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Techtonica offers a free, full-time, 6-month Javascript apprenticeship program for women and non-binary low-income adults in San Francisco, California. Techtonica is a nonprofit bootcamp which aims to build more diverse technical teams by teaching technology skills like full stack software development, project management, UI/UX design, and data analysis to underrepresented groups in the tech industry. The program also covers apprentices’ living and child-care costs.

Entry to the Techtonica program is competitive – applicants should be self-motivated, resilient, logical, hardworking, and ready to make sacrifices. Applicants must be a woman or non-binary, feminine-adjacent adult, digitally literate, earn less than $50,000 a year, and have lived in the Bay Area for at least one year. The application process is as follows: submit an online form, if invited, join an introductory conversation, attend a coding workshop, complete a take-home challenge, complete a long-form application, and then attend an in-person assessment. After a one-month trial, participants who work the hardest who meet and exceed expectations will be invited to continue for the remaining five months of the program.

The Techtonica team includes software engineers, community volunteers and leaders, non-profit and startup founders, teachers, curriculum development specialists, venture capitalists, and social impact strategists. Upon successful completion of the six-month program, apprentices are skilled software development professionals who receive job placement opportunities with Techtonica partner companies.

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      Students will learn full stack JavaScript, project management, UI/UX design, and data analysis.
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      Here is the formula: 
       Put in the work + Maintain your growth mindset + Give it 6 months 
       You will be gain the confidence and skills to be a software engineer. 
       Before Techtonica, I was independently learning to program, applying to jobs with no ends in sight and found lots of rejection. This organization afforded me the opportunity of a stipend (to support myself), gave me a curriculum, gave me structure, introduced me to people in the field, and helped me prepare for my role as a software engineer. The whole program is 6 months and I had confidence and stronger technical skills to show at the end of it. This organization changed my life by helping me make a successful career transition into Tech and I cannot recommend this program enough. Thanks Michelle and the countless mentors that helped me get here today. 
      Assigned mentors while attending Techtonica, 6 months of stipend, camaraderie with fellow women and nonbinary people, community, job placement, emotional support, post-placement support, and a new lease on life.
      1.) Depends on who you ask, "gating exams" were stated in the contracts but not something my cohort openly addressed and it caught a few folks off guard. You are asked to leave if you cannot pass the exams, so work hard! Nothing is free. 
      I recently volunteered with the org and was happy to see the mention of "gating exams" mentions in the forefront. Kudos! 
      2.) No instructor(s) during my cohort, but I think that might have changed. 
      3.) It is not highly stressed, but I feel like it should be: you should have done your fair share of learning the fundamentals of web development before joining Techtonica. Fact. 
      It will greatly benefit you if you're not doing everything for the first time during the program; having due diligence means going through a (free/open-source) beginner’s course on CodeAcademy; FreeCodeCamp; and discovering your personal interests in software development are all good things.