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If you're a college student, an incoming freshman, or a teacher with a summer break, you have tons of summer coding bootcamp options, as well as several code schools that continue their normal offerings in the summer months.

Wondering what a college student or a school teacher can do with coding skills?

  • Rachel Warbelow went to Dev Bootcamp over the summer to build tools for her school (and teach her students to code). 
  • Frances Coronel was seeking a rigorous and challenging coding bootcamp experience to pair with her theory-heavy Computer Science degree at Hampton University- she found Fullstack Academy's Summer of Code!
  • Tino went to Turing School after his freshman year in college.

Check out your options below and see if you can transform your summer vacation into something far more productive. 

Summer Coding Bootcamps

These coding bootcamps offer cohorts specifically tailored for college students on their summer break. Unlike a typical coding bootcamp, these programs put less emphasis on job placement.

New York Code + Design Academy

New York Code + Design Academy offers 2 week and 4 week summer code camps. The intensive program covers the fundamentals of web design in technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and Ruby and culminates in a final project and workshop. Classes run in July and August, and are for students 18+. 

Where: New York City and Miami

Summer 2016 Dates: July 5-July 29 and August 1-August 26

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Fullstack Academy

Fullstack Academy's Summer of Code is a program uniquely designed for college students who want to supplement their education and build a strong portfolio of digital projects. The program condenses the Fullstack Academy course into an 11-week coding immersive. There are no technical requirements to join the program except for the remote Foundations prep work (4 weeks). Want a first-hand perspective? Check out our interview with Summer of Code graduate Frances Coronel

Where: New York City & Chicago (Fullstack recently acquired Chicago's Starter League).

Summer 2016 Dates: June 6-August 24

Make School

The Summer Academy at Make School is an 8 week program for high school and college students who are passionate about improving their computer science skills and learning to build products. Applicants choose between an Apps Track, Games Track, and Intro Track. Students will learn to build and ship apps in Swift and hear from industry professionals. 

Where: New York City, San Francisco, and Sunnyvale

Summer 2016 Dates: June 20th - August 12th 

Make School Website

General Assembly

Yes, you can take a General Assembly course and choose between a huge variety of topics and locations (we recommend an immersive in Web Development or UX Design for a summer class). But General Assembly also offers the Tech Semester, a 16-week program that immerses students in cutting-edge digital education, career-building internships, and the pulse of daily life in major cultural hubs. Plus, GA has a partnership with Lynn University, which means you could snag college credit for your summer bootcamp.

Where: So many cities, including New York City, Austin, San Francisco, and Washington, DC

Summer 2016 Dates: Many start dates throughout the summer, including June 13 and July 7.


Summer Cohorts at Coding Bootcamps

The following options aren't necessarily tailored for college students or teachers, but do offer classes in June through September. 


Ironhack began in Spain and was one of the first bootcamps to open its doors in Miami. Students can choose from 8-week bootcamps in either web development using Ruby on Rails, or iOS development using Objective-C. 

Where: Miami, Barcelona, and Madrid

Summer 2016 Dates: June 13-August 6th in Miami and Barcelona. June 6-July 29th in Madrid.


Having recently expanded to San Francisco and Chicago, Metis offers their 12 week data science bootcamp from the end of June to the middle of September. With a host of industry professionals involved with the program, an intensive focus on relevant skills like Python and statistics, and partnerships with New York data science firms, Metis promises to transform students into entry-level ready data scientists.

Where: New York City, San Francisco, Chicago

Summer 2016 Dates: June 27-September 16 and July 5-September 23

Logit Academy

Logit Academy is a new 12-week full-time data science bootcamp in Los Angeles, CA. 

Where: Los Angeles

Summer 2016 Dates: June 13-September 2

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Flatiron School

From June to August, Flatiron School runs their usual web development immersive and iOS immersive. The 12 week program focuses on Ruby on Rails and JavaScript. With 150 hours of pre-work and extensive additional resources outside of class, Flatiron School is a true intensive program that can take total beginners and turn them into professional developers. 

Where: New York City (and online through Learn)

Summer 2016 Dates: June 6-August 26

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Tech Talent South

Tech Talent South is a program made for beginners. With its many campuses across the Southern United States, the 8 week program at Tech Talent South has flexibility for time and location. 

Where: Many locations across the South, including Atlanta, Raleigh, Asheville, Jacksonville, and New Orleans.

Summer 2016 Dates: Many Code Immersion courses start June 27 and July 6

Code Fellows

The 8 week Development Accelerators at Code Fellows are the perfect way to master a variety of technologies. Without even sacrificing your whole summer you can learn JavaScript, iOS, UX/UI, Python, or Ruby in Portland or Seattle.

Where: Portland & Seattle

Summer 2016 Dates: June 6 - July 1 and July 5 – September 9


Located in beautiful Miami, Wyncode is the premier Ruby bootcamp in Florida. The 9 week program is open to students of all skill levels and features significant project based learning as well as local partnerships in a rising tech community and job placement at the end of the course. Wyncode has summer cohorts running from June to August.

Where: Miami, Miami Beach

Summer 2016 Dates: June 13-August 12

NYC Data Science Academy

If you're a grad student looking for a way to maximize your summer break, NYC Data Science Academy may be the answer. Students learn beginner and intermediate levels of Data Science with R, Python, Hadoop & Spark, Github, and SQL as well as the most popular and useful R and Python packages. Ideal applicants should have a Masters or PhD degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math or equivalent experience in quantitative science or programming. Candidates with BA’s who have appropriate experience are also considered.

Where: New York City

Summer 2016 Dates: July 5-September 23


Level is an intensive, 2 month data science coding bootcamp developed by N ortheastern University New Ventures and offers courses in Boston, Silicon Valley, Seattle and Charlotte. Level equips students with skills in data analytics- a great supplement to a college student's undergraduate degree. 

WhereBostonCharlotteSeattle, and Silicon Valley

Summer 2016 Dates: June 1-July 22


Have you found a coding bootcamp that offers summer school options? Let us know in the comments!

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