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DeltaV Code School offers 20-week Software Development and Digital Marketing bootcamps in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Both Digital Marketing and Software Development bootcamp curriculums cover fundamental programming, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The DeltaV bootcamps also include career development in order to help students get job-ready.

Software Development students will study professional software development techniques and practices as they advance skil...

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Jess Feldman
Published March 01, 2022
Course Report · February 2022 Coding Bootcamp News Roundup After months of reporting about federal funding for short-term programs, it looks like the next step has been made to open up Pell grants to training programs like bootcamps. We’re covering the debate among bootcamps about the benefits (and challenges) of publishing alumni job outcomes. Learn more about February’s largest acquisi...
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The coding bootcamp industry is always evolving, so at Course Report we closely follow news and announcements in the coding education space. In September we saw a lot of interesting new data around women in tech and how coding bootcamps are increasing accessibility for underrepresented groups. We also read about new apprenticeship initiatives, heard from students about their experiences, ...
Lauren Stewart
Published January 19, 2018
Most high-salary industries need more diverse workers, and tech is no exception. The conversation about diversity in tech usually focuses on gender, diversity encompasses racial, socioeconomic, cognitive, and experiential differences. Think pieces and diversity reports show large tech companies admitting they have a problem and beginning to address the diversity in tech crisis, but can the ...
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Published August 01, 2017
Need a summary of news about coding bootcamps from July 2017? Course Report has just what you need! We’ve put together the most important news and developments in this blog post and podcast. In July, we read about the closure of two major coding bootcamps, we dived into a number of new industry reports, we heard some student success stories, we read about new investments in bootcamps, and w...
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  Welcome to the November 2016 Course Report monthly coding bootcamp news roundup! Each month, we look at all the happenings from the coding bootcamp world from new bootcamps to fundraising announcements, to interesting trends. This month we cover a big bootcamp rebrand, the UN getting involved with coding bootcamps, the debate about CS degrees vs bootcamps, ethics in programming and how t...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DeltaV Code School worth it?
Is DeltaV Code School legit?
Does DeltaV Code School offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?
Can I read DeltaV Code School reviews?
Is DeltaV Code School accredited?

How much does DeltaV Code School cost?

DeltaV Code School costs around $12,000.

What courses does DeltaV Code School teach?

DeltaV Code School offers courses like Code 401: Node.js.

Where does DeltaV Code School have campuses?

DeltaV Code School has an in-person campus in Cedar Rapids.

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Is DeltaV Code School worth it?
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