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Rithm School offers a full-time, 16-week, full stack web development immersion bootcamp in San Francisco, California and will be conducting cohorts remotely through the end of 2020. Their curriculum is centered around JavaScript and Python, and also covers PostgreSQL, Flask, Node, Express, React, Redux, and computer science fundamentals. Rithm School aims to help students to not only gain a deep understanding of the industry but also graduate with a portfolio of real-world projects in which they have been involved. Rithm School was founded in 2016 in San Francisco, California to provide access to a full-time accelerated learning program, with class sizes small enough to provide one-on-one instruction with instructors who have experience in both teaching and web development. 

The application process is multi-step, including an online application; a phone call with the Director of Admissions; preparation for the technical interview using a free JavaScript prep course; and a visit to the campus for the problem-solving-focused technical interview. Rithm School will notify students if they are accepted, or suggest more study and a repeat interview.

The final weeks of the Rithm School program involves job readiness preparation and real-time practice. Upon graduation, students receive mentorship from a career coach who can help with connections to companies requiring tech skills, including open opportunities with partner companies, including Slow Ventures network.

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  • Full-Time Web Development

    Front End, JavaScript, Python, React.js, SQL, GitHub
    In PersonFull Time45 Hours/week11 Weeks
    Start Date October 25, 2021
    Class size12
    LocationSan Francisco
    Rithm’s full-stack web development program is a four-month accelerated learning experience. We take independent and thoughtful students and turn them into confident and creative full-stack developers. We value an intimate learning community and therefore our class sizes are 8-16 students. Our curriculum is centered around JavaScript and Python, and also features two weeks of time to contribute meaningfully to open source.
    Available through SkillsFund
    Tuition Plans1-3 year plans offered
    ScholarshipRithm awards scholarships of up to $12,000 to support diversity and strong merit.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelN/A
    Placement TestNo
    More Start Dates
    October 25, 2021 - San Francisco Apply by October 01, 2021
  • Steve  User Photo
    Steve • Data Engineer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    About Me: I attended Rithm school from 02/2021 - 06/2021. I left a career that I felt unfulfilled with as a biochemist in a very-well recognized biotech company in the Bay Area, California. Great work but just a bad fit in the role left me a bit sour, burnt out and looking for a change. I graduated university in 2014 with a B.S. in Biochemistry with great grades at an unranked and unrecognized private college.  I worked there at the biotech for a few years and did a couple of online programs (M.S. Analytics and a B.S. in computer science online) while working to see if I liked it. Please don't let the degrees fool you - if I were to do this all over again, I would study for the entrance exam to Rithm School 100 times over getting the degrees. However, I will admit that I do think they landed me interviews easier than others when blasting them out.

    I felt I still lacked the confidence, portfolio, and network to succeed so I shopped around for a few boot camps. I also pinged a former coworker alumnus (she didn't know me but I reached out on LinkedIn - highly recommend doing this) and she attended a boot camp and highly recommended to pursue a boot camp. She became a Data Scientist from a lab job so I definitely heeded her advice.

    Choosing The Bootcamp: I considered HackReactor, Rithm School, and AppAcademy - the top programs in SF. I didn't like the tech stack taught at AppAcademy so I applied to Rithm School and got in! I was stoked! I also applied to HackReactor because their tuition was cheaper and a shorter program but it felt really impersonal compared to Rithm. I came from a corporate impersonal environment so I didn't like that. Maybe it's true that I was coddled in private school haha. Oh well. I didn't put much effort into studying and didn't get in there but was completely happy with my choice in Rithm.

    The Program: Their tech stack is solid, the curriculum is awesome and relevant (Python + Javascript + React, etc. - check out their home page as it changes - https://www.rithmschool.com/ ), and I was so impressed with the caliber of my cohort. Everyone was smart, hardworking, and a pleasure to work with. A little bit of trouble sorting out some internet issues but overall that was the only issue. A major plus is you work on a real live codebase. Not one that you can write yourself but one you get to sift through - work with other engineers, fix tickets, communicate asynchronously, with GitHub version control, etc. It REALLY builds your confidence as an engineer. It also gives you interesting things to talk about during an interview. This is the major technical differentiator for the boot camp vs the other ones.

    The only con I would say is that it is a little expensive and being remote was a bit weird BUT (and a big but) financing is very easy and the salaries after are well worth it. DO IT!

    Post BootCamp and Salary Stuff: I actually had some money left over and was still pretty burnt out from my prior career so I spent almost 2 months in Mexico clubbing... ehemm..... I mean studying for interviews. I also finished my comp sci capstone and spoke a bunch of Spanish there so don't judge me too hard! After bombing an interview, flew back to the US and started actually studying for interviews. I started applying and getting a lot of traction about a month after I really started the process. I sent about 50 apps a day and had it streamlined to a little over an hour for that. HOWEVER, THE HIGHEST YIELD APPROACH IS LOOKING FOR ROLES AT YOUR FRIENDS/FAMILIES COMPANIES SEEING IF A ROLE IS AVAILABLE AND IF THEY WILL REFER YOU. Also, the interviews from these are waaay easier.

    Salary + Offers: Guesstimating all the numbers here except the offers....over 2.5 months from actually trying to get interview -  post Mexico - to starting the new job: 15+ phones screens, 6 tech interviews, 2 offers: 1) 120k salary at a startup in SF - full stack software engineer - weak benefits, high stress, low probability of product success, 2 weeks vacation, equity grant but is meaningless unless there's a liquidation event and high valuation which from funding rounds didn't paint a rosy picture. 2) 101k + a bunch of other benefits at a biotech. I took the biotech as it came with tons of vacation for American standards, equity grant up front (30k after a year), bonus (target at 10-12k), was established, less working hours, I felt I would love the work, etc. 

    TLDR: Take The Leap And Do Rithm, Study A Lot, Get Some Killer Offers and Most of all.... be Happy With Your New Career Where You Build Cool Stuff!!!

  • Kiru  User Photo
    Kiru • Software Engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I had a fantastic experience at Rithm School (Class of July 2021) and would highly recommend for anyone who is considering the bootcamp path to becoming a Software Engineer.

    Key highlights:

    • Company Projects: This by far is what makes Rithm stands out from its competitors. We were able to get exposure to working in a live codebase to fix bugs, create features, practicing scrum based development. When trying to get your 1st job after a bootcamp, I was able to talk about this experience in every interview and it caught the attention of every interviewer I had.

    • Curriculum + Instruction: The curriculum is up-to-date with the changing dynamics, best practices, and technologies of the dev community. My class size was 11 and we had 2 instructors + a teaching assistant which made the student to teacher ratio great. It was easy to ask questions during projects and get a thorough code reviews and feedback. I continue to use what I learned in these code review sessions in my day to day job to practice good coding habits/skills.

    • Job Support + Community: What also makes this program standout is its dedicated 2 weeks to recruiting prep. One week of technical prep such as white boarding, speaking on technical topics, etc. The 2nd week on behavioral such as Linkedin profiles, cold emailing, networking with engineers in the field, panels etc. I found these very helpful in getting me ready for the post bootcamp application cycle in making the most of my time and reach the end goal of getting competitive offers in the industry. In addition, Rithm as an alumni mentorship program and I had a great mentor who met with me to do practice problems, talk through the application highs and lows and just provide support during a stressful time. This is in addition to our career coach from the school who met with us every 2 weeks after the program to check-in on our application process. The community looks out for each other and I can speak to that personally as I ended up getting my offer through a referral from a classmate.

    In conclusion, Rithm is longer and more expensive than most bootcamps out there, but it is well worth the extra investment for a life changing decision. 
  • Great program!
    - 9/11/2021
    Kat Huang  User Photo
    Kat Huang • Software Engineer I • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    Rithm School was amazing! I loved the small class sizes, and their curriculum is solid. I’m a fan of how they try to keep up with industry standards with the materials they teach. The structure of having a lecture in the morning, lab right before lunch, another lecture after lunch, and another lab in the late afternoon was super effective in helping me learn and retain everything well. My one critique is that not all the instructors are on the same level, and your mileage may vary for code review sessions and quality of lectures. Also, I really appreciate having the company projects, and it’s one of their biggest selling points that distinguish them from other bootcamps, but I will say that the quality of the project also varies depending on which one you get. Overall, it was a great program and it definitely prepared me well (especially with React) and landed me an awesome role after 3 months. What you put into it is what you get, and you gotta take accountability and ownership of your learning experience.  
  • Jessica Chen  User Photo
    Jessica Chen • Software Developer 1 • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    The admissions process at Rithm School gives you an idea of how the classes will be.  First, you solve a couple easy/medium questions and once you pass, you schedule a pair programming interview with an instructor.  Yes, it's really just you and one of the instructors pair programming (and not you with 20 other people in a Zoom breakout).  They'll challenge you and ask you how you can make your code better, or if there's another way to solve what you just solved.  They also give specific feedback on what you could improve.  This process is pretty indicative of what you can expect from Rithm - a challenge, but with someone guiding and helping you along the way.

    The days are typically broken into a morning lecture & lab, then a corresponding afternoon lecture & lab.  Mornings go from 9-12 and afternoon goes from 1-6.  Expect to be working on labs with a partner for a majority of the time, with instructor code reviews every couple of sections.  If you get stuck, you're free to call in an instructor at any time, although you should spend 20-30 minutes trying to figure it out with your partner.  Code reviews are essential because you'll be able to get immediate feedback on what you just wrote, so it's appreciated that these are baked into the lab time!  Even though classes end at 6, you should either study & solidify the day's lectures or if you have it down, take a look at tomorrow's lecture notes to get ahead.  I spent 3-4 hours every night studying the day's lectures & practicing related problems on my own.

    One of the best things about Rithm is the weekend assessments.  I know, I knoooow, no one likes weekend homework!  But these are thoughtfully created to help you solidify the concepts learned that week, on your own (vs with a lab partner).  Expect to take anywhere from 6-12 hours (avg ~8hr for me) to complete these.  They give you a prompt and some base requirements, but a lot of it is up to you as a developer to decide what you think is the best solution.  You have the whole weekend to submit it and an instructor will go over your answers and code.  THIS FEEDBACK IS INVALUABLE!  You can really tell the instructors read your code, line-by-line, and give you feedback on how to make your code more readable or performant.  This really helped me sharpen my skills as a developer and I cannot thank the instructors enough for taking the time to do this!!!

    Another great thing about Rithm is the internship.  I don't know how much having an internship helped on my resume, but it doesn't hurt!  I mostly saw the internship as a glimpse into the future as a developer.  Yes, we're thrown into a production code base.  No, we don't know what any of this code does, BUT that's ok and expected.  Working on a bug for 3 days made me realize that the world of software development isn't always making cool and flashy apps, sometimes it can be a drag and would I be ok with that?  (Answer: yes!) It helped me set expectations of what real work could potentially look like and emotionally prepared me for my future career.

    One amazing thing about Rithm that I think is underrated is the career coaching portion.  Sure, we're not learning to code anymore, but the career coach Zach prepared a very thoughtful set of lectures that really helped me, both in the job search and in general life lessons.  He starts with reviewing your resume (I had to revise 3 times) and opens the career coaching week with how to deal with rejection, finding out what you value, and how to look for jobs that align with your values.  Throughout the career coaching week, Zach had hands-on activities for us to practice/do.  However, DON'T expect Zach to look for jobs to throw your way - looking for jobs is entirely your responsibility, but Zach will always be there to help answer any questions you have, even past the career coaching week.

    The single best thing about Rithm is the instructors.  They're super knowledgable, patient, and willing to answer any question you have about the curriculum.  You're matched with an instructor as your advisor, who you meet with every other week.  These are mostly student-led so don't expect them to have an agenda for the meeting - unless you do!  I used this time to air out my anxiety about my career change and sometimes asked them to re-teach concepts I didn't understand or ask for advice on how to improve XYZ.  Beyond that, during the lecture and lab time, they are entirely focused on your class and can take the time to explain things slowly or otherwise in a way that allows students to really grasp the lesson.  You can definitely tell they are there to help you succeed, so never be shy about asking questions!  Also, maybe unpopular opinion: I like that they cold call during lectures to make sure you understand previous concepts and/or the material that was just taught.  It reinforces what you should know but there's no shame or embarrassment if you don't know.  (I literally answered a question with: "I have no idea" and the instructor was like "That's fine")
  • Julia  User Photo
    Julia • Junior Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    Attending Rithm School was one of the best decisions of my life! Like all bootcamps, it wasn't 100% perfect, but to me, the drawbacks are completely outweighed by the benefits. Here is an honest review of Rithm based on my (REMOTE) experience:

    • SUPER collaborative and tons of pair programming experience. It really helped me improve my technical communication, and it was a great way to connect with my classmates. 
    • I thought that the cold calling during lectures would be scary, but the instructors make you feel comfortable so even if you don't know the answer to a question it's not a big deal.
    • Everyone in my cohort was supportive, friendly, and a delight to work with. Even after graduation, many of us stay in touch regularly through weekly Zoom meet-ups. We all want to help each other succeed!
    • Zoom + Slack === a near-perfect virtual experience.
    • Rithm has a strict "anti-burnout" culture, unlike the big bootcamps like Codesmith, Hack Reactor, App Academy, etc. In my opinion, this made learning much more efficient and enjoyable. 

    • Although the remote environment was as good as I think it could've been, it would've been extra awesome to attend Rithm in person!

    • The instructors are super knowledgeable and friendly - I always felt comfortable asking questions. Due to the small class size, they were usually very quick to hop into our Zoom breakout rooms when we needed help.
    • You get assigned one instructor to meet with 1-on-1 every other week. This is a great opportunity to get your code reviewed in more detail, do mock coding interviews, or just chat about random stuff.  

    • Some instructors are more prepared to help with certain topics than others, so the time it takes you to get "un-stuck" may differ depending on who joins your breakout room.

    • The curriculum was extremely up-to-date and relevant, and I loved the emphasis on testing, documentation, security, and fundamentals of how the web works.
    • If you find yourself with extra time, there are PLENTY of "further study" materials that will push you to learn and practice with more advanced topics.
    • By the end, you'll have built tons of mini projects and a few big ones! Project-based learning is highly useful for solidifying topics that you cover in lectures.

    • They would probably need an extra week or two to fit this in, but more of a focus on CSS/accessibility or DSA would have been nice.
    • "What you put in is what you get out". You do have to meet the minimum requirement of passing the weekend assignments, but you can also learn way more if you put in extra time to ask instructors more questions and/or do the optional "further study". This isn't really a drawback, but just something to keep in mind - knowledge won't just be handed to you, you have to put in the work to make it the best experience possible.

    Company projects:
    • Company projects set Rithm apart from all of the other bootcamps. No other bootcamp that I've heard of does this. It is basically a mini-internship. 
    • You get to work on a team to build some cool things in a complex codebase! By the end I had great real-world experience for my resume and I was a much more confident engineer. 

    • Instructors are busy during this time preparing for the upcoming cohorts, etc., so they are sometimes spread pretty thin depending on the size of the team (my team was on the larger side with 6 people) and the complexity of the project. It usually wasn't an issue, but sometimes it took a while to get help when I was stuck.
    • Some of the company projects aren't with actual companies - one of the projects in my cohort was an open-source project. Still a really cool experience, but just a bit misleading.

    Outcomes and Job Support:
    • I got a job at a company I'm really excited about only 3 weeks after graduating! Although a big part of it was luck (I was referred by a friend in my cohort), I owe a lot of my success in the interviews to Zach (the career coach) who helped me prepare for interviewing and negotiation, and the whole Rithm experience for training me to be a skillful and confident software engineer!
    • After graduating, Zach was always available to answer questions and meet with us regularly. He even found time during his busy day to meet with me right before I had a scary negotiation phone call! You can tell that he loves his job and is passionate about helping us find HIGH QUALITY jobs.
    • It's been a little over a month since graduation and at least 5 out of the 16 people in my cohort have gotten job offers already! (4 have accepted offers). 1 person went to grad school, so it's more like 5/15 people.
    • The alumni network keeps growing and is filled with supportive and successful engineers that want to help Rithm grads land great jobs! 

    • I can't really think of any significant areas of improvement here! If anything, perhaps a few more mock technical interviews would have been useful.

    I will also add that they regularly had us fill out feedback surveys. Rithm is continuously improving their curriculum and experience based on the feedback - they truly care about providing you with the best learning experience possible!
    TLDR: If you're debating between Rithm and the other top bootcamps, choose Rithm for the small class sizes, excellent curriculum, company projects, and overall great learning environment and culture!! You won't regret it.
  • Great Program
    - 7/13/2021
    Aric  User Photo
    Aric • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    Initially, I didn't know what to expect going into this program but the Instructors are great and caring. I had classmates from different cultures and backgrounds that all succeeded throughout my time as a student. There were three active instructors in my cohort of about 15 or so students. Having three instructors on call helped a lot. I thought the lectures were very concise and clear with a lot of time for paired programming. The career coach definitely takes time to make sure you're on track after graduation and Is always of resource as someone who can give advice, help and any information you need well beyond graduation. The staff here are most definitely one of the most caring educators I've had in my life and would recommend this program without a doubt. 
  • Jay Vigilla  User Photo
    Jay Vigilla • Software Engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I loved my experience at Rithm School. My favorite aspects of Rithm were the company projects, the staff, and the career search module.

    Company projects were mini-internships where we were able to touch a working codebase. We had been building projects throughout the program, but this was where you had to put it all together. I honestly had no idea what to expect work to look like when first going to boot camp. Company projects gave me real-world experience that I could speak of in job interviews. The only change I would make would be adding another week. I'm not as outgoing as some of the others in my cohort, so I was timid in putting myself out there and running with the opportunity.

    I went to Rithm just before COVID and Shelter in Place. I got to sample in-person and online classes. What I wanted was an in-person experience. The staff had stressed the importance of the teacher-student interaction when I was applying. When our class went online, the instructors did everything they could to make themselves more accessible. What I did miss the most from in-person instruction was overhearing someone else in the computer lab with the same problem and then teaming up to figure it out. The instructors would still pop in on our breakout rooms during remote instruction, but it wasn't quite the same. 

    Rithm closes the program with a week of career search. I needed the extra help in transitioning my non-technical resume to something I can send to tech companies. This week helped me process a lot of imposter syndrome around my resume and tying together the skills and experiences gained at Rithm.
  • Mack Cooper  User Photo
    Mack Cooper • Software Engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    Rithm is an incredible bootcamp and I had a great experience! The material is very relevant and constantly updating to keep up with the technology trends in the industry. I always felt the work we were doing or the concepts we were learning were highly practical tools that we would need in the job, and now that I'm in the workforce, I see just how true that is.

    The work is definitely challenging, but the guidance from the instructors was excellent and the small cohort size made it very easy to ask questions and get hands on assistance with any concept, or project. Frankly, I sought out Rithm because I knew it would push me, and that's exactly what I got.

    Leaving the bootcamp, I felt fully prepared for both the interview and job search process along with whatever job would come my way. Zach (the Career Coach) did a great job of getting us ready for the job search and was always available for questions and assistance after the bootcamp ended.

    Overall, Rithm School is a great community of instructors, students, and alumni who genuinely care about getting you prepared for and educated in this industry.
  • Truly the best!
    - 5/13/2021
    Claire Casey  User Photo
    Claire Casey • Software Engineer • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I thought after reading so many glowing reviews that Rithm wouldn't live up to the hype, but it really is as incredible as others say! I received an offer at my dream company, The New York Times, 3 weeks after graduating from Rithm, which I truly don't think would have happened if I hadn't attended Rithm (side note: this was really fast and I do think part of it was definitely luck, but part of it was also attending a bootcamp that gave me the skills and confidence to succeed in an interview just a few weeks after graduating). Below is a quick summary of my experience:

    Why I chose Rithm (& would chose it again!!):
    • Small class size & collaborative culture - my class was 10 people with 2 instructors and 1 TA. With pair programming, cold calls, and a great classroom atmosphere, I was able to feel really close to everyone in the program even though it was all remote. Everyone at Rithm is  talented and motivated while being caring and pushing others to grow as developers. I was amazed by how often my peers would share tips throughout the program or job openings after the program, and it really felt like everyone wanted each other to succeed as much as themselves. 
    • INCREDIBLE instructors - I studied engineering at a good university and have been taught by great professors, but somehow Elie & Joel (& Brit as the TA) exceeded my previous experiences. They were patient, funny, caring, and so talented, and I would join the program again just to be taught by them. The instructors at Rithm are deeply invested in your learning and growth and even check-up on you once the program ends. 
    • Curriculum - In addition to what you read online about the curriculum (Python & JS, company projects, etc), I thought Rithm also did a great job of stressing what it means to be a professional developer. During code reviews, the instructors would not only comment on the logic of our code but also on documentation and testing. There is also cold-calling during lectures which terrified me at first, but has improved my ability to speak on technical topics. When I was interviewing for jobs, this proved incredibly useful and has given me confidence starting my first full-time job.
    • Job support - Two weeks at Rithm are dedicated to interviewing and applying for jobs, and I never felt alone in the job search process. Zach (the career coach) is so helpful throughout the entire process, from figuring out when to start applying to reading over your negotiation email. 

    In summary, Rithm is expensive but worth it. I can't think of a negative aspect to write in this review, and I think that says something about how Rithm really has it figured out! 
  • Jon Wong  User Photo
    Jon Wong • Software Engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
     If you are looking for a coding bootcamp to attend, I would honestly just stop searching now and choose Rithm School. I was once a prospective bootcamp student and did extensive research on every bootcamp in the San Francisco Bay Area and I ended up choosing Rithm due to its small class sizes, well paced curriculum, and most importantly: its company projects. 

    As many of us know, small class sizes means that you are able to get more individualized attention from each instructor in the course. It makes it extremely easy to ask questions and get a response. Many other bootcamps have very large class sizes making it so that when you have questions or need help while you are working, it takes a ridiculous amount of time to get the help you need. If you truly want to take advantage of your instructors, then small class sizes are essential. Rithm paces their curriculum in a way that makes the material digestible instead of having to “drink water from a fire hose”. While Rithm may be longer than other bootcamps in terms of its duration, this added length really helps with truly understanding the material without having to feel like you are being rushed. The longer length also makes it so that you are able to get more support from your instructors over a longer period of time.

    The most important feature of Rithm is definitely the company projects. I want you to picture company projects kind of like mini-internships. These company projects give you real world experience working on a real live codebase. I cannot stress how much this gives you a leg up compared to all the other bootcamp graduates as you will leave Rithm with actual real world experience that you can then use in your job search.

    After the main meat of the course, Rithm also prepares you for the job search through their awesome career coach, Zach. Zach does an extremely good job of making sure that you are well equipped for the job search ahead by discussing interview best practices, job search best practices, and even self-care best practices. He will literally teach you how to hack the job search and make yourself stand out in a vast ocean of applications. 

    If you are looking for a coding bootcamp, Rithm School is definitely the way to go. However, I also want to preface this by saying that attending a coding bootcamp requires a lot of commitment and work on your end as well. Do not assume that going into any bootcamp will automatically land you a software engineering job with minimal work on your part. If you are willing to fully commit a few months of your life to learning, then Rithm School will definitely be a life changing experience for you. 
  • Will Grover  User Photo
    Will Grover • Software Engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    I really didn't imagine beforehand what a great experience I'd have at Rithm.

    What to expect (I think a lot of this applies to most Bootcamps):
    • You won't be made into an expert, or magically transform into an amazing developer in 4 months.
    • You'll be given context on a bunch of relevant web technologies, all while improving your skills as a coder. It's basically accelerated learning where you should come out with many of the tools necessary to get up to speed when you do land a job.
    • Around 40 hours per week in class (more if you want to do extra), and 6-9 hours on the weekends doing assessments (I spent more to go deeper into the topics). This is something I appreciated about Rithm - the Bootcamp is longer, but the pace is more manageable compared to some others.
    • Days start with (the numbers could be a little off) ~60-90 minutes of lecture, then 60-90 minutes of pair programming with a random classmate until lunch. 60-90 more minutes of lecture, then pair programming with the same partner until you're ready to go home.
    • When you get out, depending on where you want to apply you could find yourself behind on Data Structures and Algorithms (only spend a week on it). A lot of companies are not heavy on this stuff, but just something to keep in mind as it can take some time to get up to speed.
    • You won't be dropped once you graduate, they have office hours every week where you can go get job hunt related or technical advice, and they'll continue to follow-up with you until you get a job!

    What I loved most about Rithm:
    • Classmates! I was really impressed with their ability to find so many smart, friendly and motivated people.
    • Class size - 6:1 student-instructor ratio means you can almost always get help when you need it, and the fact that you're pair programming makes this ratio effectively 3:1 for most of the day.
    • Company projects - this is a standout feature of Rithm, and owes itself in part to the fact that the class size is small enough that they're able to find enough companies willing to let you work on their codebase. It's a one month internship where you work in 6 person agile teams and put to practice everything you learned during the Bootcamp!
    • Instructors - all awesome people who really seem to care about your success. You'll have a bi-weekly one-on-one where you can discuss your assessments, talk about how it's going, ask questions, or generally just make sure things are heading in the right direction. I'm giving them 4 stars here because, while they were most definitely a very positive part of the whole experience, there were some (infrequent) times when I felt like they couldn't help and I had to figure things out on my own. It really didn't make a difference in the end though.
    • Feedback loop - they frequently ask for feedback, and it really feels like they're rapidly evolving the course and making it better even during your time there.
    • The curriculum felt very well put together, well paced, and at a good level of depth for you to understand it without being too simplistic.
    • As you may have noticed from the other reviews, there is a large and growing community of people whose experiences were similar to my own, who would love to tell you their experiences, give you advice, or maybe even become a referral.

    Other things of note:
    • They gave us mentors! A former student now working as an engineer who you can meet regularly with to ask questions or get advice.
    • They had people come to speak with us and provide advice at the end of the bootcamp. This includes two companies, one of which gave us free interviews and hired 3 of my classmates, and another who offered to skip us past the screening process, and is the company I currently work at!
    • There's a slack channel where you can frequently find job opportunities post-graduation, including roles opening up at former grads' companies.
    • One of the underrated things about Bootcamps as opposed to self study is that you instantly get a team of people who can keep you motivated, practice interviewing, answer questions, share advice and generally make the whole job hunt process a lot more manageable.
  • Eric Jho  User Photo
    Eric Jho • Software Developer • Student • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:
    In short, Rithm school is the best. 

    Previous reviews already point out why Rithm is a great Bootcamp. So, I would like to emphasize a couple of points that deserve more attention.

    1. Incredible instructors and a career coach
    Elie, Joel, and Tim taught my cohort. Not only they're knowledgeable, but also they're incredibly passionate about teaching and the industry. They were always approachable and they always focused on important fundamentals, tips, and tricks that you can not learn from an online course. They were huge for me to build a strong foundation to start my journey as a software engineer. I really do miss their classes because they are amazing at explaining difficult concepts in a succinct manner. Seriously, my only regret after the Bootcamp is not bugging them more. If you are going to join Rithm school, pick their brain and ask as many questions as possible because they will always have answers for you and sometimes even if they don't, they would go out of their ways to get those answers for you. 
    Also, Zach is the best career coach you can ask for. When you finish your Bootcamp, you are not done. You are just starting and the hard part begins. Job search. However, Zach is always there for you and does his best to help you. Having Zach to rely on, ask questions, and get help from was huge for me during my job search. I can not thank him enough.

    2) Students
    Through interviewing many students, Rithm school not only accepts quality students to each cohort but also Rithm always emphasizes the importance of respect and teamwork.
    Thus, during the Bootcamp, I was able to learn a lot not only from the instructors but also from the students in my cohort. They were motivated, smart, and personable. I was confident that even if after the Bootcamp, those students will do great and I was excited to grow as a developer together with this group. I was able to become great friends with them and we still reach out to each other. 
    Another thing to note was how helpful the Rithm community was. Whenever I reached out to different alumni, they were always willing to help and I can not thank them enough as well.

    So in conclusion, go to Rithm if you are willing to work and stay motivated. Rithm school is a place where the more you put in the more you get out.