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Buildschool is a free, 16-week, full-time iOS Development bootcamp in San Francisco. Buildschool believes that the best way to learn is not through coding exercises but through building real products. Technologies taught at Buildschool’s mobile development bootcamp include Swift, UIKit, Autolayout, Core Data, Networking, Cocoapods, and VIPER design pattern. Buildschool also covers core algorithms for a solid software engineering foundation including Array vs. Set vs Hashmap, Stack/Queue, Linked Lists, Recursion, Trees, Binary Search Trees, Sorting, Binary Search, and more. The Buildschool program is split into two phases: instructional, and client projects. The first six weeks are dedicated to lectures, practice projects, and pair programming. The last six weeks goes into developing a real client project to be shipped to the App Store. 

Buildschool’s coding bootcamp is designed for beginners who have no previous coding experience. To be admitted, students must submit a $500 deposit (refundable upon program completion) and attend an in-person interview to ensure they are a good match for the coding bootcamp. Once accepted, students must successfully complete a pre-work program to learn the basics of the Swift programming language before their classes start, to continue to hold their spot in the program. 

Buildschool continues to work with students after completion of the coding bootcamp to help them find employment. The coding bootcamp isn’t considered complete until all students are employed, so resources are provided for as long as it takes for a student to find work. Buildschool is completely free - no catches involved. 

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    • iOS Development

      Algorithms, Cocoa, iOS, Mobile, Swift
      In PersonFull Time16 Weeks
      Start Date None scheduled
      Class sizeN/A
      LocationSan Francisco
      In this 16-week, full-time iOS Development bootcamp students learn Swift, UIKit, Autolayout, Core Data, Networking, Cocoapods, and VIPER design pattern, as well as core algorithms including Array vs. Set vs Hashmap, Stack/Queue, Linked Lists, Recursion, Trees, Binary Search Trees, Sorting, Binary Search, and more.
      Deposit$500 (refundable)
      Getting in
      Minimum Skill LevelN/A
      Placement TestYes
    • Landed me a Job
      - 5/3/2019
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      Jon • iOS Developer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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      Buildschool is special.

      The curriculum is catered towards landing a job in the industry. Everything that is taught is used and applicable towards an iOS developer. The first half of the curriculum is teaching iOS basics/ datastructures and algorithms from the ground up. No prior iOS experience is needed. After about 6 weeks, students will be placed in projects to use and improve the skills they have learned. These projects are not throwaway projects, but can be used in resumes and discussed in job interviews.

      The instructor (Sophie) is amazing. Sophie teaches students expecting them to know very little. Because of this, she explains everything in simple terms and does not assume everyone knows all the jargon. This is helpful because it reinforces the basics so students have a strong foundation. Sophie is also very knowledgable and resourceful -- If a student asks a question she does not know, she is willing to go out of her way to research it and explain it to the student in a way he/she can understand.
      Sophie is passionate towards teaching and is genuinely interested in all her students. She allocates time to have a one on one converstaion weekly to check in how things are going and what she can do to improve the student's learning.

      Once Buildschool has taught the student's everything they need to know for the job, the instructor will provide resume help, interview questions, and even mock interviews. The only gripe -- if really -- is that students are not provided direct referrals. As a bootcamp graduate, it may be harder to find a job without a CS degree. However, I was able to get a job because of the interview help and the skillset that was provided throughout this course.

      Overall, Buildschool is an amazing bootcamp that teaches industry standard skills with an amazing instructor who I still connect with. You will happy with the 0$ that you have spent for this experience (: