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How 4Geeks Academy Gets Graduates Hired

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Last updated on March 28, 2024

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4Geeks Academy is committed to getting their coding bootcamp graduates hired! Valentina Ancieta, a Career Support Coordinator at 4GeeksAcademy, illuminates how the bootcamp integrates career services into the overall curriculum and what 1:1 career support actually looks like at the bootcamp. Learn more about the typical tech roles 4Geeks Academy graduates land, and how the bootcamp connects students with their hiring partners. Plus, Valentina explains what lifetime career support means for bootcamp graduates on the hunt for their second or third tech role! 

Meet the Expert: Valentina Ancieta

  • As a Career Support Coordinator, Valentina oversees the coordination of the GeekFORCE process within 4Geeks Academy across the U.S. and Latin American campuses. 
  • Valentina works closely with the students as a Student Advisor, providing guidance and support to help them navigate the job-hunting process. She is also deeply involved in workshops and 1:1 sessions with students!

When do career services begin for students at 4Geeks Academy?

Starting in week one of the bootcamp students are introduced to the career support process, known as GeekFORCE. Throughout the entire bootcamp, we provide valuable tips and resources to help students prepare for their future careers. The in-depth career support process program begins on week 12 of the bootcamp. This timing allows students to first focus on mastering the coding skills and then focus on the tech job search process and strategies during the final stages of the bootcamp. 

4Geeks Academy offers a Job Guarantee! How does 4Geeks Academy help students find and land jobs? 

We begin by focusing on enhancing our students' profiles. We work closely with them to optimize their resumes, LinkedIn profiles, and GitHub profiles. This is to ensure they effectively showcase their skills and experiences to potential employers. We then place a strong emphasis on interview preparation. With mock interviews, students undergo both behavioral and technical interview simulations. Finally, we provide personalized support during the job application process. Our team assists students in developing tailored strategies for job hunting, including identifying suitable opportunities and adapting their application materials to stand out to employers. 

Does 4Geeks Academy help students with negotiation and compensation?

While we don't specifically cover negotiation skills in our regular curriculum, we do emphasize its significance to our students and encourage them to prepare for such a discussion. When students receive offers, we provide them personalized support to guide them through the negotiation process. We are there to support students at every stage of the process when they receive offers. 

How large is the careers team at 4Geeks Academy?

Our careers team includes three advisors and one onboarding specialist in the United States.

Will students receive 1:1 career support when they need it?

We prioritize providing personalized 1:1 career support to our students whenever they need it! We have a platform where students can easily schedule 1:1 mentorship support sessions with our advisors. We recommend our students schedule these meetings with us at least once a week.

What types of jobs do 4Geeks Academy graduates typically land? 

4Geeks Academy graduates land a wide range of tech-related jobs in various industries, but some common titles include:

  • Full Stack Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Technical Sales Representatives (for those with sales experience)
  • Python Developers
  • Front End Developers
  • React Developers
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Testers 

What is the median salary for 4Geeks Academy graduates?

We are proud to share that for 2024 the median salary is $56,000, which represents a 41% increase from our students’ previous earnings! 

What types of companies have hired 4Geeks Academy graduates?

4Geeks Academy graduates have been hired by a diverse range of companies, from startups to large corporations such as Microsoft, Kaseya, and TikTok! Our alumni have found employment opportunities across various industries, including banking, healthcare, and technology. In today's digital age, every company requires a software development department and that allows our graduates the flexibility to work in almost any sector they choose! 

In the current market, how much time should 4Geeks Academy students expect to be on the job search? 

The duration of the job search for students can vary depending on various factors, including the level of commitment and effort the student puts into the job search process. While some students may secure employment even before bootcamp graduation, the typical timeframe for landing a job ranges from three to six months after graduation.

Does 4Geeks Academy have partnerships with employers? 

We connect students with a diverse range of employers across the United States and around the globe. Partnering with industry leaders like Kaseya and Strategio allows us to offer a wide variety of career opportunities.

How do students engage with the employer network at 4Geeks Academy?

Students typically engage with employers through our partnership page, GeekFORCE. We also have personalized websites for job opportunities and we have direct contact options, so they can talk directly to our partners. We usually have workshops where students can network with potential employers. 

What do employers like about the 4Geeks Academy graduates they’ve hired?

Our graduates are known for their adaptability and flexibility. They can seamlessly integrate into various work environments and are quickly able to adjust to new technologies and challenges. Employers also appreciate their continuous learning mindset. 

The technical skills of 4Geeks Academy graduates are highly regarded by employers. They hone these skills through our bootcamp’s hands-on learning and practical projects. Employers also like how prepared our graduates are. Our students practice a lot and they’re dedicated to attending all of our classes, so they’re prepared for the work ahead!

What can 4Geeks Academy students expect to have in their portfolios when they graduate? 

Our students can expect to have a diverse portfolio filled with hands-on experience on relevant projects. They engage in numerous projects designed to simulate real-world scenarios so they can cultivate their practical skills. The highlight of the portfolio is often the capstone project, which is the final project where students collaborate in teams to showcase everything they've learned during the bootcamp. This project serves as a culmination of their skills, knowledge, and creativity, allowing them to demonstrate proficiency in building a website or application.

What is the alumni network like at 4Geeks Academy? 

Our alumni network is really supportive. We have over 5,000 members in the community between alumni, teachers, and mentors — it's a robust community! One example is a Slack channel we have called Public Support, where students and alumni from all over the world can post their questions. It’s amazing because they often receive responses almost instantly from teachers, mentors, fellow graduates, or even classmates. Additionally, when they start utilizing our career services, everyone starts connecting on LinkedIn to create a strong professional network. At 4Geeks Academy, we have so many supportive people in our network ready to answer your questions!

Does 4Geeks Academy continue to support bootcamp graduates in their job search? 

We're committed to providing ongoing support to our bootcamp graduates throughout their entire career journey. Our support is unlimited and extends for life. Some conditions apply, but if you're committed, we're here to support you. 

Have 4Geeks Academy graduates come back to Career Services when they’re on the hunt for their second or third job?

Yes, it happens! We always hope that our students like their jobs, but our graduates are always welcome to reach out to us!

Find out more and read 4Geeks Academy reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with 4Geeks Academy.

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