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Make School is a leader in Computer Science education offering practical, product-based educational programs across the world that prepare students for careers in the software industry. Through a 2-year or an 8-week program, students will focus on the coding aspect of app development, while gaining exposure to other aspects of product development like paper prototyping, user experience, user testing, marketing, analytics and more. Make School invites professionals from the tech industry, game industry, and startups to talk to students about product development at their companies; and students get to visit the companies as well.

Make School’s Product College is redefining higher education with a two-year Computer Science and product development program in San Francisco, where students pay tuition through post-graduate earnings. Say hello to the future of higher education - a debt free education relevant to today's fast-paced economy. Make School’s Summer Academy teaches high school and college students how to design, code, and launch their own iPhone apps, games, and immersive Virtual Reality experiences. The 8-week program is taught in 15 locations across the U.S. and Asia. The top students in the Summer Academy receive automatic admission into Make School's Product College. In addition to their in-person programs, Make School offers free online courses, based on the same curriculum delivered at the Summer Academy.

The Make School curriculum has been used by 3 of the top 4 CS Universities. Their emphasis is on practical education and learning by doing as students will walk out of the program with a game on the App Store that they can use in lieu of a resume to demonstrate their ability to potential employers. Applicants should have basic computer science knowledge (either having taught themselves or taken a basic programming class). Objects, Classes, Class inheritance (subclasses, superclasses), Class vs. Instance Methods and Variables should all be familiar to a student applying for Make School.

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  • Online Academy

    Objective-C, Mobile, Game Development, iOS, Swift
    In PersonPart Time101 Weeks
    Start Date None scheduled
    Class sizeN/A
    In addition to their in-person programs, Make School offers free online courses, based on the same curriculum delivered at the Summer Academy. First, you will learn Objective-C or Swift by working through step-by-step tutorials. They will guide you through the process of cloning popular apps like Flappy Bird, Notes, Instagram and Timberman. The Online Academy also includes video lectures by Make School instructors and Playground challenges. Then, you will start working on your own app/game and follow our tutorials to implement analytics, monetization and learn how to ship your app to the App Store!
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelNone.
    Placement TestNo
  • Jose  User Photo
    Jose • U2 Tutor, course grading • Student Verified via GitHub
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    The lie of saving you from student loan debt: The founder will harp on about how they are trying to give students zero debt, but the ISA (Income Shared Agreement loan) is $200,000 tuition which lasts 5 years + $100,000 housing loan which lasts 10 years loan for 2 YEARS OF EDUCATION. During the Corona Virus, they got approved to give out student loans instead. Which goes against their company's value of "reforming the student loan system".
    SHADY STUFF One of the founders is a total salesmen being your best friend before you enrolled, and then when you are enrolled he wants nothing to do with you. Additionally, He told us we would be guaranteed housing for two years for all incoming students, and then went back on it 8 months later saying we would have no guaranteed student housing in one of the highest rent cities in the room where a room averages $3000 a month. People debated suing, and a lot of the students were debating dropping out. They caved and tried to find housing for us out of fear of the bad reputation. In addition, the dean will tell you no to pretty much any request you ask them to make. I personally wanted to test out of intro classes, and she refused my request even though before I enrolled I was told multiple times I could do it only telling me after I already was fully enrolled that it wasn't possible. She came up with many excuses for not letting me even going as far as saying "it's against our school's integrity". She really makes the place a harder place to attend and makes the student body angrier almost every announcement. A common trend at Make School was whenever they go back on something they promised, they would use the dean to give us the bad news over slack.
    CURRICULUM They use GitHub for basically all their class syllabuses, and a lot of FREE OPEN SOURCE material for the work that you could easily find yourself without spending $90,000. That being said it isn't that bad to use it, but it isn't for beginners to read the online DEVELOPER DOCUMENTATION, which followed to a lot of dropouts. The curriculum is out of date leading to many problems slowing down the whole class.
    JOB SUPPORT This is probably the best thing they have going for them. The students that go here have a slingshot into big companies like Google, Microsoft, and Lyft. However, they do usually have other college experience or went to the ivy league, UC BERKELEY (TIED with MIT, Stanford), or basically degree and work experience in the cs field who get the jobs. Some other students get to use it if they devote their full time the first year to their portfolio, and go above and beyond working on their skills.
    Should you go to Make School? They have some brilliant instructors that teach frontend, backend, mobile, and data science. Probably the best part of the school is instructors, and how they help you build a portfolio. If you want to be a developer at the end of the day for a big company like google, and know nothing I would go there, but you are going to take a lot of debt when you could go somewhere else. If you know a lot about coding then I would maybe reconsider and go somewhere else cheaper, and teach yourself how to do practical work. If you can understand and implement c++ then you can do anything in the industry with ease.
    Final Thoughts   I really believed in this school when I first got there and thought it was going to be the school that would get me ready to work at a top company. unfortunately, I was scammed and denied a proper education for no good reason other than to keep me there for two years in order to get me to have a $300,000 loan to pay back. I wasted my time the first year having to work on side projects to learn anything with the second-year students. Lastly, the one thing I did learn from Make School was self-teaching, since the fact, I had to teach myself almost everything............
  • Connor  User Photo
    Connor • Student Verified via LinkedIn
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    To start, I am writing this because I wish I would have done more research before attending Make School. I did not plan to ever finish the 2 year program to receive the degree in applied computer science, I just wanted to learn some cs and how to code. I'll start with the pro's and con's and then give my recommendations on what I think someone thinking of attending Make School might want to do:


        - CS instructor is amazing, has a great way of explaining concepts and is passionate about teaching.

        - The community is great, everyone is passionate about learning and excited about cs.


        - Curriculum outside of cs is just not there yet.

        - So EXPENSIVE. From my research, any state college in the nation is cheaper than Make School.


    if you're thinking of attending, I would highly suggest going to a community college for a year or two first. A local community college is really cheap and in some states free. After that, apply to some traditional computer science programs and look into other options. If you have no other options, I would say go to Make School as a last resort.

    The Price Scheme:

    They charge 20% of your salary for 5 years and if you take the living stipend they tack on another 5% for 5 years and then another 7% for an additional 5 years. It definitely seems appealing when they tell you no tuition up-front, but think about the future in this case. This contract doesn't go away unless you make under 60k per year for 8 years. The extra 5% and 7% are owed whenever you make more than 40k per year.

    Say you make 90k per year after graduating, after they take their money and then taxes (29% from federal and state if in California) are taken, you get left with $48,600 per year for the first 5 years.

  • juan hurtado  User Photo
    juan hurtado • Apprentice Software Engineer • Student Verified via LinkedIn
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    I want to leave a very honest review of my time at Make School so that other people can be informed when deciding to join. To give some background, I joined the full stack web track before the school introduced the bachelors in Applied Computer Science.

    The school was broken up into three parts. Computer Science, your chosen track ( my case full stack web ) and core. I am going to give my review on each of the three sections.

    Computer Science:

    Overall I was very happy with the CS classes. They were taught by a very knowledgeable instructor. I really liked his method of teaching because it was aimed at making sure students learned in depth the fundamentals of CS. He was also very good at breaking down complicated topics and made sure to draw diagrams and visual examples which made data structures and algorithms simpler to understand.

    Full Stack Web:

    The topics that were taught were current and applicable to getting a job but HOW they were taught wasn't up to par with the CS classes. For many of my classes we were just assigned some online tutorials and not once did we do code review or go over the tutorial to see what students did right or wrong. Me and other students were upset because we felt like there wasn't a structure to the classes. I was very dissapointing because I was spending a lot of money just to read some tutorial online. I can say I learned a lot more buying a $10 course on Udemy than from that class.


    The purpose was to make you prepared to get a job and an effective employee. We did exercises such as:

      * Mock interviews

      * How to find and approach engineers from top tech companies to learn from them and potentially have a mentor

      * How to write professional emails

      * A bunch of other useful stuff

    The instructor was good and I can say he helped me a lot in my soft skills specially how to answer tough behavioral questions.

    Overall the school was good at teaching relevant skills and I can say that if you work hard enough you can definitely end up at a great company making a lot of money. Although, the lessons were great, Make School isn't teaching magic. You can learn and become a software engineer without spending tens of thousands of dollars. Many people have done it. In fact, I met someone who was a senior engineer at a top tech company who was entirely self taught.

    There are so MANY free or cheap courses online that are very high quality. MIT has free CS courses so does Harvard. Heck you could buy a few $10 courses on Udemy and get pretty much the same value ( From a technical side ). If I could do it all over again I wouldn't have gone to Make School and my wallet would be very happy but hindsight is 20/20.

    In conclusion, you will learn relevant skills but the school is EXTREMELY expensive and I don't know if I can justify the price for what I learned. For that reason, I don't recommend it.

  • ShenTungHuang  User Photo
    ShenTungHuang • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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    We got many instructors and students in this class, all of us come from different countries and cities and major in different fields. In this class we are effort to build our mobile APP in a specific field try to amaze the world. You can learn how to build an APP or Game, get some interesting stories and advices and you can get new friends. There's a lot of things happen in this 8 weeks.

  • Make School Dropout
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    Should it be called Make School or Fake School?
    Make School: Boot Camp + Dorms + Humanities Courses + Expensive Price Tag + Interest%$$.
    If you want to see what Make School is teaching:
    If you want to learn coding content for a more affordable price try:   Other websites.
    Make Personal Projects while learning. <-- Very important for Resume and standing out.

    Make School is located in San Francisco (the city), a once-glamorous and innovative city.
    Now it is corrupted by libtard politicians and elite businesses. 
    I stepped on human feces going to school by the way.

    Coding isn't easy, getting started is! The farther you go into programming, the more math will be required.
    This is why colleges teach CS: programming + math + other courses for graduation.
    I was one of the top 10 programmers. It was hilarious telling the dean that I wanted to drop out.
    She was tearing up a bit probably because investors lost money because of me.

    I'm studying a field of engineering while I teach myself CS. ; )
  • Anaya • Student
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    I attended the Summer Academy and it will be an unforgettable experience. The peers that I met that love programming as much as I do to the wonderful instructors that are always there and make sure you are on track with your course load.


    Thank You Make School for giving me this opportunity! 

  • Tony Cioara • Graduate
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    With a very small previous coding skill set, I skipped the explorer track and jumped straight into games. I did the tutorials slower than everyone else, and I felt like I didn't remember much. But once I started working on my own app, with a lot of help from the great games track instructors and looking over the tutorials I've done for guidance, I was back on track in no time. I went from almost no coding experience to having made a game I am pround of and shipping it to the app store in 8 weeks. Everyone was very friendly and there's plenty of food places nearby. Highly recommend.

  • Great experience
    - 4/10/2017
    Petrina • Graduate
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    I attended the Make School Summer Academy in 2015 with codeacademy tutorials as my only coding background. The academy paved a way for me to get into programming, and I'm now working at a game development company. The instructors are really helpful and I made friends that I still keep in touch with to this day. Overall a fantastic summer experience!

  • Alex D • Student
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    Yes, Make School is the future of computer science higher education.  And yes, it is debt free. And yes, it has spectacular outcomes.  But you already knew that by visiting the site....So, I am going to say some of the unique aspects Make School provides over any college or bootcamp!

    First of all Make School is not a bootcamp.  It is a college program that delivers on providing significant depth into topics but also breadth!  There is a huge focus and expertise in iOS development, but there are opportunities to explore and dive deep into iOT, full stack web development, backend, scripting, AI, design, and many many more technical classes!

    While technical classes are great and essential to landing a great development gig - they are not everything...and many schools and bootcamps from my understanding do not dive into other core skills - such as effective communication, productivity, and public speaking.  Make School Product College does not just prepare you to be another engineer - but they give you the tools, knowledge, and practice to be a leader in the industry! 

    Another important aspect that Make School delivers on is product development.  We do the most learning through building out complete products - Further, we learn what we should build (how to determine what people want), how we can make money with it, and how to grow the product!  It is awesome to develop the technical skills, but also develop our product minded side of validating ideas, finding market fit, and then building.

    The instructors are top notch and we have many industry experts come in to give talks and are available to mentor :)

    I can not yet speak to my final outcome - but things look very promising and Make School is teaching us the right methodologies to succeed in finding a job and making all the right introductions at the right time.

    At the end of the day - compared to my college experience Make School delivers everything and more:
    Breadth + Depth
    Product Classes
    Industry Experts
    Carrer Outcomes

  • Justin M • Student
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    I attended Makeschool this past summer and I had barely any coding experience. After graduating the academy, I have two apps on the app store and more coming. The experience was amazing, learning things such as programming for iOS, startup life, and etc. I made so many new friends and amazing connections to the tech world that benefits me greatly! 

  • Anonymous • Graduate
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    As a high school student not from Silicon Valley, this was exactly what I needed. I learned how to build apps, which has been super useful and made me stand out. I also learned how to pitch products and I got a taste of startup life. So if you're just starting out in programming and you want to get a glimpse of a future in the startup world, go to Make School!