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Code Partners (powered by Code Fellows) offers part-time and full-time courses in software development and mobile app development in Bethesda, Maryland. Code Partners courses will accommodate new coders or career-changers from all backgrounds and walks of life. These courses, ranging from 8-20 weeks, cover Java, JavaScript, Android and iOS development, and more. Since Code Partners is committed to the belief that everyone should have access to the information, tools, and experience needed to add value to their lives, the New Face of Coding Scholarship Fund provides need-based assistance for prospective students. Concepts in each course are taught using “stacked” modules, which means that a new concept is introduced in each class session – this challenging learning style requires persistence, practice, and collaboration.

Applicants are required to take an entrance test and technical interview, and a prerequisite coding course based on their level of coding experience. Code Partners is looking for prospective students who are driven and hungry to learn what it takes to become a software developer. During the course, Code Partners encourages students to participate in workshops and presentations to learn skills for the job search, including personal branding techniques, effective networking practices, how to create an attractive resume, and mastering personal and technical interviews.

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      - 10/19/2018
      Simon Kiflay • Student
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      I haven't finished the courses yet, but I can say so far so good. I have learned a lot in short period of time. I like the teaching-learning environment, welcoming program coordinator and friendly instructors. Giving a big discount, upto 70%, is a sign of commitment and that makes easier for many students to attend the coding program.