements that are unique to PF are lunch time with your peers (outside of class) and the world class guest speakers.
      If you considering a course that does not have guest speakers, time commitment, go read some articles online.
      In Short, I loved this course, it provided me insights and knowledge beyond anything that I have hoped for. 
       #wortheverypenny #noregards
    • Ani Ganti  User Photo
      Ani Ganti • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      Amazing, comprehensive product management course, taught by one the best product leaders in Canada. It was gruelling and intensive 8 week course that forced me to flex my product muscles in ways I had never done before. Would highly recommend to new PMs looking to expand their skills.

    • Nikhil Suhaney  User Photo
      Nikhil Suhaney • Digital Business Analyst • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      After finishing my MBA in 2009, I worked continuously for 11+ years. Thinking to upskill myself, I was browsing online for in-class Product Management courses in Toronto. When I was reviewing the Product Faculty (PF) website, unlike other courses offered from other institutes, I was able to view the course guidelines, details about the course, method of teaching and weekly guest leacture series from industry leaders. Due to the transparency in providing information to propective students, I decided to pursue PM course in Product Faculty. Even before final confirmation, Moe made an extra effort to discuss with me on why I am doing PM course and what is my motivation. After this brief discussion, Moe confirmed that I will be part of Summer 2019 Cohort-5. 

      Once the course started, everything was well structured and planned. What students will be learning each week supplemented by in-class group exercises, the curriculum was methodical in nature and at a good pace. The icing on the cake was the weekly leactures from the industry veterans and thought leaders who provided their own perspective on the Product Management. They shared their experiences and it was encouraging for students to know the industry-view on the PM subject. The industry leaders were mostly from established startups like TouchBistro, WealthSimple, League, TopHat, Wave Financial ets. Even Moe arranged a virtual session from PM thought leaders like Nir Eyal and Marty Keegan from Silicon Valley. 

      The final project was also carefully selected for every student groups. Every week, PF team made sure the student groups are aware of their next week tasks and kept regular checks to make sure the groups are following the deadlines. Even before the final presentation to a panel of experts, groups volunteered to get their presentations reviewed from PF team (Moe, Sikander & Weiting). The final presentations were more like a start-up pitch where groups were given only 5 mins to present their project to industry experts who also did Q&A with the students. 

      In the end, I would say that it was a good decision to join Product Faculty for learning Advanced Product Management course. The course was very pratical, hands-on and corporate style in nature with so many examples and learnings shared from experts, leaders and from future-PM students. Would like to thank Moe, Sikander & Weiting for providing students a great upskilling platform in Toronto. Best wishes.

    • Simon Shao  User Photo
      Simon Shao • Product Manager • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      As I was switching roles into the product development and management role, I was looking for a Product Management course in Toronto to gear up my product management practical knowledge, and develop the network in the Product community. Here I found the Product Faculty and Moe. 

      Moe is an experienced Product Manager who always giving back to the product community. Product Faculty is one of his ways. He is easy to approach and always prioritize time for the product peers. In terms of instruction, he is able to explain the concept in the most understood way and illustrate the theory with lots of real-world business cases. 

      The course style is dynamic, as the students are also in the product management environment, they get the chance to share their real-world experience too. Throughout the course, he shares not only the product knowledge and skillsets but also the networks that he is proud of. This leads up to another highlight of the course: Moe invited some of the Product Leaders in North America to provide practical related topics. 

      As you invested your time and effort, and fee to a course, you gain more than just knowledge and skillsets, but the network, joy, and fulfilling. 

    • Jeremy Seath  User Photo
      Jeremy Seath • Director, Product • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      While transitioning into a product role at a fast-paced startup, I was eager to build my skillset and network quickly. I had consumed a ton of content online. But, after reviewing countless frameworks, processes, and case studies I was left feeling like everything was relevant, but little was helping me to solve real-world challenges I was facing. 

      When I first met with Moe before the course began, it was clear this was going to be exactly what I needed. And it was.

      The content of the course isn't static. It's a living syllabus that is constantly being refined so that it's extremely relevant and well-vetted. Moe goes through great pain's to curate this content specifically for you. I sat with him many times to talk through very specific problems and discuss ways to apply product principles to my organization. 

      Classmates are eager to extract, and share their knowledge. I joined a cohort with a very diverse set of experiences that I happily keep in touch with today. Class dialogue was focused and I took nearly as much from that dialogue as I did from the lecture.

      The network is strong. On joining the course, you're tapped into Moe's extensive and growing network of current and future product leaders. Guest speakers were strong and the alumni network continues to act as a source of information for me as a progress in my career.

      All of this says none of the interest Moe has taken in supporting the career development of his students. 

      The Product Faculty is well worth the price of admission. 

    • Jash Javeri  User Photo
      Jash Javeri • Product @ Scotiabank Digital • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      I was part of the Winter 2019 cohort and have to say I had a blast participating in Product Faculty’s course. Instead of focusing on simple product management lessons such as user story writing, scrum methodologies, the course focuses on more advanced topics. Their curriculum goes through several different sections that include strategical thinking, roadmaps, stakeholder management, technical concepts and much more. It takes product management fundamentals to the next level which is something I really enjoyed.

      My favourite part of the entire course has to be the guest speakers. Moe who runs the program has a wide variety of contacts in the Toronto product community and he was able to bring in some awesome guests such as VP of Product at Wealthsimple and TouchBistro.

      If you are looking for a course that goes beyond the fundamentals but are still taught at a reasonable pace, this course is for you!