April 2018 Coding Bootcamp News Podcast

Imogen Crispe

Written By Imogen Crispe

Last updated on May 2, 2018

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In our April 2018 technology bootcamp news roundup we saw four overarching trends – bootcamp acquisitions, employers putting their own employees through bootcamp, a continued debate between college vs bootcamp, and efforts to expand accessibility to coding education for underrepresented groups in tech. We also look at apprenticeships, the evolution of bootcamp curricula, life after bootcamp, and new bootcamps! Read the roundup below or listen to the podcast!

Acquisitions + Fundraising

Companies Training Workers

College vs Bootcamp


  • In response to the need for people to retrain in tech skills, Bloomberg Businessweek editors looked at how government spending towards colleges is not helping, and suggests that apprenticeships and training programs like coding bootcamps should be expanded.
  • Conservative columnist Peter Morici writes in the Washington Times about how America is overinvesting in traditional higher education, how more apprenticeship programs are needed, mentions that the Trump administration has doubled the DOL budget for cultivating apprenticeships, and mentions coding bootcamps as alternatives to higher ed.
  • KMVT has more information about the Code-to-Career apprenticeship program in Idaho and how to apply. After the six months of on-the-job training, students will receive a credential from the U.S. Department of Labor. Interested candidates can call 208-861-9207 for more information.

Expanding Accessibility

Bootcamp Curriculum

Life After Bootcamp

New Bootcamps/Bootcamp updates

New Coding bootcamps on Course Report


Favorite Pieces on the Blog

Imogen Crispe

  • Imogen enjoyed profiling Tech Elevator’s new Pittsburgh campus, and discovering how Pittsburgh is such a burgeoning tech hub, with thousands of open tech jobs, and companies like Google, Amazon, and Uber have offices there. She spoke to Tech Elevator campus director Justin Driscoll, who worked with the Pittsburgh technology council, and raved about the varied neighborhoods, and the low cost of housing compared with NYC and SF.

Liz Eggleston

  • Liz interviewed an IT Manager who worked with Software Guild to retrain his team of developers; he saw inconsistencies between teams and the way they wrote code in Java, so they put everyone through the same course to get the team on the same page. This employer said it was totally worth it, but here’s his advice for other employers:
    • “It’s wise for a company to sit down, calculate the cost of training, and determine the return on that investment. It doesn't take very long to see that there's a positive ROI on the cost of training. When you eliminate your technical debt, the return comes back pretty quickly.”

Lauren Stewart

  • Lauren had a great conversation with a Holberton School alum, Max Johnson. Max was living paycheck-to-paycheck and jumping between jobs as a mental health therapist, delivery driver, and physical trainer. He wasn’t satisfied his current career trajectory and he wanted a more viable career path. So he took a risk and drove across the country from New Jersey to San Francisco to attend Holberton School.


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Imogen Crispe

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