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Ikigai Dojo is a full-time, 6-month, full stack web development bootcamp in Manila, Philippines. Ikigai Dojo aims to help career changers, entrepreneurs, and upskillers learn HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, Javascript, React, and more.

Ikigai Dojo Instructors are industry professionals, guiding students in the latest in-demand technologies, theory, fundamentals, and practical hands-on learning challenges. During the course, students can build their personal brand, learn international communication skills, and attend tech meetups and events. Students are also required to participate in a one-month internship, remotely or in person, choosing from a wide range of tech companies in the Ikigai Dojo network.

To apply, applicants must have minimum English skills of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent, but no prior coding knowledge is required. Classes are taught in English.

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    • Full Stack Web Development

      HTML, CSS, Ruby, JavaScript
      In PersonFull Time26 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      Students will learn: Logical and critical thinking, HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript, Computer Science Fundamentals, Database Design and Architecture, and more.
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelN/A
      Placement TestNo
    • Fun and productive
      - 7/26/2018
      Mark H. • Student • Student
      Overall Experience:
      Job Assistance:

      This past 5 months has been the most productive I've been. I learned many things from this bootcamp and it has been fun. This bootcamp allows me to transition to my target career role also it gives me a lot of refreshers as I'm an IT graduate and also I gained a lot of new knowledge.

      The bootcamp was held inside a software company so you would experience the day to day life of a developer. Also the bootcamp has strong connection to a lot of companies so an internship is guaranteed. It's up to you how you would use this resources to land your 1st job as a software developer.

      Although in later part of the course you're expected to learn individiually and self sustain yourself, which totally make sense as you progress to your career as a developer a lot things you encounter is new and technology will advance. Overall it was a great experience, I can only say that in terms of front-end it's a bit lacking but the bootcamp still worth your time.