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Cleveland Codes is a full-time, 16-week IT Fast Track Program in Cleveland, OH. If you are passionate about problem-solving, creative thinking, creating new apps, and building websites then Cleveland Codes Tri-C Software Developers Academy at Cuyahoga Community College is for you. This fully immersive program teaches students C# within the .NET framework and gives the opportunity to take the Microsoft Development Fundamentals Exam 98-361 to receive Microsoft Technolog...

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  • Derek
    Student • IT Fast Track Program • Cleveland
    Verified by GitHub
    Apr 04, 2022
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    No Lesson Plan

    This course was horrible. The instructor had no lesson plan, he mostly did things off the cuff and did not know a lot of basic terms. The program manager will NEVER get back to you if you have any questions or need help from her. They tell you they help you find a job but once the course is over you never hear from them again. It took months for them to send everyone their certificate of completion when they told us it would take a week after class was over. I have had over 40 rejected j...
  • Eric
    Student • Student • IT Fast Track Program • Cleveland
    Mar 16, 2017
    Overall Experience
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    Great Bootcamp

    As a current student, I can honestly say this is a great program. It's longer than most bootcamps (16 weeks), has a lot of hands on exercises and feedback, a great instructor, supportive staff, and great connections to industry professionals for interviews, internships and jobs.

    My only complaints are that the course could use more structure and that we should have access to books and laptops from day 1. They did not give us these until after week 4. That made it hard for some wh...


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How much does Cleveland Codes cost?

Cleveland Codes costs around $8,500.

What courses does Cleveland Codes teach?

Cleveland Codes offers courses like IT Fast Track Program.

Where does Cleveland Codes have campuses?

Cleveland Codes has an in-person campus in Cleveland.

Is Cleveland Codes worth it?

Cleveland Codes hasn't shared alumni outcomes yet, but one way to determine if a bootcamp is worth it is by reading alumni reviews. 2 Cleveland Codes alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Cleveland Codes on Course Report - you should start there!

Is Cleveland Codes legit?

We let alumni answer that question. 2 Cleveland Codes alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Cleveland Codes and rate their overall experience a 3.0 out of 5.

Does Cleveland Codes offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?

Right now, it doesn't look like Cleveland Codes offers scholarships or accepts the GI Bill. We're always adding to the list of schools that do offer Exclusive Course Report Scholarships and a list of the bootcamps that accept the GI Bill.

Can I read Cleveland Codes reviews?

You can read 2 reviews of Cleveland Codes on Course Report! Cleveland Codes alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Cleveland Codes and rate their overall experience a 3.0 out of 5.

Is Cleveland Codes accredited?


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