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DeltaV Code School offers 20-week Software Development and Digital Marketing bootcamps in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Both Digital Marketing and Software Development bootcamp curriculums cover fundamental programming, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The DeltaV bootcamps also include career development in order to help students get job-ready.

Software Development students will study professional software development techniques and practices as they advance skills in JavaScript. Students will build full-stack web applications with server-side Node.js and modern, client-side, front-end libraries and frameworks, including React. Students also learn JavaScript and .Net. DeltaV has both a 4-week bootcamp for intermediate software development and a 10-week course for advanced software development. Courses also include a career development curriculum to get students ready for the job search, plus job search assistance after graduation.

Digital Marketing students will have access to workshops and presentations that teach job search skills including personal branding techniques, effective networking practices, how to create an attractive resume. Students will also learn how to master personal and technical interviews and job search best practices. 

All applicants are welcome to apply at DeltaV. If applicants are completely new to coding, DeltaV requires them begin by taking Code 101, a one-day remote online workshop, and tuition is free. Scholarships may be available for US military veterans and recent college graduates. DeltaV is also GI Bill approved. A 10% discount is available for students who sign up for Code 201, Code 301, and Code 401 at the same time. 

DeltaV Code School's Software Development bootcamp is powered by Code Fellows.

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