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With its lifetime career support and an externship with an actual company, TripleTen has created a part-time, online program that fully prepares career changers for the tech world. Anastasia Cherepanova, a Career Product Lead at TripleTen, walks us through the careers curriculum, how they’re keeping it up-to-date with the latest in AI innovations, and why employers love hiring TripleTen graduates. 

First, introduce yourself! What is your role at TripleTen? How do you interact with students?

I’m a part of the team that follows through on TripleTen’s promise to transform students’ lives. We help students land jobs in tech by giving them the career prep that works — we show them how to polish their LinkedIn profiles, build their confidence in mock interviews, and offer live sessions in which they can get hands-on, focused career support catered to them. In fact, we have a whole range of career products to meet each student’s needs whenever and wherever they may have them. And, since tech is an industry notorious for rapid change, we constantly update our materials in accordance with new trends. 

When do career services begin for students at TripleTen?

Career preparation is a number one priority for all TripleTen students, so we start from the very beginning! During their first month, students meet with our career team, where they learn about the fundamentals of pursuing a career in the tech industry. As the program progresses, students engage more frequently with the career team, with 1:1 career coaching and realistic mock interview sessions later in the program.

Who makes up the career services team at TripleTen?

The most successful job-searching strategies come from working professionals who keep their finger on the pulse of the industry; that’s why these people form the core of our team. Our tech tutors, career coaches, community managers, and project managers have decades of experience in tech and HR and have reputations as industry experts.

What goes into the career curriculum at TripleTen?

TripleTen’s curriculum gives students professional skills to succeed in a new job and the inside knowledge that gets them hired. They gain a deeper understanding of their new career identity and the job market simultaneously. 

The Career Prep course is fully available on the interactive platform where students learn theoretical concepts and perform coding tasks. This prep course helps students bridge the gap between their newly acquired skills and potential career opportunities. It covers a wide range of topics, including job search strategies, resume building, storytelling, and offer negotiations. 

In addition, we also offer various resources, such as our popular weekly AMA (ask me anything) open sessions with coaches, group career sessions, and webinars featuring industry experts. 

How does TripleTen prepare students for job interviews? 

One of the most popular job interview prep activities among our students is "how to answer popular interview questions”. That’s why we invest a lot of effort into our career coaching services such as mock interviews, where students have a safe space to practice articulating their story and answering popular interview questions. Our grads tell us that this  ends up being extremely helpful when they interview for jobs. 

We also offer over 17 interactive lessons that cover both technical and behavioral interviews. Additionally, our software engineering program includes a dedicated course for algorithms and data structures preparation. As part of the program, students also have the opportunity to participate in mock interviews, providing a safe space to practice articulating their story.

Does TripleTen help students with negotiation and compensation?

We’re about helping grads change careers to land the jobs they want, and negotiation skills are key to that. In addition to the best practices that we share on the platform, a career coach is available to collaborate with students on offer negotiation. We have had several successful cases where students were able to secure a compensation increase of more than 10% from their original offer.

TripleTen also offers its students an externship! What can students expect from these externships?

Our externships are one of the most popular parts of our program. An externship is a unique chance for grads to build up an outstanding portfolio that helps them stand out from other candidates. It is a part of our educational programs offering students the opportunity to work on real-life projects to not only boost their portfolio but make a meaningful impact. The majority of our partners are social good companies dedicated to sustainability, education, mental health, and LGBTQ+ matters. Our students are passionate about participating in projects that drive positive change. 

How long is the externship at TripleTen?

It depends on the company and the complexity of the projects, but typically it can be anywhere from 4-8 weeks.

How do these externships help students become more hireable?

Hiring managers want candidates to have experience. Our externships give students that experience. Recognizing that many of our students may be seeking their first role in the tech industry, we have created externships to provide them with both technical skills and a hireable profile. This program allows students to gain valuable hands-on knowledge, enhancing their chances of securing employment in the field

What types of jobs do TripleTen graduates typically land?

The ones they want when they join our bootcamp. Students come to TripleTen with a career in mind, and we help them realize their aspirations. For example, the most common job title for our Software Engineering bootcamp graduates is software engineer. We also have some React developers, front end developers, and data engineers. It all depends if the student wants to be more on the front or back end. The skills we teach at the bootcamp allow graduates to also apply for full-stack engineering and development roles. 

What is the median salary for TripleTen graduates?

For someone who is completely new to tech, their starting salary will be around $75,000K. Graduates see a return on investment just two months after getting hired. For instance, a salary increase is 63% or +$29,100 on average among our Software Engineering bootcamp graduates. 

Is TripleTen incorporating AI tools into their career services?

If there’s a tool that can help TripleTen grads get jobs in tech, we use it. So yes, we’re exploring AI. In fact, we recently hosted a webinar featuring an industry expert who discussed the impact of ChatGPT in the tech industry

We believe it's essential to teach our students how to leverage ChatGPT in their job search. For instance, there are numerous ways it can optimize resumes and cover letters in just minutes.

What do employers like about TripleTen graduates?

  • Our students come to new jobs with a wealth of knowledge thanks to the 16 projects they work on during the bootcamp as well as the externships that give them hands-on tech experience. 
  • Our students come from diverse backgrounds and industries and bring transferable skills. For instance, imagine someone who previously worked in education and decided to transition to tech. They not only possess technical skills but also have strong soft skills and a fresh perspective to offer the team. 
  • Our graduates are agile and adaptable. Many of them are self-starters who successfully managed various responsibilities while studying. This honed their skills in quickly digesting information and staying flexible .

What can TripleTen students expect to show in their portfolios when they graduate?

In a word: expertise. TripleTen students can expect to have a portfolio that showcases their mastery of tech skills currently in high demand on the market. One of the strengths of our program is that we regularly assess the market landscape and update our curriculum accordingly, ensuring our students are equipped with the most relevant and sought-after skills.

What is the alumni network like at TripleTen? How does this network help new graduates in their job search and in their new tech careers?

We provide lifetime career support to our alumni to make sure we fulfill our promise of getting them the job they want. This builds a strong community, and as such, our alumni assist our students by offering advice and guidance through various channels such as 1:1 chats, Discord, webinars, and career events.

Can TripleTen bootcamp grads reach back out to Career Services when they’re on the hunt for their second or third job?
Our lifetime support gives students the career help they need regardless of how many jobs they’ve had post-graduation. So yes, TripleTen bootcamp grads can certainly reach out to Career Services when they're searching for their second or third job. Our post-offer lifetime support provides ongoing career advice and assistance. We offer up to three career coaching sessions per year as well as access to our group channels in Discord and newsletters to stay connected with the community.

Find out more and read TripleTen reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with TripleTen.

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