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Hacker Paradise’s Code Remote program is a full-time, 6-week full stack software engineering course in Bali, Indonesia. Code Remote is an accelerated Python program with an agile approach to teach students how to code, transform their mindset, career, and life. The course covers algorithmic thinking, data modeling, building social networking applications, and more. The Code Remote team aims to help students pinpoint their strengths and teach them how to apply their skills to develop applications that address real world challenges. With over 20 years of practical wisdom gained through software engineering and teaching, instructors combine rapid learning techniques with a unique philosophical approach to coding.

Code Remote participation is available to novice coders and people with no prior coding experience.The ideal Code Remote participants are people who love exploring new cultures and pushing through boundaries to reach new levels of personal and professional performance.   

Code Remote participants receive eight weeks of unlimited access to Outpost’s coworking space and 45% off of accommodation within walking distance from Outpost. Accommodation includes daily breakfast, free WiFi, outdoor lounges, pool access, an on-site bar and spa, concierge service and more. These villas will inspire your creative genius and help you unwind after a busy day of coding. Hacker Paradise is remote work travel program.

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      HTML, JavaScript, Django, Python
      In PersonFull Time5 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      The course covers HTML, Bootstrap, Python, SQL Alchemy, Django, HTTP, Flas, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, and more.
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelN/A
      Placement TestNo
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