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Inside the Job Guarantee at 4Geeks Academy

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Last updated on August 7, 2023

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4Geeks Academy just launched their new Job Guarantee and we caught up with Marcelo Ricigliano, the Co-Founder and CEO at 4Geeks Academy, about why they’re making this commitment to students in 2023. Learn about exactly what the Job Guarantee covers, how to qualify, and the typical job and salary outcomes students see after graduating (TL;DR: salary increases between $20k and $30k!).

The headlines in 2023 say that the job market is tight in tech. Why is 4Geeks Academy launching a job guarantee now?

The job guarantee feature is our solution that addresses two key areas: the strength of our process, methodology, and programs, and the commitment and engagement of the student. To opt-in for the job guarantee program, you must comply and meet the requirements before, during and after the program. It’s a two-sided commitment and a bet that we’ll make your career change happen.

At a high-level, what is the job guarantee at 4Geeks Academy? 

With the Job Guarantee, you get access to 4Geeks pre-course, the whole program with unlimited mentorship and support, full access to our partnership network and job opportunities, and lifelong access to career services. Our main goal is to help you find a job within 6 months of graduating from our program. If you follow all of our processes and still don’t get a job, you get all of your money back. 

How does a student qualify for the job guarantee? 

Students need to pass the logical test, complete the prework, and sign the paperwork. Everything has to be completed before the first day of class. 

Let’s get into the nitty gritty of the job guarantee! Is this guarantee for a full or partial refund?

Full-refund. You get all your money back if you don’t get a job after 6 months from graduation. 

Does the guarantee apply to any program at 4Geeks Academy?

Yes, to any program! Full Stack Developer or Data Science and Machine Learning! Our Miami Coding Bootcamp offers online, in-person, and hybrid courses. 

Is the guarantee for a job or a job offer

For a job! It’s a broad search focused on tech industry jobs that are related to the program. The main goal, again, is that you find a job that you were not able to get before 4Geeks Academy because of the lack of skills, support, and proper mentorship. 

What are the job search requirements of the job guarantee? 

Getting your first tech job after the bootcamp requires persistence, discipline, and commitment. To be eligible for the job guarantee, students need to dedicate at least 24 hours a week to their job search. We’ve got all the details about the guarantee written here.

Are there graduation requirements that need to be met by students in order to be eligible for the job guarantee? 

Yes, the graduation requirements are:

  • You have to attend at least 85% of classes
  • You must complete 80% of the total projects and assignments
  • You must show your final project.
  • You will also need to participate in the career support process, and meet in time and manner the process designed following our years of experience helping people improve their careers in coding. 

For students who may be struggling with the course, are they able to repeat any sections and still be eligible for the job guarantee?

Yes, you can repeat once and due to valid reasons. Commitment and engagement are a must. If you are engaged and committed, then you will have a second chance!

What is the difference between the job guarantee and an Income Share Agreement? Theoretically, do they make the same promise to a student – that you don’t pay tuition unless you get a job?

ISA’s are a great way to give people the chance to take the program and commit to a career afterwards. However, it lacks the initial commitment, and proper orientation. The driving decision is upside down with Job Guarantee. You will pay nothing if you don’t find a job, but you are all in with us since day ZERO!

Overall, what kind of ROI can 4Geeks Academy students expect? 

Most students see salary increases between $20k and $30k after completing the bootcamp. A lot of students get jobs with titles like “software developer,” “front end developer,” “back end developer,” “full stack developer” or similar. There are also other roles that graduates are able to fill, like project manager or system analyst.

Does 4Geeks Academy offer any free resources for those considering applying to the bootcamp?

Any potential student has access to the Pre-work for FREE. You can have access to projects, content, tutorials and workshops just by joining our community here. 4Geeks offers free events, workshops, and access to our pre-work. 

Once formally enrolled as a student, everyone has access to unlimited 1-1 coding mentorship, group mentoring sessions, our slack community with more than 4,000 developers worldwide, and unlimited lifelong career support services.

Find out more and read 4Geeks Academy reviews on Course Report. This article was produced by the Course Report team in partnership with 4Geeks Academy.

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