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Our News Alerts were non-stop this month (and not just because Karlie Kloss is a new judge on Project Runway). Fullstack Academy was acquired in a deal worth potentially ~$50M, 3 pieces of legislation made their way through Congress, and 9 new bootcamps launched (don’t worry, we added them to Course Report).

Bootcamp Alumni in the News

Is the Job Market Saturated?

Updates on Income Share Agreements

Legislation around Coding Bootcamps

Diversity in Tech

Free Bootcamps in the News

Advice: Choosing & Succeeding at Bootcamp

Bootcamp vs College: The Debate Continues...

Bootcamp Updates

New coding bootcamps

Our Favorites from the Course Report Blog:

Liz put together a comparison of the costs of online coding bootcamps in March. The landscape of online coding bootcamps is vast – ranging from $30/month subscriptions to full-time bootcamps that cost $20,000. It’s complicated to understand how much you should be paying for an online bootcamp and this roundup should help!

Imogen enjoyed interviewing a woman who learned to code part time at Hackbright Academy, while balancing a full-time job. Takia shared what it was like learning in an all-women’s coding bootcamp, how her boss let her be flexible with her days off so she had time to study, and how she landed an awesome apprenticeship at Twilio, a cloud communications platform!


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