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Coding Experiences offers a 10-week full stack coding bootcamp in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The Coding Experiences mission is to continuously find the best ways to train the next generation of developers and to transform the way tech education is delivered. Students will learn programming languages like Javascript, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Java, MV Frameworks, Node.js and SQL in a hands-on, intensive learning environment. Throughout the program, students learn how to lead by influence, effective communication, and problem-solving.The Coding Experiences curriculum was created to simulate a real developer’s job environment, so students should expect multiple individuals and team projects and real-world projects. Courses are taught by professional developers who bring many years of experience and passion for mentorship.

Coding Experiences offers free accommodation, the chance at a free travel credit, access to an international network, and local support while students learn to code in international cities. Students receive job search assistance like creating a portfolio, resume edits, enhancing interviewing and communication skills, and tapping into Coding Experiences’ extensive network of businesses and agencies that are seeking new technology talent.

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    • Full Stack Web Developer

      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      LocationPlaya del Carmen
      Learn programming languages such as Javascript, HTML, CSS and jQuery, MV Frameworks, Node.js and SQL. Students complete multiple projects individually and in teams, developing real product features in real-life environments that are designed to help them learn to code and be job-ready.
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      Minimum Skill LevelN/A
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    • Got me a job
      - 6/26/2018
      Tanner Wilson  User Photo
      Tanner Wilson • Jr Web Developer Verified via LinkedIn
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      I worked in marketing for about 3 years and wanted a change and to get more in into the digital realm of marketing. Not to mention I did not take a good holiday in a few years and was looking for places to escape for a bit and found that I can learn web development and live in a wicked place in Mexico for a few months. 


      The program helped me find a jr level web development position. 

    • Jay Bergen • Graduate
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      Coming from finance to a world of technology was scary and some say silly being already established. But I needed to get away and learn something new. When I found Coding Experiences and saw what they offered, to learn technology and to learn it in an exotic location was pretty sweet. I cannot lie, it was scary at first to come to a new country and learn to code but after I got settled in, it was nothing short of amazing. During the week I was pretty busy with school but still had time to go swimming and head to the beach during the week. the weekend was for me and meeting amazing people and being able to go to places like Tulum and Cozumel was amazing.

      I highly recommend taking this experience.

    • Anonymous • Marketing Coordinator • Graduate
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      Coding Experiences gave me such a unique, fun, yet rewarding learning Experience.  They provide you with an extremely hands-on course which keeps you stimulated from beginning to end. The project-based learning means you will come up the course with a full portfolio and give you a real feel for what a programming role will be like. This balance between learning and application, I feel will trump any other coding course, in regards to teaching style. No day was dull and everyone has constant optimism and ambition to learn a lot.

      My instructors really added to the great experience. The small learning cohorts really allowed you to have alot of facetime and make sure that you are never stuck for too long. You work in small teams and have the real flexibility to work on what you want. 

      The admissions and Career team really helped to make sure that you feel comfortable throught the programmme. Coding Experiences provides you with industry leading HR reps that help you build a great resume and portfolio and really understand what is needed to a get a great job.