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Microverse offers an online, full-time, 38-40-week full stack software development course with no upfront costs. Microverse believes that learning should be accessible to everyone, no matter where you live. Their methodology uses remote collaborative learning and mastery learning so that students worldwide can learn together and support one another. Courses are available to students in all countries, with three time zones available for study.

Every Microverse student works with a pair programming partner, a standup team, a mentor, and Technical Support Engineers to achieve mastery learning of front end and back end technologies, including computer science foundations, Ruby, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Redux, Ruby on Rails, algorithms and data structures. A portion of the program is dedicated to professional skills, interview preparation, salary negotiation, and job searching, where students work with career coaches. Throughout the program, students work together to build real-world projects and contribute to open-source projects.

Microverse requires that students are fluent in English. To apply, applicants must solve coding challenges and take part in a collaborative project with another applicant via pair programming. Microverse offers an Income Share Agreement. Every Microverse education costs $0 until a student lands a job making more than $1,000 a month, at which point, the student pays back 15% of their salary until they’ve reached $15,000.

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  • Software Development Program

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    Microverse's Software Development Program is completely free until you get a job. For 22 weeks, you will learn software development while doing remote pair programming with multiple coding partners around the world. This is a full-time and immersive program where you will master computer science foundations, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and React. You will also learn how to contribute to open source and find freelance projects as part of the program. Once you are done with the main curriculum, we will help you craft an exceptional resume, portfolio and LinkedIn profile, as well as prepare you to ace the job interviews through mock interviews with other students. Once you are ready, we will work with you to connect with global and remote jobs. No matter where you are in the world, we want to invest in your education and help you succeed as a professional software developer.
    Tuition PlansThe program is completely free until you find a job. After that, you will pay 15% of your monthly salary until you reach a cap of $15,000.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelN/A
    Prep WorkYou will need to pass a series of coding challenges and complete a collaborative project with another applicant in order to join the program. If you are not ready for the coding challenges yet, you can complete our pre-course work.
    Placement TestNo
  • Student
    - 4/14/2021
    Ralph  User Photo
    Ralph • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
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    I loved my time at microverse cause they give an environment to grow as a software developer through their collaborative learning. This is a great way to dive right into the "working world" of web development. Their support structure of having a standup team and a body of students from all over the world has helped me cope through rough days and helped me learn a lot in terms of how I personally could improve my abilities as a software developer. This is a great opportunity for everyone who is passionate about programming but just can't seem to get their foot through the door.
  • Experience
    - 4/2/2021
    Ana Paula  User Photo
    Ana Paula • Student Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
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    From a person who came from Legal area and had no experience with coding, Microverse has brought me to this world marvelously.
    The daily schedule makes us dive into a software development experience. The peer-to-peer programming gives us a great opportunity to connect with a lot of people from the same area.
    Each day is a growing day, and it has been amazing. Sometimes difficult, but every struggle worths the price, because at the end we know we are going to the right path and seeing our results.
  • Milagros Puente  User Photo
    Milagros Puente • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
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    General: It's been good, I feel I've learned a lot

    - Big community, this is important when you're struggling especially with technical issues.
    - ISA (Income share agreement), the chance to start paying them when you're already working and earning on a related job position.
    - You only need to have the basic technical knowledge to be able to be selected to join the program.
    - If you're not a native English speaker, it's a great daily practice to improve your speaking skills.
    - Pair programming, having a working/coding partner helps you to improve your soft-skills, and to face technical problems with a partner makes it easier to work on and solve them (most of the time).
    - Stand-up team, having team-mates to talk to, share your doubts or technical issues, or just talk about your day is a good thing.
    - I think that the tech-skill-set is good and follows on-demand tool-trends (opensource).
    - Global/multicultural, interacting and working sometimes with people with a different cultural background helps you to improve on your tolerance and openness to different ways of thinking.

     - An improvement for Microverse could be to create its own learning materials, not depending completely on external sources like The Odin Project.
    - Because of the previous point, there are some projects where you can feel very lost even on how to start, especially if you come from a very different background (not software/tech-related).
    - Also because of the previous point, if you are struggling with a technical issue, you can get stuck easily, and/or you'll end up Googling trying to find more resources/videos/blogs on how to solve the issue.
    - The daily schedule could seem very strict at the beginning (but after some time you get used to it).
    - Having to fill-out a daily form about daily goals for the next day is really tedious and at least, my stand-up team and I don't feel it's really useful (especially when you're ahead in the program).
    - For some projects, the deadline time set is not sufficient, and/or the instructions are not very very clear.
  • Lameck Otieno  User Photo
    Lameck Otieno • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
     Have you been struggling to maintain focus on your coding journey? Do you feel overwhelmed while learning code? Is it taking you so long to finally get out of the tutorial hell and start building projects? If your answer is yes to any of the above, then Microverse might just be the number one motivator that you need. Let me brief you a bit of my experience since joining Microverse. I was this helpless person who never had a serious and carefully projected path to learning software engineering. I never thought that learning how to code can be so much joy when you are doing it in a peer-learning environment. Working together on a codebase and sharing ideas is a plus to learning code. I have ended up grasping concepts faster and within a span of one month, I had learned a lot than I could believe. My confidence levels have been going higher and higher. Getting exposed to and working with students from different cultures around the culture has really improved my communication skills. What I like most at Microverse is my standup team. This is a group of not more than six students. I have gained so much from being a member of my standup team. We never let any member of the team be blocked as far as the technical curriculum is concerned. To summarise my experience I would say I am a changed and more committed person. I never thought it would be possible in an environment where there are no instructors. Microverse has done great structuring to ensure students feel supported.

    - One builds good communication skills: The structure of the program, which's majorly on working collaboratively, will positively impact your communication skills. Your shyness will reduce as your confidence builds up. 
    - One achieves excellence: Project submissions at Microverse are considered complete when you achieve mastery. The code reviews will always ensure that you gain an in-depth understanding of the problem at hand. 
    - The support system will help cultivate passion in you. 
    - Microverse has a guideline to ensure integrity among learners and therefore the environment is learner-friendly. 
    - There is a team called student success. This team will be your listening ear, they can't solve all your problems but will always be there proving wisdom that will help you go through your struggles. 
    - Graduates sing praises of the career coaching that they get once done with the technical curriculum.

    - Some coding partners can be problematic though not all the time. Talk about it with student success.
    - Learning here is only full-time.
    - The student must have reliable electric power and internet connectivity 
  • Mateo mojica  User Photo
    Mateo mojica • Full-Stack Developer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I finished the core program in December 2020 and got a fully remote job in February 2021. Here is what I have to say if you are considering getting into the program.

    My experience with Microverse was very positive overall, but as I said in the title it is not for everyone. they are straightforward from the beginning and everything that you hear them talking about the methodology and life inside the program is accurate. The curriculum is well structured and has a good progression curve that will let you learn faster, but if you go in thinking you can change Rails for Python, that is not going to happen.

    There are some things that you have to have in mind and ask yourself before deciding to get into Microverse:
    First, Microverse focuses on developing the self-learning skill, that by the way is one of the most asked soft skills by employers, and it does it in a guided way but you are the one doing all the work (They don't have any teachers), so you really have to want to acquire or develop that skill.
    Second, they don't guarantee you get a job, but they have an excellent support network that will guide you to maximize the chances of getting that job, so if you think that if you put through the program you will still get a job, again is on you and the effort that you put in it that is going to get you to that goal.
    Third, to support all this, Microverse gives you access to a whole community designed to help you and support you at different levels, but the most important one is that every project that you make is reviewed by developers and improvement suggestions are going to be made, making you learn more and have better projects to show, for me this is where most of the value of the program is because you can struggle but you will come out a better coder.
    Lastly, the most important thing is that this support network is always changing, they are always testing new ways of doing things or improving the old ones, so probably the curriculum that you go through is not the same I went through and will not be the same that people after you will go through. That shows that they are engaged in you being a good developer and ensures that the curriculum that you completed is the best one for the time you were on.

    If after reading all this it sounds like something that you are looking for, then go for it 100%, it will be worth it.
  • My review
    - 2/19/2021
    Jenny  User Photo
    Jenny • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
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    Job Assistance:
    I’m a Full Stack Developer. Formerly an Economist. I decided to take the risk in my professional path and I enrolled at Microverse Inc., a Remote Programming School that prepares Full Stack Developers with the following programming skills and languages: HTML/CSS, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, React, Redux, Javascript, Algorithms, Rspec testing, deployment. Also, the soft skills: Pair Programming, Remote Working, Team Collaboration, and Mentoring. Since day one I learn a lot about the different technologies with students from any part of the world and build more than 30 projects. Also, you got the chance to improve your English level.  The only disadvantage to studying here is probably that you spend more time learning and coding your projects than expected so it can take your weekends and some nights during the week but it is part of learning new skills, so it is full time if you need to have a part-time job is going to be difficult to do it during the program.
  • Ruby on Rails
    - 2/13/2021
    Hamayun waheed  User Photo
    Hamayun waheed • Student Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    This was a course which was really good for self learning. I got to know many things which i would not be able to if i was doing from somewhere else. The Best thing was that i learned many things which are used in industry.  So basically when you complete course you have many other industry skills rather than just having grip on some framework. The only thing i think microverse has to do is give some more projects to students so that they can have a firm grip on whatever thay are learning.
  • A Proud Student
    - 1/19/2021
    Amita  User Photo
    Amita • Student • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I was taking online courses for programming before Joining Microverse and, I would say I had a basic knowledge of everything we have in the Microverse curriculum. What I  love about this school are the strategy and schedule. 

    I never felt confident enough about my learning and ability to code, which I can feel right now after joining this school.  You will get tons of online courses and resources for programming but, who will give you the right path for what is next to do.

    Microverse provides a learning and working environment that is similar to what you will do in your job.  Here you can interact with people from all around the world. Here you learn how to work with a team or pair programming remotely.  Always there will be someone to help you if you have some issue with your understanding of the concept or your code, there will be someone to review your code which is not possible with online courses or other resources.

    Here you will not just learn to program but you will learn soft skills as well, which is much more important than coding skills, especially when you have to work with people from a different culture.

    The best part is that you will get a job assistant which is not just for your first job but assistance for your next job as well. School is not asking for anything up front but just your dedication and being honest with yourself.

    I can write something much longer than this review about Microverse this is how good I feel about it but, let's finish it here. Hopefully, this will help other students as well who are looking for a good school to start their career in software development. 

    One more thing I would like to say, If you would like to question, question yourself then only you'll able to improve yourself.
  • Marylene Sawyer  User Photo
    Marylene Sawyer • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    It offers one a head start on their journey to becoming a professional world-class developer. The curriculum is designed around skills that are relevant to the field of software engineering, and you get a lot of career support as well as accountability from the Microverse team and fellow students. The syllabus focuses on both technical hard skills and soft skills required to succeed in the software industry.
    It is also affordable. MIcroverse has an income share agreement (ISA) policy of fees payment. You don't have to pay for the education program upfront, and are only required to pay for it after you get a job and start working as a developer or data scientist.
    Enrolling at Microverse is a sure way to build your developer portfolio. By the time you finish the program, you will have several "meaty" projects to showcase your potential to prospective employers.
    Collaboration is engrained in the curriculum at Microverse. You get a lot of practice collaborating with other students from all across the globe: this enriches one's experience and enlarges your perspective as a developer. 
    The program is fully online; you don't to travel to an on-site campus to study, therefore it's convenient and you save on transport costs.

    It is a new school so the syllabus is still being developed, hence updates to the syllabus are frequently made.

  • Oscar Mier  User Photo
    Oscar Mier • Technical Support Engineer • Student Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I've read some of the negative reviews that others have submitted to this site and although some of it rings true, a lot of it is an exaggeration, in my view.

    Although it's true that the materials we use for the course are free of charge, what Microverse offers goes beyond that. I've worked in tech before and I can say from experience that, left to my own devices, I wouldn't have been able to go through the volume of material from the course as quickly as I did, and it was all thanks to the infrastructure that Microverse offers. The added value that Microverse offers comes from the coding partnership and accountability that it brings. Before joining Microverse I tried for two months to find this level of commitment from random friends in the Odin Project forums on my own, and failed miserably. It's not nearly as easy as it sounds.

    First of all: the Odin Project has absolutely no screening process: finding a partner is a totally chaotic and random process done on your own and by the time you find someone who is coding at your level, you'll be lucky to retain them without there being any system of accountability or commitment. Microverse is not a scam. We are never told that the material for the course will have any additional cost before joining. A quick google search into what Microverse is will show anyone interested in joining what the school is about and how it works. 

    Second of all: the Odin Project offers absolutely no career coaching once you finish the curriculum. Good luck guess-working your way through the interview process of companies looking to hire devs. One of the things that sets Microverse apart is the fact that, by the end of the program, you have access to a team of seasoned professionals who either used to be hiring managers at big tech companies or have years (sometimes decades) of experience in the field. Contrary to what some say in the negative reviews, these people are SUPER accessible and have ALWAYS responded to every single e-mail I've sent them. Again: good luck getting insiders like these to respond to your questions about the world of dev job interviews out in the wild (for free!).

    And finally: Microverse offers a solid accountability system through a web platform of their own. You sign in, report  on your progress, prove that you're submitting work regularly, and this makes sure that you stay on track through the duration of the program. Again: you might use some random time managemant app for this, but it will not be finely-tuned and evolved in the same manner that the Microverse platform is. Every month we hold a student assembly, and every month there are updates, improvements and features being added. These people work hard to learn and perfect their web app to optimize student experience: they know what they are doing, and it takes them time and work to do. You just don't find this kind of dedication for free out there.

    I was fully aware of what I was paying for right from the start, and made a conscious decision to join, simply because I saw great potential in the company. A global school of web dev learners is something that should have existed since long ago, and I'm glad someone had the initiative and the courage to take the idea and run with it.

    Microverse is a real school. It feels like a real school and I know that once I land a job I will look back and remember it as fondly as I did any other school where I've been a student. Obviously, nothing is perfect, and some of the bad experiences of some of the students here are valid. But I would just like everyone to know that there is a lot of misconception and distortion going around as well.
  • Carlos Robles  User Photo
    Carlos Robles • Full Stack Developer • Student Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    The best way to get a full remote studies as a software engineer, i´ve been full time student working remotely with people arround the world, this is a multi culture experience that i´ve been having across this program. 
    daily we have a team call were we refresh our knowledge and we show our code projects and then you have a call with your coding partner where you solve many projects in diferent conding lenguages and frameworks.
    extras that we do inside microverse that you will love it: 
    Algorithms, data structures, back-end, front-end, how to improve your soft skills, remote team work, and we work with the best coding lenguages.

    Why am i here?
    I'm here because Microverse gives me an opportunity to improve myself like a person and professionaly. I had to leave my university studies for support my family and i found Microverse like an opportunity to acomplish my goals and my dreams.

    Microverse it's a program where you will invest your time in a full development program and there you will study without any pay and when you get a job you can pay for your education. This is a great opportunity to be part of this great experiencia.
  • Thiago  User Photo
    Thiago • Junior Back-End Developer • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    Here I got a good base knowledge, so now I can build things from my own, due it got my first job as a developer. Thus, the pursuit of seniority will be more clear now. I strongly recommend the pre-course, if you enjoy it, so the program is for you. The projects we build here are basic, and that's fine because they cover the core that we need to start working on real projects, as I see in my job.