We read a lot of news about coding bootcamps in May 2018, so we chose the most interesting pieces, and we’re rounding it all up for you in this blog post and podcast! We look at yet another coding bootcamp acquisition, share many wonderful success stories about coding bootcamp graduates, touch on some partnerships between bootcamps and companies, and discuss the role of coding bootcamps in the future of education and talent pipelines. We also chat about diversity in tech at coding bootcamps, and roundup all the new schools, courses, and campuses! Read the roundup below, or listen to the podcast!

Acquisitions + Fundraises

Coding Bootcamp Graduate Success Stories

Why These Founders Started a Coding Bootcamp

Companies Hiring From and/or Upskilling at Coding Bootcamp

The Role of Bootcamps in the Future of Education

Diversity and Accessibility to Tech Education

New Technology Bootcamps/Bootcamp Updates

New Technology Bootcamps on Course Report in May 2018

Favorite Articles on the Blog

Lauren Stewart

  • Lauren loved chatting with DevMountain alum Sterling Chin about his transition from a facilities and vendor manager to a developer. Sterling told us how he wanted to provide for his wife and two young children, and how he overcame feelings of anxiety, depression, and imposter syndrome to land a job at a startup for three months after graduation, and then as a Front End Developer at Overstock.com the biggest tech company in Utah.

Imogen Crispe

  • I really enjoyed interviewing Manisha Patel, a Hackbright grad who now works at Reddit! Her background was in fine arts, and she worked in project management at Apple, but was always fascinated by her coworkers who were engineers. She loved her experience at Hackbright, and now she’s working alongside other Hackbright grads at Reddit, a company which she says is committed to diversity and inclusion, and is actually partnering with Hackbright to offer a scholarship.

Liz Eggleston

  • Liz put together a great Guide to Swift, in collaboration with Andrew Madsen a Swift expert who is an instructor at Lambda School. The article covers the history of Swift, the debate between Swift vs Objective-C, what Swift is used for, and how to get started learning it.



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