The coding bootcamp industry is always evolving, so at Course Report we closely follow news and announcements in the coding education space. In September we saw a lot of interesting new data around women in tech and how coding bootcamps are increasing accessibility for underrepresented groups. We also read about new apprenticeship initiatives, heard from students about their experiences, and founders told us about taking bootcamps in new directions. There were also articles about the impact of bootcamps on the education industry as a whole, and advice about finding a job after bootcamp.

Impact of Coding Bootcamps

Student Experiences

Getting Hired after Bootcamp

Founder Profiles

Women Working in Tech

Initiatives to Increase Accessibility

Apprenticeships for Coding Bootcamp Grads

Bootcamp Updates

New Bootcamps on Course Report

  • Code Stack Academy, San Joaquin, California
  • Rice University Data Analytics Boot Camp, Houston, Texas
  • BeCode, Brussels, Belgium
  • University of Oregon Coding Boot Camp, Portland, Oregon
  • Vanderbilt University Coding Boot Camp, Nashville, Tennessee
  • KMMX IT Training Center, Mexico City, Mexico
  • University of Wisconsin Extension Coding Boot Camp, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Favorite Articles on the Blog

Imogen Crispe

  • I really enjoyed speaking to three military veterans who recently graduated from Tech Elevator. They each were in different parts of the military, different ages, and had very different careers following the military, so it was fascinating to hear about their varied experiences, and how their military training translated into programming and doing a coding bootcamp. They all used the GI Bill for their tuition.

Lauren Stewart

  • I enjoyed finding out how Code Fellows helps their students land jobs. I spoke with their Director of Partner Relations, and Head of Instruction, to learn more about the Code Fellows Career Accelerator program, their hiring partner relationships, and how they help grads land roles at Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia! So check that piece out!

Liz Eggleston

  • My favorite piece to work on this month was another podcast. Jeff Casimir from Turing joined me to talk about what it actually feels like and looks like to learn at a bootcamp. We break down the differences between traditional education and a bootcamp, and how folks who didn’t do well in high school or college may really benefit from a bootcamp learning style. We also transcribed it, so you can listen or read.



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