March 2018 Coding Bootcamp News Podcast

Imogen Crispe

Written By Imogen Crispe

Last updated on March 29, 2018

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In our March 2018 technology bootcamp news roundup, we discuss all the industry news that we've been talking about at Course Report! We have some fun celebratory announcements, we looked at news about the positive impact bootcamps are having on individuals and companies, and the debate continued between coding bootcamps and computer science degrees. We heard about some great student experiences at bootcamp, some wonderful diversity initiatives, and new scholarship opportunities. Plus, a good number of new coding bootcamps and campuses launched in March. Read the roundup below or listen to the podcast!


Hiring and Getting Hired From Bootcamp

Coding Bootcamp vs CS Degrees

Student Experiences at Bootcamp

Diversity in Tech

Coding Bootcamp Scholarships

New Bootcamps/Campuses/Courses

New Schools on Course Report

Favorite pieces on the Blog in March

Liz Eggleston

  • Liz enjoyed moderating a webinar with Jeff Casimir from Turing School and Rebekah Rombom from Flatiron School about how to get a job after a bootcamp. We talked about:
    • How to structure your job search once you're on your own
    • Whether you should accept an apprenticeship/internship
    • If factors like education background and age impact salary after a bootcamp
    • Jeff & Rebekah's feelings on networking and meetups

Lauren Stewart

  • Lauren loved interviewing Ed Jasper of Flatiron School. Ed graduated from Flatiron School 4 years ago and tells us about his career journey including his background as a personal trainer, his full scholarship at Flatiron School, and finding developer roles in fashion tech. He also shares his experience as a person of color and a person within the LGBTQ community and how that has impacted his life in tech. He’s now a Front End Developer at Rent the Runway!

Imogen Crispe



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Imogen Crispe

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