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With an undergrad major in the humanities, your career path can often be a winding road. Bernard Lin was planning to go to law school after studying Ancient Greek and Latin, but when he saw the great work-life balance his friends in the tech industry enjoyed, he decided to go to a coding bootcamp. Bernard tells us how Hack Reactor taught him the skills for the job, how he landed his job through the large Hack Reactor alumni network, and he answers our question: Was Coding Bootcamp Worth It? Watch the video or read the summary.

Name: Bernard Lin
Graduated: December 2016 from Hack Reactor’s Full Time program in New York, NY
His New Job: Software Engineer at Consumer Reports
Mark of success: Better work-life balance than a lawyer

Before Hack Reactor

From Humanities to Coding

Self Teaching vs Coding Bootcamp vs CS Degree

Why Hack Reactor

The Biggest Challenge at Bootcamp

Finding that First Software Engineer Job

Coding in the Real World

Was Hack Reactor Worth It?

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