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Andela is a four-year, paid Technical Leadership Program in Lagos, Nigeria and Nairobi, Kenya. The program is designed to shape you into an elite software developer. Through your training and work with top global technology companies, you’ll master the professional and technical skills needed to become a technology leader, both on the continent and around the world. The curricula spans the following programming languages: Ruby / Ruby on Rails, Python / Django, PHP ...

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In May the coding bootcamp industry got a lot of coverage in mainstream news including the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. In our latest podcast we discuss the new ways military veterans can learn to code, we look at three New York Times articles about coding bootcamps, and hear about a coding bootcamp facing closure. Income share agreements remained a hot topic, plus find out about diversity scholarships, university and coding bootcamp partnerships and more! Veterans ...
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October 2017 was a busy month for the coding bootcamp industry with news about growing pains in bootcamp outcomes, mergers, acquisitions, investments, a trend towards bootcamp B2B training, and diversity initiatives. To help you out, we ve collected all the most important news in this blog post and podcast. Plus, we added 12 new schools from around the world to the Course Report school directory! Read below or listen to our latest Coding Bootcamp News Roundup Podcast. Top News ...
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How much does Andela cost?

The average bootcamp costs $14,142, but Andela does not share pricing information. You can read a cost-comparison of other popular bootcamps!

What courses does Andela teach?

Andela offers courses like Technical Leadership Program.

Where does Andela have campuses?

Andela has in-person campuses in Lagos and Nairobi.

Is Andela worth it?

Andela hasn't shared alumni outcomes yet, but one way to determine if a bootcamp is worth it is by reading alumni reviews. 0 Andela alumni, students, and applicants have reviewed Andela on Course Report - you should start there!

Is Andela legit?

So far, it's hard to say because Andela has no reviews.

Does Andela offer scholarships or accept the GI Bill?

Right now, it doesn't look like Andela offers scholarships or accepts the GI Bill. We're always adding to the list of schools that do offer Exclusive Course Report Scholarships and a list of the bootcamps that accept the GI Bill.

Can I read Andela reviews?

Not yet - no Andela alumni, students, or applicants have reviewed Andela.

Is Andela accredited?

While bootcamps must be approved to operate, accreditation is relatively rare. Andela doesn't yet share information about their accreditation status.

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