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Techno Bootcamp offers a full-time, 9-week .NET coding bootcamp in Montreal, Canada. The bootcamp is based on technologies approved by Microsoft including HTML, CSS, TypeScript, Angular, SQL, C#, JavaScript and more. The bootcamp’s curriculum focuses on hot and in-demand technologies based on job market demand, and participants will work in small teams to build real-life web and mobile applications. Students attend lectures led by professionals and one-on-one meetings for review and feedback.

After Techno Bootcamp, graduates gain experience with real-life projects, and students are mentored to launch a successful career path with career services support. Students receive guidance in resume building, online presence optimization, and participate in demo days to market their skills to prospective employers.

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      • .Net Core

        In Person
        Start Date None scheduled
        Class sizeN/A
        This course is focused on .Net and other Microsoft technologies for back-end and Angular library for front-end.
        Getting in
        Minimum Skill LevelN/A
        Placement TestNo
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