February 2018 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup + Podcast

Imogen Crispe

Written By Imogen Crispe

Last updated on February 28, 2018

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A lot happened in the world of technology education in February 2018! In case you missed it, we put together a roundup of all the coding bootcamp news we found interesting at Course Report. We read about government support for bootcamps and vocational education, we heard about companies training their employees at bootcamps, we saw coverage on the debate between colleges and bootcamps, and there was an in-depth article about the pros and cons of income sharing agreements. We also enjoyed hearing about the achievement of bootcamp grads, and what sort of initiatives are helping underrepresented groups get into tech! Plus, check out our updates about new bootcamps and campuses.

Government Support for Bootcamps


Companies Using Bootcamps to Upskill the Workforce


Demand for Developers


Bootcamps versus College


Bootcamp Success Stories


Initiatives to Expand Tech Opportunities


Bootcamp Updates and New Campuses


New Bootcamps in February 2018


Favorite Articles on the Blog

Imogen Crispe

  • Imogen enjoyed editing a podcast on gender at coding bootcamps, which Liz hosted with two women from Fullstack Academy and The Grace Hopper Program! The podcast looks at whether women learn better in an all-women’s coding bootcamp environment, and why, growing up, women have often perceived coding to be a man’s job. Both women had some very inspiring things to say.

Liz Eggleston

Lauren Stewart

  • Lauren enjoyed putting together an ultimate guide to digital marketing bootcamps! Check it out to learn about what’s going on in the digital marketing landscape and see what bootcamps are your best bet to learning digital marketing.



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