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In the summertime, when the weather is hot... it’s a great time to learn to code! If you’re a current college (or high school) student, teacher, or professional looking to enhance your coding skills, a summer coding bootcamp can be a great opportunity to learn new skills in about three months. Many coding bootcamps offer summer course offerings to help you become more tech savvy and get you to that next level to launch a new career in tech. Check out your options below and transform your summer vacation into something far more productive in 2017.

Wondering what a college student and a school teacher can do with coding skills? Tino went to Turing School after his freshman year in college; Frances went to Fullstack Academy’s Summer of Code and Faith went to DevPoint Labs both to supplement their Computer Science degrees; and Rachel Warbelow went to Dev Bootcamp over the summer to build tools for her school (and teach her students to code). 

Summer Coding Bootcamps

These offerings are specifically tailored to college students and those looking to have an immersive summer learning experience.

Fullstack Academy
Fullstack Academy’s Summer of Code is an 11-week coding immersive uniquely designed for college students who want to supplement their education, invest in their career, build a network and create a portfolio of impressive apps.Through workshops, lessons, and hands-on coding students will learn the industry standard programming techniques to excel as a coder. (There’s also a $1k scholarship for women!) The program condenses the 13-week Fullstack Academy course into 11 weeks.
Summer 2017 Dates: June 5, 2017–August 23, 2017
Locations: NYC and Chicago
Cost: $16,610

Make School
The Make School Summer Academy is an 8-week program created for iOS mobile developers of all experience levels. With an instructor to student ratio of 1:12, students will gain a professional caliber education by instructors who work in the industry. Students of the Summer Academy go on to 4-year CS programs at top schools like Stanford and Columbia or find positions at top companies like Apple and Tesla. (There are 4 tracks: Explorer, Intermediate, Advanced, & Expert). Having the opportunity to launch products with students and instructors from over 50 countries makes for the ultimate summer mobile dev experience. Be sure to apply to their $350 scholarship!
Summer 2017 Dates: June 19, 2017–July 28, 2017, or August 12, 2017
Locations: San Francisco, Silicon Valley, Atlanta, Dalla, Chicago, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and more
Cost: $7,000

New York Code + Design Academy
New York Code + Design Academy’s 2-week Summer Code Camp and 4-week Summer Code Camp is for beginners to master web development and design using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will learn the foundation of web design, create their own personal websites, and portfolios through hands-on learning.
Summer 2017 Dates: Various start dates from July 10–August 7, 2017
Locations: Amsterdam, New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Salt Lake City
Cost: $3,000-$7,000

Summer Cohorts at Coding Bootcamps

These coding bootcamps continue their normal courses in the summer months. Expect the same level of instruction as their general course offerings.

Code Career Academy
Code Career Academy teaches full-stack web development focusing on C#, .NET, JavaScript, and SQL technologies. You’ll be able to kickstart a new programming career in this cohort.
Summer 2017
Dates: July 10, 2017
Location: Atlanta
Cost: $8,900–$14,900

Code Fellows
Learn web application development with React and Redux, foundations of software development, Python and more through Code Fellows’ variety of summer bootcamps.
Summer 2017 Dates: Various start dates from May 7–August 21, 2017
Location: Seattle
Cost: $3,500–$12,000

DevLeague's summer cohort will prepare you for the real world as their curriculum is customized to equip students with the most relevant skills to become a JavaScript developer. This intimate experience will provide mentorship and community. (And who wouldn't want to code in Hawaii over the summer?!) 
Summer 2017 Dates: June 12–August 13, 2017
Location: Honolulu
Cost: $12,500

DevPoint Labs
DevPoint Labs partners with the University of Utah Professional Education to provide training from React to Rails. Learn new technologies and even receive a web dev certificate to help you launch a new tech career.
Summer 2017 Dates: May 15–August 5, 2017
Location: Sandy
Cost: $9,995

Flatiron School
Flatiron School offers a summer cohort for their Software Engineering Immersive along with flexible start dates for their online program. And both guarantee job placement and career coaching!
Summer 2017 Dates: Rolling start dates from May to August 2017
Locations: NYC and online
Cost: $9,000 - $15,000

General Assembly
General Assembly offers a variety of courses in web development, digital marketing, UX/UI design, data science and mobile development throughout the summer months. Make a career change to the field of your choice with their experienced instructors providing part-time and full-time courses from 10 weeks to 13 weeks.
Summer 2017 Dates: Start dates range from May 1–June 27, 2017
Locations: NYC, Boston, Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Singapore, Sydney and more
Cost: $14,950

Hackbright Academy
Hackbright is an all women’s bootcamp that offers a Software Engineering Fellowship + a part-time online prep course teaching Python. Students will receive customized career prep and there’s a $1,500 scholarship if you apply by May 5th!
Summer 2017 Dates: May 22–August 11, 2017 and July 3–September 22, 2017
Location: San Francisco
Cost: $16,570

Hacktiv8 classes start every month and teach full-stack JavaScript. With an aim to land you your next programming gig, Hacktiv8’s partner companies will recruit students who complete the training.
Summer 2017 Dates: May 8–September 15, 2017 and June 5 - October 13, 2017
Locations: Jakarta, Indonesia
Cost: Rp34,000,000- 40,000,000

IronHack offers courses in web development and UX/UI design taught in Spanish and English. Students will start with 60 hours of remote prep work followed by learning front-end technologies then MEAN Stack. The program ends with a hiring week to help you land your dream job.
Summer 2017 Dates: June 12–August 11, 2017 and June 26–August 25, 2017
Locations: Madrid, Barcelona, Miami, and Paris
Cost: 6.500€

If you're ready for a 12-week, full-stack bootcamp to help you problem-solve, learn essential workplace and interview skills, along with teaching you the professional programmer mindset, then LearningFuze's summer cohort is a great option. Students are also required to participate in their 2-week remote Root Class for preparation. (Check out their $500 scholarship!)
Summer 2017 Dates: May 30 –August 23, 2017
Location: Irvine
Cost: $12,995

Level by Northeastern University provides students with full-time and part-time data analytics training. Students will become data literate and make better-informed business decisions.
Summer 2017 Dates: Start dates in May and June 2017
Locations: Boston, Seattle, and Silicon Valley
Cost: $5,250–$7995

NYC Data Science Academy
Students of NYC Data Science Academy will learn R, Python, Hadoop and Spark to gain a wealth of experience in data science. With NYC Data Science Academy’s hiring partnerships, you’ll join a robust data science community to help you transition into your new career.
Summer 2017 Dates: June 26–September 15, 2017
Locations: NYC
Cost: $16,000

Rithm School
Learn full-stack web development full-time or part-time in San Francisco with Rithm School! With a strong emphasis on open source software and an enhanced learning experience, you can check out their full curriculum and participate in free courses on their site.
Summer 2017 Dates: June 10–July 15, 2017
Locations: San Francisco
Cost: $1,600–$24,000

Start your full-stack development career this summer! Sabio gives you the skills to excel in developing cross-browser applications targeting both desktop and mobile clients via responsive design. You can choose from two tracks–ASP.Net MVC C# and Node.js–to kick start your new career.
Summer 2017 Dates: Start dates range from May 2–August 8, 2017
Locations: Los Angeles and Seattle
Cost: $14,450–$16,950

Software Guild
At Software Guild you can learn in an immersive environment to become a full-stack or mobile software developer in 12 weeks. Courses focus on .NET/C#, Java, or Android.
Summer 2017 Dates: Start dates range from May 8–August 21, 2017
Locations: Akron, Minneapolis, Louisville, and Online
Cost: $12,00-$13,750

Tech Elevator
Tech Elevator offers a 14-week full-time bootcamp teaching full-stack Java or .NET. Students will learn from experienced instructors with over 30 years of development and teaching experience.
Summer 2017 Dates: May 1–August 4, 2017 and May 8–August 11, 2017
Locations: Cleveland and Columbus
Cost: $14,000

Tech Talent South
Tech Talent South offers both full-time and part-time courses focusing on Ruby, Rails, HTML, CSS and more. If you’re eager to make a career change, start your own business, or make the world a better place this is a great choice!
Summer 2017 Dates: Start dates range from May 1–August 21, 2017
Locations: New Orleans, San Antonio, Dallas, Atlanta, Charlotte, and more
Cost: $4,750–$6,750

The Coding Forum
Learn Android and iOS mobile development with The Coding Forum this summer! The school aims to train medical, legal, and high-tech professionals with mobile app development.
Summer 2017 Dates: June 19–August 11, 2017 and June 26–August 18, 2017
Locations: Silicon Valley
Cost: $12,500

Ubiqum Code Academy
Start learning data analytics and Java with Ubiqum Code Academy this summer and you’ll enjoy real-world simulated projects and professional mentor support. Their unique “Story Centered Curriculum” will help you launch your new career.
Summer 2017 Dates: June 5–September 22, 2017 and June 12–September 9, 2017
Locations: Berlin and Barcelona
Cost: 7,000€

Become a Ruby on Rails developer by writing 5,000 lines of code, collaborating with classmates to build complex applications, and participate in a hands-on immersive course with Wyncode this summer! You’ll be able to present your work to a community of devs once you finish.
Summer 2017 Dates: Various start dates May–August 7, 2017
Locations: Miami
Cost: $11,500

Summer Coding Bootcamps for High-Schoolers or Younger 

Check out this short list:

Acadgild’s Android Program

Code Career Academy’s Teen Summer Program

Generation Code NYC Summer Camps

Jr DevLeague Academy Summer Program

Kode with Klossy Summer Camp for Girls

#Wyncamp High School Coding Bootcamp at Wyncode


Read more from grads who took coding bootcamp courses over the summer:

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