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Imogen Crispe

Written By Imogen Crispe

Last updated on July 31, 2018

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What happened in the world of coding bootcamps in July 2018? In our latest news roundup we look at the fascinating merger of two prominent bootcamps, an exciting fundraise for a bootcamp which focuses on apprenticeships, and a settlement worth $1 million. We also delve into the college versus coding bootcamp debate, celebrate lots of successful bootcamp graduates, and look at the proliferation of coding bootcamps in up-and-coming tech areas. Finally we look at new, innovative ways to finance bootcamp (and the potential for predatory behavior in them), and what the job market is looking like for grads right now. Read this blog post or listen to our podcast!

Acquisitions & Fundraises


College vs Bootcamp: The Debate Rages On


Celebrating Alumni Success

  • CBS MoneyWatch profiled Darc Boykin, a college dropout who was working at Uniqlo, and after attending Per Scholas and General Assembly’s free 12-week CodeBridge program, he’s a developer at an e-commerce company
  • Military.com profiles a Code Platoon student and former Marine Scott Plunkett who was working in sales, then after for Code Platoon, he is now an assistant instructor at the bootcamp!
  • Philly.com profiles Michael McVeigh, who used to moonlight as a gravedigger, but after Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp, a Trilogy school, he is now working as a software developer at 21PSTEM, an educational software firm in Conshohocken.
  • Today Online profiled a successful student from 42 code school in Paris, Brian Young, who studied there for 3 years, and is now a software developer intern at Insas Technology Berhad, a software and systems firm in his home country of Singapore.


Learning to Code in Up-and-Coming Tech Hubs


ISAs + Deferred Tuition: Potential for setbacks?

  • Lindsay Gellman of The Atlantic wrote a deep dive about Income Sharing Agreements, recognizing that ISAs have the potential to really change the way that educators relate to students, indicating that ISAs are very much in their nascency, and pointing out that there’s little consensus around how much is fair to reap from program graduates, and for how long. She uses Lambda School’s ISA as an example.
  • Bakersfield profiles Wyncode graduate Calvin Simms, who didn’t finish college, used deferred tuition to go to coding bootcamp, and now works for Wyncode’s in-house consulting agency, Wyntalent, in Miami, making $8000 more than in his old job.
  • The Associated Press reported some colleges are following bootcamps to adopt ISAs and looks at how in the past decade, technical training programs like coding bootcamps have used this type of funding largely because participants do not have access to federal student loans.


The Job Market for Bootcamp Grads


New Campuses, Courses & Bootcamp Updates


New Schools on Course Report in July

  • The Coding Boot Camp at UCR Extension in Riverside, CA
  • Coding Autism, online
  • Tuitt, Quezon City, Philippines
  • Gaza Sky Geeks Code Academy, Gaza City, Palestine
  • Codica, London, England
  • Umuzi Academy, Johannesburg, South Africa


Our Favorite Pieces on the Blog

Liz really enjoyed talking with Galvanize CEO Al Rosabal about the Hack Reactor Acquisition. She also spoke to another Denver bootcamp grad in July – Mimi from Turing, who is a really great example of someone who just commits fully to their goals. She moved from LA to Denver for Turing and then to Phoenix for her new job.

Imogen enjoyed working on two video pieces that we published on our YouTube channel in July! The first one was with James, a graduate from New York Code + Design Academy who started his own web development agency, and the second one was with Bernard, a Hack Reactor graduate who is now a software developer at Consumer Reports! Both graduates told us about how they made sure they were successful at bootcamp, and why they each felt coding bootcamp was worth the time and the money.

Lauren was excited to interview a coding bootcamp prep course grad in July – Sarah, a graduate of First Step Coding’s 8-week prep course. Sarah was a high school English teacher for 6 years before realizing that she was more excited about the way technology could support education. She wanted to transition into a more logical, problem-solving role so she attended First Step Coding, and now she’s moving from Boston to San Francisco to attend full-time coding bootcamp Rithm School in September.



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