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Rithm School offers a full-time, 16-week, full stack web development immersion bootcamp in San Francisco, California. Their curriculum is centered around JavaScript and Python, and also covers PostgreSQL, Flask, Node, Express, React, Redux, and computer science fundamentals. Rithm School aims to help students to not only gain a deep understanding of the industry but also graduate with a portfolio of real-world projects in which they have been involved. Rithm School was founded in 2016 in San Francisco, California to provide access to a full-time accelerated learning program, with class sizes small enough to provide one-on-one instruction with instructors who have experience in both teaching and web development. 

The application process is multi-step, including an online application; a phone call with the Director of Admissions; preparation for the technical interview using a free JavaScript prep course; and a visit to the campus for the problem-solving-focused technical interview. Rithm School will notify students if they are accepted, or suggest more study and a repeat interview.

The final weeks of the Rithm School program involves job readiness preparation and real-time practice. Upon graduation, students receive mentorship from a career coach who can help with connections to companies requiring tech skills, including open opportunities with partner companies, including Slow Ventures network.

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  • Full-Time Web Development

    JavaScript, React.js, Front End, SQL, Python
    In PersonFull Time45 Hours/week11 Weeks
    Start Date None scheduled
    Class size12
    LocationSan Francisco
    Rithm’s full-stack web development program is a four-month accelerated learning experience. We take independent and thoughtful students and turn them into confident and creative full-stack developers. We value an intimate learning community and therefore our class sizes are 8-16 students. Our curriculum is centered around JavaScript and Python, and also features two weeks of time to contribute meaningfully to open source.
    Available through SkillsFund
    Tuition Plans1-3 year plans offered
    ScholarshipRithm awards scholarships of up to $12,000 to support diversity and strong merit.
    Getting in
    Minimum Skill LevelN/A
    Placement TestNo

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  • Emi Tsukuda  User Photo
    Emi Tsukuda • Software engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Before joining Rithm, I was a restaurant manager. I had absolutely zero technical background. Now I am a backend engineer at one of cloud native database company. Rithm school made this switch possible! There are so many bootcamp options but I will tell you why you have to choose Rithm school.

    1. Curriculum
    Rithm school teach full stack web development. They teach frontend development in Javascript and backend development in Javascript and Python. Which are pretty similar with other bootcamp. However, MAJOR DIFFERENCE is that they teach not only practical knowledge but also fundamental concepts behind the practical knowledge. This makes students to adapt new technologies and language easier and effectively. They also spend quite some time on CS fundamental and data structure which are often neglected by the other bootcamp. It is very possible that you have to do your interview or new job with unfamiliar language and technologies. The combination of practical knowledge and fundamental concepts that Rithm school teach you will definitely help to adapt them much more effectively.

    2. Class size
    Rithm school cohort is very small. My cohort was only 11 students. And we had 2 instructors and a lab instructor. Bootcamp moves very fast. We were introduced new concepts and technologies every day. This can be overwhelming and hard to catch up if you fall behind. However, thank to the RIthm small class size, we were able to get personal help from instructors and lab instructor one on one. This is very very variable advantage that Rithm school can offer you. You will never be left behind in Rithm school.

    3. Instructors
    Knowing technologies and languages and teaching them are totally different skill set. Rithm school's instructors are teachers as well as engineers. They are very passionate about teaching and helping students and trained to teach. This makes huge different how much you can learn from their lectures. They really care about students. Time during bootcamp can be stressful, but instructors at Rithm will definitely help you to get through that.

    4. Support
    Rithm school supports students many ways. They support you on technically and emotionally. Whenever you need support during bootcamp and job search, they are there to help you.

    At the end of days, you as student have to put effort and work to learn. But with Rithm school, you can learn everything you need to know in order to start new career as software engineer.

    I highly recommend Rithm school.

  • Nathan Mass  User Photo
    Nathan Mass • Product at Hulu • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I recently completed the full-time immersive program at Rithm and strongly endorse the bootcamp. As most of the other reviews have positively note, Rithm places a critical emphasis on student learning. Small class sizes are tremendous and the low student-to-teacher ratio gave us all plenty of one-on-one time to ask directed questions and ensure understanding of the day's lecture or exercise. Additionally, instructors often stayed late with students and were easily accessible if needed.

    Choosing a bootcamp wasn't a decision I took lightly. I attended info sessions, interviewed, and researched all of the top programs in SF. Larger programs (not be named) seemed to be operating a business model of churning out students--this is especially true where students from a prior cohort (often only a couple months of finishing the program themselves) were tapped to teach the incoming class. This was a redline for me. I'm happy to report that the Rithm instructors each have years of instruction and job experience as software engineers. 

    What happened to me? I leveraged the program's curriculum and my product background to get a techical product management role at Hulu. 

    Again, I strongly recommend the Rithm program. Comprehensive curriculum with quality instructors who care about your learning.  Get in the Rithm!


  • Jacques Leupin  User Photo
    Jacques Leupin • Mobile Engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Read the reviews posted by others. Rithm school is as good (and maybe even better) than they say.

    Rithm focuses on small class sizes.  They teach the newest technologies.  As part of their curriculum, they also feature 'company projects' - this sets them apart from other bootcamps.

    I was able to land a job as a Engineer a few short months after I attended Rithm.

    If I could do it all over again, I would choose Rithm in a heartbeat.

  • Kenny Hwu  User Photo
    Kenny Hwu • Full Stack Engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    If you've researched Rithm School as much as I had across Course Report, SwitchUp and Yelp, you probably had the same questions I did.  Let me put your mind at ease; no these reviews are not from bots, yes they are all posted by real graduates, and yes Rithm School is just that amazing!  I can only reiterate on all the advantages that make Rithm stand out that have been hammered in by so many reviews below:

    1. Company Projects: In terms of the post-grad job search, this matters - a lot.  Having real experience in a live production codebase that is magnitudes larger than personal apps and small projects counts for so much in the eyes of recruiters and engineering teams.  Most entry-level engineering roles involve less of creating things from scratch and more of going into an existing codebase blind, learning and navigating the code structure, and making tweaks and changes to improve the final product in a way that complements the existing methodology.  Being able to put this experience in your resume, and more importantly talk it up during interviews, puts you light-years ahead of most self-taught curriculums.

    2. Instructor Quality: While company projects help to get your foot in the door for a new job, it's really the learning and retention that keep you there and allow you to thrive in your career.  The instructors at Rithm are all top-notch in their knowledge of technical concepts, working methodology, and modern topics in the engineering industry. However, it's really their focus and experience as educators that set them apart from those at other bootcamps.  They continuously consider and tweak the material and teaching styles to ensure that each student comprehends the most relevant portions of each concept, and at the very least has an avenue to pursue further learning.  They genuinely want each person to succeed in their own personal goals, and will work alongside them to help navigate that path to success. That also means they are willing to call out areas that you may need improvement on, or if you're going down an irrelevant, tangential path. They're also hilarious.

    3. Small Class Size:  Class sizes generally range from 12-18 students, a far cry from the 30+ you'll find at other bootcamps.  The high teacher-to-student ratio allows for more dedicated time for each student to ask questions, receive more help, and pursue advanced topics if desired.  You'll also get closer to your classmates than you would expect as you struggle and bond together. The alumni network at Rithm is ever-growing, and genuinely looks out for one another.

    These are the big three stand-out features I felt really distinguishes Rithm School from other bootcamps.  Other aspects that are also high-quality are their focus on pair programming and learning collaboration, their late-stage and post-grad guidance and connections for job-searching, and a truly social and welcoming environment to build your network and friendships.

    Absolutely attend one of their many free evening meetups just to experience their teaching style, talk to the instructors, and ask a million detailed questions of every concern you might have.  Reach out to myself or the many Rithm alumni that will be happy and excited to talk to you about their experiences. And do that with any other bootcamp you're considering so you can make the best decision for yourself.  Transitioning careers is never easy, and while Rithm School will provide you with the best tools and mindset for making that change, in the end it will be up to you to push for what you want to achieve

  • Katie Gray  User Photo
    Katie Gray • Software Engineer • Graduate • Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    This review is not short! But I wrote the novel I wish I could have read when I was gathering data on which boot camp to enroll in.


    A little of my background/coding journey: Prior to enrolling in Rithm school, I was a music teacher and band director in San Francisco for 3 years. I had no prior experience coding. I spent many hours scouring the internet looking for others with non-traditional backgrounds being successful after a coding boot camp. I failed the Hack Reactor interview twice, I failed the Rithm school interview twice, completed First Step Coding, and finally passed my third try at the Rithm school interview. However, I was the first in my class to get hired as a software engineer, just two weeks after graduation. The skills Rithm school taught me have allowed me to survive in thrive in my new role!


    PSA for any boot camp - do not expect to be spoon-fed a job offer, just as having a college degree does not guarantee you a job in your field of study. I frame this review as “for 24k, will Rithm school efficiently teach you skills that set you up for success for a career in software engineering?” tl;dr is YES.


    Rithm school is professional and transparent from end to end. It is very hip nowadays to say “everyone can learn to code,” and some bootcamps, unfortunately, have a business model based on “everyone can pay to learn to code”. A lucrative career in a job market that isn’t going anywhere is a sweet dream to sell. Some bootcamps I interviewed at were more than happy to accept me on the sole basis that I could kinda write a for loop, as long as I could foot the bill. Rithm school does NOT give off this vibe. They are clear on the educational objectives of their program as well as expectations for students. The top two things I was willing to shell out 24K for was the opportunity to add a highly marketable skill to my existing skill set and the internship to work on the codebase of a real-life company.


    I felt supported ramping up to a career pivot by Rithm school prior to even enrolling. Their material and exercises that are free to access online proved to be an excellent source for me as I began my self-study during my teaching career. They offer free in-person evening classes, which I was able to attend while working full time to get a sense of the instructors, their teaching style, and the Rithm space in FiDi. Angelina was thorough in answering my many questions about the program. The work and time that the people at Rithm put into these components were miles beyond anything that other boot camps I was considering demonstrated.


    The interview process helped me refine the objectives of my self-study. Having a set of Javascript “toy” problems to complete before the technical interview was really helpful. Additionally, the instructor Matt went out of his way to give me specific feedback to improve my skills for my next Rithm interview attempt.


    Small cohort size was a huge part of my choosing Rithm school. I had toured Hack Reactor (since acquired by Galvanize) and was immediately put off by the 80+ students per lecture. I was horrified by the Hack Reactor practice of throwing a pillow microphone to any student who wanted to ask a question during the lecture. I am not a shy person, but I know the way I learn new material best is to ask lots of good questions. My cohort had 12 students, including myself. I felt SO so comfortable raising my hand to ask a clarifying question. My instructors Matt and Micheal never shot me down and took the time to answer. My quality of learning would have suffered if I didn’t have the intimate learning environment Rithm provides.


    My instructors Matt and Michael were stellar. There was never a time where I felt the “uuuuuuuh what’s next” - I’ve seen many a teacher - myself included- fall into this, and I appreciated the professionalism that Matt and Michael showed up with every day. I feel fortunate that my personality and learning style meshed well with their personalities and teaching style. It’s always tricky when it comes to teacher preferences, as everyone responds differently to different personalities and teaching styles. Any instructor you have at Rithm will give you a quality experience, but I highly recommend dropping in a free evening class to get a feel of each instructors’ style. Matt was my assigned advisor, who I was able to meet with in a 1:1 every other week. This individualized attention, among many other things,  is what I was willing to pay half my teacher salary for. From a pedagogical standpoint, getting a teacher’s undivided attention and support is invaluable to learning. I utilized this time to go over concepts I was having trouble with, battle imposter syndrome, and get my resume and cover letter critiqued.


    The first 12 weeks of the program are what people usually think when they think “coding bootcamp”- learning many concepts in a short period of time. However, Rithm has struck the balance of lecture time and hands-on learning to accelerate your understanding. Yeah, you could sit in your house in the mornings and evenings and hack through a course on Treehouse/Udacity etc, but having experienced instructors to guide you through the nuts and bolts towards a tangible lesson objective is so powerful. If you are a band nerd/orch dork like me, it will feel like one of those multi-day high school band festivals, where you work your butt off for hours every day, but the infectious energy from your peers keeps you going. As a former teacher, I appreciate the organization and though they put into their curriculum. I had access to a google doc that detailed hour by hour what material and exercises we would be completed in the coming weeks. I had access to the lecture notes the night before, so I could read it then, take notes on it in the morning, hear it in lecture, and practice it in the lab. This focussed structure and organization allowed me to thrive and learn quickly.


    The labs were a good balance of lecture vs hands on learning time (“I do, we do, you do” teaching model). None of the labs felt like “busy work”, they lined up well with the concepts that were taught in the lecture. Written instructions for labs well written and organized - a clear goal for each one. There was a good starting code provided, clear and organized steps for the exercises. Sprints were multi-day labs working on a larger project, which could be featured in your portfolio. Having these jumping off points to build my portfolio was invaluable.


    Sidenote: I LOVED the space available to students. The office was clean, great couches and study lap things. I especially loved the whiteboard tables and walls! Writing out material in an organized way is a huge part of my learning style, I used the whiteboard tables daily in the morning to go over the lecture notes for the day. The lecture halls have excellent projectors that make it easy to follow along with the material. There are nice office chairs to sit in both the lecture halls and labs, with proper whiteboard tables. I mention this because I noticed that both Hackbright and Hack Reactor had students sit on the floor to take notes, and I couldn’t fathom being able to focus in that environment.


    Company projects were perhaps the biggest deciding factor in choosing Rithm school. I knew that coming from a nontraditional background  I was going to need something tangible to add to my resume. I know other boot camps have you build things for a portfolio, and that pales in comparison to Rithm’s offering to be able to work on a real-life company code base. For three weeks I was able to work on team of 6 of my classmates to contribute in a meaningful way to a company codebase. The experience of having morning standup (checking in with the team), learning a git workflow, writing tests, and adjusting to a large codebase were all factors that gave me a huge leg up in the job hunt.


    In terms of job hunting support, I will reiterate what I mentioned before - I went in knowing I was paying 24k for individual attention, a small cohort size, a well-organized curriculum, the office space, and company projects. I 100% received what I expected for the price. I knew that I would need to be proactive in my job search and to take what skills they taught me and run like mad. That being said, Rithm still does provide some basic job hunting support - resume work, time to work on your portfolio and website, mock interviews. It is more passive support than aggressive support. I am happy to hear that they have recently hired a career coach, who advises students to use many of the strategies that I myself used to get hired two weeks after I graduated.


    Having worked full time as a full-stack engineer for nearly two months now, I can say that Rithm truly prepared me well for my role. Although my company's stack is in Ruby/Ruby on Rails, the solid tenants of professional programming that the instructors instilled in me serve me every day. From test-driven development to pair programming to problem-solving, I feel prepared for whatever my job throws at me. This is an incredible feeling, especially thinking about how I was a k-8 music and band teacher just a year ago.


    The Rithm alumni network is an amazing resource to be able to tap into. When I was scouring for reviews about a year ago, the number of alumni was smaller, and I am thrilled to see it continue to grow. A fellow Rithm alumn who was also a teacher in a former career works just down the street from my office, and we communicate near daily our experiences in our job.


    I love talking about my experience at Rithm school as well as job hunting strategies. Please feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn if you would like to learn more about my experience at Rithm! I am happy to help the next person into this exciting career from a non-traditional background.

  • Zac Bennett  User Photo
    Zac Bennett • Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    In short, Rithm was a truly incredible educational experience that allowed me to transition from my previous job as a high school math teacher to a full-fledged software engineer.  It’s hard to write something that hasn’t been already covered in depth below, but let me reiterate on two main points that make Rithm unique: the learning experience at Rithm, and the company projects.

    Rithm is an amazing place to learn full stack web development. The small class sizes make asking questions or getting feedback on your code a breeze. The lectures and exercises are of high quality and carefully structured to build on each other. They also constantly incorporate feedback into their lectures to make them more effective. My last note on this are the incredible teachers. I know what it looks like when a teacher is there just for a paycheck, and when a teacher is passionate about teaching and working with students. Without a doubt, the teachers at Rithm love teaching, and want to see you succeed.

    The company projects are one of the highlights of being at Rithm. Not only does it give you a feel of actually working on production level code, but it differentiates you from the other bootcamp grads out there (and there are a lot). It also gives you something concrete to talk about with recruiters and other engineers. I talked about my company project in every single interview. It showed how I could take project specs, break them down, work with others and deliver under a deadline. Which is what you do every day as an engineer.

    I was very fortunate in my job search and received two job offers in two months after graduating. I couldn’t have done it without Rithm and can’t recommend the school enough.

  • Hinesh   User Photo
    Hinesh • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    My name is Hinesh and I attended Rithm as part of the 8th cohort. I was looking at some other bootcamps but a friend had attended Rithm and recommended it and from the first day, I could see why. The classes sizes are small and access to instructors is always there. 

    The instructors at Rithm truly care about teaching and it shows. They are also extremely talented developers themselves. The curriculum is extremely well thought out and does a good job in balancing breadth and depth. They also really take feedback well and make changes to the curriculum for the better based on it. 

    The internship experience is also incredible for 4 weeks and differentiates Rithm. You get to work with a large, real codebase and complete tasks which gives you an insight into life in software development after the bootcamp. 

    If you put in the time and work hard you will succeed at Rithm because the environment, from the class size to the instructors to the job support after the program, will ensure that you do. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made and would make it again in a heartbeat. 

  • Beyond Full-Stack
    - 3/18/2019
    Emman Mascariñas  User Photo
    Emman Mascariñas • Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    In short, my return was certainly worth the cost of admission - especially with the deferred tuition model. In four months, I went from not knowing a lick of JavaScript, to getting my Pull Requests accepted on production codebases with React Native advanced patterns. Technical expertise isn't the only thing I got from Rithm. They also taught me invaluable interprersonal skills as well as strategies for navigating the jobseeking process. I even got a job within the first few weeks of graduating by using one of my Rithm connections.


    In more depth, the small class sizes made the instructors incredibly available - all of whom are skilled software engineers. With their varied expertise, I could get all of my questions addressed - no matter how deep I went down the rabbit hole. If I wanted to know why 'with' blocks function the way they do in Python, I could ask the guy who contributed to the Python source code. If I wanted to know about NP-Complete and how that relates to Big O, I could ask the one with a Mathematics pHD. Even if I wanted to know why "{ } + [ ]" returned 0 but "[ ] + { }" returned "[object Object]" in JavaScript, I could get my questions answered.


    Their curriculum is always being updated on multiple levels. By asking for data from recent graduates about their job hunting experience, they can focus on relevant technologies while relegating less important topics to footnotes or Further Study. Additionally, every lecture has an option for feedback, and they definitely pay attention; the Callback Pattern exercise was substantially rewritten after they processed our feedback.


    Their support continues even after graduation. They keep office hours every week specifically for alumni and assist in fine tuning the job search for best results. They're really looking out for their students' best interests.


    Lastly, they understand the importance of work-life balance. The assessments are just challenging enough to solidify the lessons learned throughout the week. Even though the core requirements are designed to be completed in a reasonable amount of time, reach goals are included as well for the ambitious student. They also throw parties for significant curriculum achievements - such as completing your first sprint! There's often a group of people staying around after class to play a few board games. Although the schedule quite rigorous and challenging, the culture really makes it manageable.


    All in all, an incredible experience


    Bonus: The company dog is great, and they let me bring my own well-behaved therapy dog to class!

  • Juan Areces  User Photo
    Juan Areces • Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    There isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said by the reviews below.

    Kristen's TL;DR is a great example of what I mean. All of us feel the same way about Rithm. From the instructors to job assistance, it really hits it out of the park throughout the entire bootcamp.

    The curriculum is insanely well thought out and executed. There is the right amount of lecturing and the right amount of project building (seriously, check out any of our Github accounts - there's a ton of cool projects we've built).

    In addition, it's constantly evolving using feedback from previous cohorts in attempt to provide the best experience possible.

    Not understanding a certain topic? That's OK - you have advisor hours with one of the instructors where you can go through certain topics and discuss what's tripping you up.

    Not enough? That's still OK - the instructors will go out of their way to help you understand. They're there to do that, they love teaching and want to see you succeed.

    That sort of environment fosters a lot of personal and educational growth which benefits both you and your classmates.

    The instructors love teaching (that's why they're there), love seeing people succeed and love answering any and all questions. I recommend attending one of their nightly classes (or auditing a class) to see them in action.

    Finally, finding a job post bootcamp. It's hard. Really, really hard. But that doesn't mean impossible (Setting that dramatic tone, no?).

    Rithm prepares you for your post-bootcamp life by teaching you CS fundamentals and exposing you to real-world work. When you talk to recruiters, they'll want to see and know more about that real-world work and you'll have that in your back pocket.

    When you talk to other engineers, they'll want to know how much you know. Those CS fundamentals will come in handy.

    You'll be confident about yourself, what you know, and the work you've done. And then you'll get a job. And then you'll find yourself writing a review saying the same thing we're all saying, what a challenging yet rewarding experience this was (couldn't help myself. Love corny endings).

    Good luck (and feel free to hit me up if you want to chat about Rithm or programming or anything really)!


  • Rithm is amazing!
    - 12/12/2018
    Kristen Lingwood  User Photo
    Kristen Lingwood • software engineer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    tldr: Rithm wins for best instruction, curriculum, community, and job seeking support. 

    Curriculum: All of Rithm's curriculum can be found online. They are continually re-evaluating and making sure they are teaching the most relevant and in demand topics while also teaching solid CS and engineering skills. The content is modern, relevant, and still full of the necessary foundational computer science and problem solving skills you need to be a successful software engineer. 

    Internship/Company project: Towards the end of your program, you'll get assigned to a company project where you'll pair with fellow students and a Rithm instructor to make meaningful contributions to a real production code base. This is ran like an internship and nothing is more satisfying than seeing something you built go live!!! And when it comes time to job hunt, you'll have relevant experience to help guide those interview conversations. 

    Instruction: If you want to teach yourself, just go watch youtube videos and read tutorials on medium or quora. If you want to actually have instructors that will patiently help you with ANYTHING that you're struggling with, go to Rithm. Code alongs, lectures with slides you can actually keep/reference back to, lab projects and sprints that involve pair programming and solo projects, stretch goals for advanced students and further study for students who need more scaffolding before mastering a topic. 

    Community: So much of community depends on your fellow cohort members. Each cohort will have its own personality, but the staff will go the extra mile to make sure everyone is included, safe, and comfortable. Sorry judgy mcjudgersons, you won't find a home here. 

    Job seeking support: At the end of the day, what every potential boot camper wants to know is "will I find a job." Rithm publishes their numbers transparently. The onus is you to do the job seeking, but they are there for you to provide the skills on how to job seek and where to look. The Rithm alumni networking is growing and we refer where we can. The instructors helped me with things like advice for negotiating once I got my job offer, editing my cover letter and resume, practice whiteboarding and take home projects. 

    Rithm has all kinds of free coding meet ups. There is no better way to check out a school than to see how they teach these free workshops. Most of us alumni are also very findable on LinkedIn, so feel free to reach out to chat! Or better yet, just apply to Rithm and join our awesome community! 

  • Karl  User Photo
    Karl • Mobile Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    A brief history--I majored in Film & Media Studies, worked at a Fortune 500 animation studio, as a nutrition & exercise coach, and EMT & Firefighter Intern before transitioning into software development. After getting my feet wet with some JavaScript prep work, I had my pick of the larger well-known boot camps in the Bay Area. Ultimately however I decided upon Rithm School for several invaluable reasons--each of the instructors was previously a developer with a passion to educate others, class sizes are intentionally small to maintain a productive student-teacher ratio, and Rithm networks with Bay Area businesses to provide each of its students a full time, one month internship working alongside professional engineers to develop features for production codebases. Without any direct mobile experience, I was able to join a team developing a React Native iOS event hosting app to beta for user testing, helping to create a mobile experience and additional source of revenue for a company with a pre-existing web version of the application. In just over three months after graduating Rithm School, with much credit due to my internship experience, the rigorous curriculum, and supportive instructors, I am employed full time as a software engineer on a mobile development team with incredible room for professional growth across the stack. I have a great deal of work to do to continue to earn the opportunities before me, but without a doubt I have been prepared to remain consistent and confident as I grow as an engineer because of my education with Rithm School. I was taught to be resilient and thoughtful--a problem solver first and foremost--with a wide range of exposure to full stack development/technologies, conceptual knowledge discussion, data structure/algorithm practice, and career coaching to support me. I went from zero coding experience to earning an excellent role within one year of committing to pursuing this path, and there are many other stories like mine. If you dream of working in software development, or are even considering it a possibility, I cannot recommend nor express my gratitude for Rithm School and its staff enough.

  • Wow. Life changer.
    - 11/19/2018
    Kelson Warner  User Photo
    Kelson Warner • Software Developer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    Going to Rithm School was one of the best things I've ever done for myself.  

    As an individual who was unable to finish college due to some unavoidable circumstances, I was always so concerned I would never be able to pursue a career in technology.  I was wrong.

    I spent a handful of years working in jobs that I didn't really like.  It always felt like something was missing. This led me to tinker with the idea of going to a coding bootcamp, and eventually decided to take the plunge and move forward.  I completed the Hack Reactor prep program remotely, and absolutely loved what I was learning.  I worked hard throughout the course, and at the end I passed the technical interview and was accepted to their immersive program.  I wanted to pursue other options in order to make the most informed decision.  One of the guys I met through the Hack Reactor course told me about Rithm School, and I also applied to Galvanize.  I was accepted to all three (HR, Rithm, Galvanize), and I had to make a decision.

    Through word of mouth, I heard amazing things about Rithm School.  At the time they were a much newer program, and had only worked with 5 cohorts.  Their approach was much different than most of the other programs I looked into, and I liked what I saw.

    The main reason I chose Rithm was because of their emphasis on small class room sizes.  I have never been able to learn very well in large classrooms.  I found the idea of working in a small intimate group much more appealing than being just another person in a massive room.

    If anybody tells you that going through Rithm's immersive program is easy, they are lying.  I worked harder than I ever have in my life.  There is so much material to learn, and it moves quickly.  From day one I felt extremely welcomed by all of the instructors, and they served as an excellent source for me to get personal questions answered, which made a huge difference.  There were many times I felt like I had hit a wall.  I wanted to give up!  But those feelings always passed, and before I knew it I started to feel like an engineer.

    Rithm does an excellent job at providing the necessary information and tools to be successful in the course.  It was obvious that they had a clear picture of what works and what doesn't.  The curriculum is well laid out, and each topic tends to build on the previous one.  

    My favorite part of the program was the company projects phase.  I was able to work with an awesome start-up, and build deployable features for their application before I had even finished a bootcamp!  It was an awesome experience, and it really solidified everything I had learned in the first half of the program.

    The last phase of the program (outcomes) was also crucial for my success.  There is so much I didn't know about the interviewing and hiring process for technical roles.  Over the course of just a few weeks I learned how to master technical interviews, take home challenges, phone screens, and even post offer negotiation.  I would've been screwed in my job search process without a lot of this information.
    As the program neared an end, I had mixed feelings of both excitement and fear.  I was very concerned that I would have a super hard time finding a job without a Bachelor's degree on my resume.  I applied to hundreds of jobs, over the course of just a few weeks.  There were plenty of rejections, and it was hard work.  Amazingly enough, after a long interview process, I ended up getting offered an awesome position through a referral I had gotten from one of the instructors at Rithm.  All of the hard work was suddenly SO worth it.

    Looking at my life today, I am beyond grateful for the opportunities I was given based on my decision to attend Rithm School.  I have built a strong group of peers (friends) through Rithm School, that I believe will remain a part of my network for many years to come.  I have a career that I LOVE, and I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else.  What more can I ask for?  I am so glad I chose to go to Rithm.

  • Worth.
    - 9/16/2018
    Yang Yu  User Photo
    Yang Yu • Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I'm naturally skeptical of a lot of things - Rithm at first was included in that.

    After I decided to transition from being a photographer and designer to a software engineer, I began looking at bootcamps in the SF area. The ones that stuck out to me as the two most promising ones were App Academy and Rithm School. After attending App Academy's Bootcamp Prep - I opted for Rithm due to a variety of reasons.


    1. The word of mouth surrounding Rithm was exceptional. It was even recommended to me as a top notch program by my instructor at App Academy! It was difficult to find people who had anything negative to say about the program (again, I was skeptical, but read on). 

    2. The month of real world company experience unique to Rithm's curriculum.

    3. The small, intimate learning environment with real world instructors.

    My instinct was pushing me to go to Rithm, and after attending their bootcamp prep program and meeting with Elie, I was sold. 

    I worked harder than I probably ever have in my life but the amount of experience I was able to absorb in only 4 months was astounding to me. 

    Rithm does a phenomenal job of giving you what you need to learn, demonstrating the value of it, and getting you moving on learning it immediately. At times I was worried that I was being fed things on a silver platter, but I later realized that it seems this way because they focus on essential patterns and best practices. They simply they don't dwell on inessential material. They save you a tremendous amount of time in doing so and you can always go back and experiment later on your own.

    The trap I often encountered at Rithm was that because I didn't realize how much I had learned, I doubted myself. The skepticism was always lingering in my mind. Part of it was that I had little to no technical knowledge before attending the program, and another part of it was simply self-doubt. 

    Now that I am on the other side, have landed a job, and am now integrating into a new codebase - I can honestly say that Rithm is ridiculously legitimate. A truly A+ quality program. Rithm takes a modern, adaptive approach to a modern, adapting industry - and the solution is pure elegance.

    The beauty of their system is that it not only works, but it improves every time. They are constantly re-evaluating and sharpening their program and output. They adapt to give each individual person what they need to succeed and they listen when you have an issue. 

    It's hard to believe at times that four months with the right people can so dramatically change your life if you let it. If you're going to be attending Rithm school: work hard, don't doubt yourself - if you do, never give up. 

  • Rich Berberian  User Photo
    Rich Berberian • Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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    Job Assistance:

    TLDR: Rithm's ROI is more than worth it.  Go to Rithm.

    When I first started thinking of making a career switch into coding, I was thinking about taking an online class and working at the same time.  I wanted to see if I liked coding and could do well at it, so I attended some free (yes, free) workshops at Rithm.  I learned a lot in those free workshops and realized I would learn much faster in person rather than online.  I still wasn't sure about Rithm because they were a bit more expensive than other bootcamps, but after attending some more workshops, I was sure that's where I wanted to go.  You get way more value for your money there.  Elie, Joel, Matt, and Michael are all very knowledgeable in addition to being excellent teachers.  I was impressed by their level of expertise, as well as their patience and skill answering questions and explaining concepts.  Four instructors for sixteen students allows you to get much more attention.  They took the time to meet with us one on one periodically to give us feedback and listen to our concerns.  It was clear they genuinely cared about what we were learning and were invested in seeing us succeed.  

    Besides the outstanding instructors, which is sufficient reason to attend Rithm, they have a month devoted to a real-world company project that I could list on my resume when my job search began.  It was during the company project that I actually felt ready to be a professional developer and gained the confidence that I could actually do this.  

    When it came time for me to find a job, they exceeded expectations.  All along, we were doing morning warm-ups in data structures and algorithms, practicing conceptual questions that come up in interviews, and practicing our problem-solving skills.  During the outcomes period, we practiced whiteboarding and answering conceptual questions in front of others.  And when I actually had phone screens and interviews, I was ready!  Everything we practiced was actually relevant and helpful.  Jeremy did an excellent job of explaining the value of reverse recruiting, how to reach out to people, how to negotiate job offers, and how to use the tools out their to find jobs.  It was not only helpful for finding my first job, but I'll have that knowledge throughout my career whenever I need it.

    Not only did Rithm do an exceptional job of training me, but they actually found me a job just six weeks after I finished the program.  I applied to hundreds of jobs on my own, but Rithm got me the interview that landed me a job, a good one with a salary that I wouldn't have had the confidence to expect or ask for without their coaching.

    In addition to all that, it was great experience and I had a good time getting to know my classmates and the staff.  So glad I made the decision to go to Rithm!

  • Daniel S.  User Photo
    Daniel S. • Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via GitHub
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    I was a university lecturer and legal-economic researcher before I decided on a career change. I attended Rithm’s 6th cohort and was very pleased with the education, the corporate project, and the job search support. I can only wholeheartedly recommend this bootcamp to anyone interested in switching to a career in software development.


    You may ask why I attended a bootcamp, especially with so much college education under my belt as I have. I’m quite sure I would have been able to become a self-taught developer, given time, but I decided to attend a bootcamp for the time saving bootcamps can provide. I reasoned that a first-rate bootcamp would have a well thought out and well organized curriculum that distills the most important things I need to know to launch my career as a developer. I thought that the teachers would also keep me focused on these essential things, so I would absolutely not waste my time on learning unnecessary or low-priority things. Plus I hoped that the teachers would help me identify and leverage my strengths and identify and level up my weaknesses to be easily able to get a developer job after the bootcamp. In addition, I thought that the bootcamp would also provide a community of committed, like-minded people all of whom are in the same situation as myself, which can be very motivating and can help me through the rough patches of the learning process and job search.


    I’ve been accepted to five bootcamps and vetted all of them before choosing Rithm. The reasons were the quality of Rithm’s curriculum, the commitment of its teachers, the company projects, and the included outcomes weeks and job search support. Rithm’s curriculum was very well organized, especially in comparison to the curricula of other bootcamps, where some of the elements even seemed ad hoc, as if grafted on as an afterthought. Obviously much thought was given to the design of Rithm’s curriculum, as it was building and expanding my knowledge gradually without major leaps or missing steps. Rithm has a permanent teaching staff with low turnover and an excellent teacher to student ratio; so I knew up-front who were going to be my teachers and what kind of teaching I was going to get. Other bootcamps have more temporary teaching staffs with high teacher turnover, so often they weren’t able to tell me who the teachers were going to be, not even how many of them we were going to have. During the bootcamp and even afterwards during job search I found the teachers of Rithm very professional, very committed to their craft, and also very committed to our success.


    Rithm’s practice of contracting students out after 10 weeks of lectures to do real life company projects was also very sympathetic to me, and I haven’t seen this implemented anywhere else at Bay Area bootcamps. I thought of this as a final check whether I would actually be able to do the job and the final stage of actually becoming a real software developer. My company project also turned out to be a great conversation starter during my phone screens and interviews, and I suspect that my resume often got picked out of the pile because I had a company project on it. About the job search support I was a bit skeptical initially, because every bootcamp claims to provide some form of job search support. What was a bit different about Rithm was that the bootcamp had three weeks set aside specifically for “outcomes”, which was essentially education how to get a software developer job, from improving the resume to salary negotiations. This training also proved to be very useful and I even discussed my activities with the teachers and got advices after the bootcamp was over, right up to the point when I got an offer.


    So I can’t thank Rithm enough: I really enjoyed the bootcamp and learned a lot in a very short time. And most importantly, at the end I landed an awesome job just five weeks into the job search. Thank you Rithm School

  • Darien  User Photo
    Darien • Software Engineer Verified via LinkedIn
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    I attended Rithm and was part of cohort 5. At first I was a little skeptical about attending a boot camp since up until that point I was taking a bunch of online classes on Udemy. Why would I pay to go to school to learn something which I could easily learn online right? I couldn’t be further from the truth and a couple weeks in it was readily apparent to me that I still had a lot more to learn. 

    The teachers are top notch and know their stuff really well. I did my due dilligence and went to a few meetups to see their teaching style as well as ask questions. They break down each topic into the fundamental parts and are able to answer most if not all my questions. They got me to where I needed to be and I was able to get a job shortly within a month of graduating. 

    The reason why I chose Rithm over other bootcamps is the small class sizes and focus on company projects. I can tell you first hand how imperative it was during my interview process to talk about tangible work experiences and problem solving. This instantly gave me a competitive edge over other applications because I was selling myself as an "experienced hire".

    Another reason was the small class sizes and tailored help. I asked alot of questions and I always got them answered promptly, even at night. I wouldn't get this type of support anywhere else. The teachers also provided ongoing support after graduating. I was going into Rithm as an alumni and doing takehome challenges and the teachers were more than willing to help.

    Overall, my experience was really positive. I'd recommend this bootcamp. 

  • Vivian  User Photo
    Vivian • Software Engineer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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    Job Assistance:

    I was part of Rithm’s 3rd cohort (Elie, Matt, and Tim taught) and enjoyed learning there. Like many of you are doing, I was researching a lot before deciding on a coding school and spending hard earned money.

    I hesitate to say like many others do that “it’s the best decision of my life” or “life changing” because everyone has had to make many smaller decisions up until the point in deciding to get into development seriously (or most any other career path, tbh). Plus, no matter what school/program you go through, it’ll be life changing— either you’ll end up with a job or you might give up and perhaps be in a significant amount of debt. You’re going to have to balance your skepticism, self-doubt, time, and energy to make it happen and trust the process. That being said, Rithm was a the best choice for me.

    From the get-go from getting a call and then having a technical interview, Elie and the team were all friendly and gave specific feedback on how to improve as I whiteboarded problems. I really appreciated this, as Rithm’s interview process mirrors more of what it would be like for a job interview. Another school I had interviewed at before had me debug some code and though it is a needed skill, I’ve never had to debug code arbitrary code that was given to me during a job interview.

    Here are some of my key takeaways from my time at Rithm as well as having mentored others who are starting to learn JavaScript (not at Rithm).

    • You’ll learn faster with community. I was trying to do it on my own— Free Code Camp curriculum, many cheap/free online courses, community college classes, you name it— it’s possible of course (just look at all the Medium posts of success stories in X amount of months), but for the most part, you’ll be working on a team and many companies want to see that you can produce great work and collaborate with others, rather than seeing solo toy projects. The company projects and pair programming during the course helped build these skills.
    • Teaching is iterative - every time you teach is another chance to improve the curriculum and explain things better; Rithm gets that. No teaching by watching video clips or teachers-who-are-really-students that just graduated from that very program. The material is relevant and up-to-date.
    • Ask questions! This is crucial- the instructors are there to help and are responsive. I was too chicken to ask questions earlier on (I gave myself a time limit to try to solve it on my own), but I should have gotten over it sooner. Everyone at Rithm is trying to help you learn and improve. I also learned how to ask better questions by listening to others’ questions.

    I didn’t include the job assistance rating, as this was primarily done through Outco. This is not to say that Rithm was not supportive in the job search before, but there was a clear division between Rithm (learning and practicing web development) and Outco (resume help, technical interview prep, and CS fundamentals). I think Rithm keeping this in-house will benefit all future cohorts, as there is a greater level of care provided.

    Lastly, I just want to say that coding is for everybody. Don’t let a school, company (when applying for jobs), or setback tell you that you can’t make it as a developer, keep persisting and putting work in. Job searching is difficult, and though there is a 6-month job guarantee, it ultimately depends on what you’re looking for and your own confidence in your technical skills, which come from experience. Hopefully you can give yourself some additional time (if needed) to get the work you want.

  • Shriya Nevatia  User Photo
    Shriya Nevatia • UX Engineer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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    Job Assistance:

    I had a fantastic time at Rithm School. I was in the 3rd cohort in a class of 11 students. We had so much individualized attention that I was never waiting on a question for more than a few minutes, and the other students were very helpful, kind, and down-to-earth. It was not a cut-throat environment because we were not competing against one another; there were so few of us and there are so many engineering job openings that we knew that the most important thing was helping one another succeed and trying our best. We got experience pair programming, working on real features with startups in an agile sprint format, and building our own independent projects. The environment was fun (we all wore horse masks as the end as a prank to the instructors) but still intense (we moved very quickly and had to work hard every day to keep up). 

    A bit about my background: I had a Computer Science degree that I completed in 2015 and 2 years of work experience at startups working in Business Development / Operations / Community Management. My software skills were rusty and my web development knowledge was out of date and shaky. I came in wanting to get the preparation I needed to work as an engineer at a modern startup, and I wanted to develop confidence in my skills. Rithm was amazing for both of those -- we learned all the common tools and practiced interview questions so that we would feel prepared when going out on our own. 

    Job search afterward: I joined when Rithm had a partnership with Outco, and I did the Outco 1-month program in August 2017 right after Rithm ended. The partnership was very helpful because I got to work with some of my classmates and go through the process together, though now that job prep is in-house it will be even more of a tight-knit feeling. Whiteboarding every day was very helpful because that aspect of interviews became less intimidating. I had a bit of a weird path because I was strongly considering PM roles and applied to many of those, but ultimately when I wasn't having luck, I started working for my friend's startup in Community Management while searching for Engineering jobs. I knew I wanted to focus on Frontend so I could utilize my UX Design knowledge, and I lucked out in finding a UX Engineer role that combined Frontend Engineering, UX Design, and Product Management. Rithm was so helpful throughout the whole thing - I met with Elie every few weeks whenever I needed help and he was always available. It was so great to have the support of my cohort members, too, because friends going through the search alone shared how isolated they felt. I'm now 4 months into my role and really love it!! I know Rithm prepared me very well and I recommend it as often as I can to anyone considering a bootcamp!

  • Andrew Mundy  User Photo
    Andrew Mundy • Product Designer • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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    Hi 👋 my name is Andrew Mundy. I was part of Rithm’s second cohort at the beginning of 2017. As we approach a year since the beginning of my developer journey I wanted to outline my experience. I had been living in SF and working in the bar and restaurant industry for some time. I didn’t have a college degree, I hadn’t been in touch with technology, I had a flip phone. Besides some experience with Adobe products, print design, and a little HTML- my knowledge of coding was infantile. So how did I emerge from a 4 month bootcamp and land freelance gigs, a position as a front-end engineer, and most recently join a startup as a product designer and booking meetings with VC’s pitching for millions of dollars in such a short time?






    No other bootcamp can provide what Rithm can. Honestly, it’s a question of whats important to the bootcamp you’re considering. Maximum efficient profit or maximum efficient developers. Who will be your instructors? Students of the previous cohort or world-class, seasoned masters? Rithm provides their entire curriculum online for free. They are not afraid of losing potential customers to themselves. They are selling a mentorship not information.


    With so many bootcamps to choose from and the seemingly endless amount of Jr devs fighting to enter the workforce. The question is no longer, “I hope I have what it takes to graduate.” But instead, “How will I graduate with a competitive edge over everyone else?”


    The founder / instructors include Elie, Matt, and Tim. All ex Galvanize instructors that didn’t just think there was a better way, they knew there had to be. They didn’t just think they could create the next great developer, they knew they could. The dream team lineup- Elie, a natural, legendary instructor. Matt, a published doctor of mathematics.  And Tim, the personable sleeper genius, I think he’s in Mexico right now? Oh, and Whiskey the dog for moral and emotional support.


    My cohort was only 8 students to 3 instructors. That meant that no question went unanswered. No person fell between the cracks. It was abundantly clear to everyone in the room if you skimmed through the previous nights homework, the level of accountability was daunting and necessary.


    Our final projects included splitting the class into two groups and creating tools for UCSF and Slow Ventures. From choosing what technology stack to outlining an MVP and stretch features, we collaborated with our respective POC’s and created everything from the ground up. Halfway through completion we swapped teams and picked up where the others left off. This simulated the real world situation of walking into a brand new codebase. Going from Python’s Flask to ReactJS proved to be a challenged we were well equipped to tackle.


    I never thought I was capable of learning so much so quickly. It was the perfect combination of world-class instructors, intense personal accountability, and real world projects that culminated into an experience that no other bootcamp can provide. Post graduation, I’ve talked to so many grads from other bootcamps and they are always surprised and envious of my experience. I could not recommend Rithm enough. Please, just do yourself a favor and go talk to em, they have free classes all the time. I am also more than happy to answer any further questions you may have or accompany you to any of their free classes. Hit me up! andrewmundy@gmail.com

  • Aaron  User Photo
    Aaron • Graduate Verified via LinkedIn
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    I'm a graduate from Rithm's second class, and I can unequivocally state that it was a fantastic life decision. But I've read more than my fair share of optimistic bootcamp reviews, so let me say a little why I think so highly of Rithm School. I'll try to be as objective as possible, but its pretty hard to contain how highly I think of this school and its staff.

    #1 Class Size: The first reason that Rithm stands out is class size - my cohort was 8, and the current one is 14. This is in stark contrast to every other place I checked out, including the likes of Thinkful, Dev Bootcamp, Hack Reactor, and obviously every university class I've ever been in. It really can't be overstated how hard it is to learn how to code "correctly" when starting out fresh, or coming from a career transition - learning the syntax is not enough, you really need an experienced hand to show you the things you can do, but shouldn't do, and the things you should do, that may not seem obvious. And learning those things is really hard to do when you've got a class size of 40+ with 2 instructors and a few TAs forcing you to go through a support-ticket system to get help - sure you'll learn eventually, but time is the most valuable commodity, and you'll expend way more time struggling as a beginner without a helpful hand to guide you. As an autodidact, I personally love the struggle of learning something new...but its really not an optimal use of time when trying to go from student to employed on life's busy schedule.

    #2 -The Instructors: Elie, Tim, and Matt are some of the best instructors I've ever had, and they shine in this high-touch, low teacher-to-student ratio environment. I learned more in one hour with Matt during a technical interview in the admission process than several hours of Stack Overflow and Google-fu - they are gifted, caring teachers willing to go the extra mile for you. I can't overemphasize how important this is - in a previous life, I was a teacher, and as a teacher it was never enough to mechanically rattle off the material to learn for the day. We all know those teachers we had that really stood out, that *cared* about our struggle, our welfare, and actually helping us to internalize and learn something. I struggled in large classes to deliver the care each of my students deserved, but here at Rithm, these gifted instructors are able to shine their brightest in helping *you* truly learn and excel. Even when you really f**k things up and basically make life really difficult for an hour after accidently rewriting git history (that's funny...kind of...you'll see :-P...or maybe not)

    #3 Career Support: Probably the most important thing after actually learning the thing, you need to get a job doing the thing, and here once again Rithm is fantastic. It's a common criticism of bootcamps that they teach you, and then throw you out into the wild with next to no career support. I should make a point here that part of Rithm's program includes a class with Outco, a separate organization that is fantastic at what they do in helping you prepare for technical interviews. The two organizations work closely together to help you meet the high bar for Outco admission during your time at Rithm. The final product is top-notch technical learning that transitions into top notch CS fundamentals and interview process learning. And I still get job referrals and postings that are a fit for me from the Rithm staff, so they're not just using this as a cop-out - they're with you until you get a job. 

    #4 Curriculum: Unlike a lot of places, this place does not teach you just JavaScript across the stack because its the current hot trend in the industry. Rithms uses both JavaScript and Python for teaching you front-end and back-end, and in particular you will learn how to setup a feature from the way it looks, to the data it accesses, to the way it stores that data in the database. You will not simply run a framework and press a button that abstracts away everything happening during an HTTP request/response, or security authorization/authentication, or in manipulating the DOM - you will in fact be taught what these things do each step of the way, how they interact, and tools available to make your life easier. I definitely found working with two different languages on the same product a challenge, but it really opened my eyes to the struggles developers face when working outside of just one language and the styles that a particular language encourages. I want to emphasize that while the *tools* you will learn here are obviously focused on web development, the practices you learn will help you as a software developer no matter what you end up doing. From version control, to test driven development, to Scrums and Agile workflows, they show you quite literally how a "real" developer works in their day-to-day. This is not just work on a pet project and some fancy styling - this is a deep dive into the lives of software developers with a focus on web development tools. Most of all, you'll learn that as software developers,  we must always, always keep learning.

    I really can't think of any real cons to the bootcamp itself outside of .you get what you pay for, which in this case is a good deal of $$$. They do scholarships and diversity funds though, so I know there are financial options available. I kind of wish they had bathrooms that didn't echo so much, but that's just me. And one thing to be aware of is that sometimes you hear weird sounds/see questionable figures walking around the area of the Mission. I did not consider this a distraction, but rather a educational experience in the different lives others live in the city. Not everyone is as fortunate to learn and work with all the rewards tech offers, and that's something you will be reminded of here (but no, no physical threats to to be had here). 

    Want to learn more? Reach out to Rithm - I'm happy to provide info too as an alumni. It's a great investment in a growing area, and while I could go for days about how great the program is or how it compares to other people I've known who have attended the likes of Hack Reactor or Dev Bootcamp, the main points are that you'll learn faster and better here than anywhere else locally, and you'll receive top-notch support in getting a job afterwards. Happy coding!

    - 1/21/2020
    Jay Chi • Full Stack Engineer • Student
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    But only because I learned how to make one at Rithm school.

    While there are a plethora of other schools that can teach how to do software engineering, not a lot of them can really teach how to be a good software engineer. Rithm teaches foundational knowledge and industry best practices from well seasoned veterans with years in the field (not student teachers!). In addition, the low student to teacher ratio helps with questions and cuts down on a lot of unnecessary frustration.

    The internship experience is another huge advantage Rithm has over other schools. It was invaluable talking to prospective employers about real world projects I worked on and how it brought value to the company and my overal learning experience.

    Rithm was one of the best decisions I have ever made and allowed me to transition into an incredibly rewarding career. I cannot recommend this school enough!

  • Gabriela • Site Reliability Engineer, Apprentice • Graduate
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    When I was looking into bootcamps I read a ton of reviews and outcome stats for several schools around the country, and ultimately decided to apply to Rithm and one other school that had small class sizes and deferred tuition.

    What I got from Rithm was more than just an understanding of the technologies taught in class. I also improved my communication skills, learned how to think like an engineer, and developed passions that I still pursue to this day. The instructors (Elie, Joel, Alissa, and Nate) inspired me every day to become better, and by the time I had graduated, I felt ready to start my job hunt. They also provided incredible support throughout the job hunt process, both through the highs and the lows. I am now proudly working a job I love, at a company I believe in, with a team that fully supports me and my ambitions. 

  • Loved Rithm!
    - 10/1/2019
    Billy • Software Engineer • Graduate
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    Growing up with a learning disability, I thrived in situations where class sizes were smaller and one-on-one time with teachers was readily available. When I started looking into different bootcamps I was discouraged by how a lot of the top options had large cohort sizes, and seemingly not enough instructors to provide adequate help. Although it seems like folks who attend these camps are getting a good education and have success finding work, I knew it wasn't a great fit for me. I did manage to find a promising camp that had smaller class sizes ...but they had about a dozen campuses, and I got the impression that they may be spread too thin - that some of the instructors might not be very invested in what they were doing.

    After searching for a bit, I managed to find Rithm. It checked all my boxes: small cohort size, quality instructors, a great tech stack, good job placement, one campus, etc. With a hefty amount of studying, I made it through the interview process and worked through the prep.

    My experience at Rithm was great. From day one I really felt a sense of community, and that the staff cared about the success of each student. I was really happy with the pace of the curriculum and how easy it was to get help when I needed it. My cohort-mates and I got along great, everyone was encouraging and helpful.

    During the main curriculum, an average day consists of 2 lectures and 2 labs. Labs emphasize pair programming. The hours aren't crazy, usually 9 to 5. That being said, pretty much everybody was putting in extra time to stay on top of the material. On the weekends there's an assessment that takes 6-8 hours to complete on average.

    Later in program, a few weeks are dedicated to "company projects" where you get the chance to work on a real-world code base. Other camps don't do this sort of thing from what I can tell. The end of the program is dedicated to "outcomes" aka job searching and interview prep. Although time flies during a bootcamp and folks often feel unprepared, these two sections helped me feel confident.

    Although Rithm might cost a bit more than other camps, I feel you get your money's worth. An added perk is it's location in San Francisco, where dev jobs are a plenty (check out Urbanests if you need an option for short term housing). It won't happen for everyone, but I managed to get a job offer pretty quickly after I graduated.

  • Jason • Frontend Engineer • Graduate
    Overall Experience:
    Job Assistance:

    I went through Rithm this year, part of their 11th cohort (r11 whats up!!), and received an offer about two months after graduating. Going to Rithm has empowered me to make a solid career change. Before going to Rithm, I went to app Academy's bootcamp prep course, which helped me get into app Academy, Hack Reactor, and RIthm. Keep reading if you want to know why I chose Rithm.


    The most distinguishing factors that really separate Rithm from the rest are the instructors and class size. My class size was 17 individuals, we had 3 wonderful professors. Unlike some other bootcamps which will remain nameless, all Rithm instructors have experience as professional developers; they dont hire recent RIthm graduates to teach their course. Also, during the lab portions of the curriculum, you have full access to your instructors, not just teaching assistants. This means that when you inevitably get stuck on a concept, you get un-stuck much quicker, allowing you to better understand the core lessons.

    Another thing great about Rithm, the curriculum they choose is geared to helping students develop a deeper understanding of what is going on. Rithm stays away from frameworks that abstract a lot of functionailty out of the code (think Ruby on Rails), and focuses on technilogies that lets students really understand all the parts necessary for building web applications.

    For the most part, coding bootcamps will either try and get you job ready from 0% experience or require some work ahead of time. Rithm is of the latter, which is more realistic for getting a job. The time already flies by, and the self study required to get in allowed me and my classmates to hit the ground running from day 1. Prior to my self study, I had no formal programming experience nor technical work experience.

    The Job Assistance is wonderful, the final couple of weeks are actually spent on job search specific topics; resume writing, negotiating, networking, etc. Rithm has a dedicated career coach who works on site, who has years of experience both as a recruiter as well as a career coach.

    As a final note, they have a deferred tuition plan (which i utilized) so apart from a deposit, you don't need to pay until you have a job.


  • Software Engineer
    - 4/11/2019
    Ferris • Student
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    TL;DR: I absolutely loved my experience at Rithm.  I moved to SF from Boston to attend and haven't regretted my decision for a second.

    There are three key aspects where I believe other bootcamps would struggle to match Rithm:
    1.  Depth and relevance of curriculum
    2.  Quality and availability of instructors
    3.  Job support

    The curriculum at Rithm encompasses both the fundamental intricacies of modern languages (Javascript & Python) and a host of modern technologies that are in high demand in the job market.  After you graduate, you'll be able to fluently speak about React, Redux, MVC frameworks, OOP, and Big O notation with the companies you're interviewing with.  The key here is that neither is sacrificed for the other and you'll be able to do this with no prior knowledge.  Most of class time is spent in lab building things with these technologies, while enforcing best practices that are used in industry and train you to write code like a professional.

    This leads into the second point, which is the quality of Rithm's educators.    Across the board they are individuals who have eye opening qualifications.  One has a PhD in Mathematics, one contributed to the Python source code.  All have multiple years of experience working in industry and are always open, friendly, and willing to help you work through a problem.  More to the point, you don't have to wait around, or get in a queue when you need help.  My cohort had twelve students and two instructors.   Rithm keeps the ratio roughly 5-6:1, so the feedback cycle is dropped to nothing, allowing you as a student to avoid roadblocks and quickly absorb material.

    Lastly, the job support and job-search portion of the curriculum were excellent and enabled me to receive an offer a month after graduating.  Don't misunderstand, you'll still have to do the work of sending out resumes and cover letters, but it helps a lot to have a portfolio replete with Full-Stack projects, a great personal site, and experience with a startup.  They also hold weekly office hours for job-seekers to attend and get help with whatever roadblocks they're facing in the job hunt.  

    To sum up, I'm extremely grateful that I made the choice to attend Rithm School.  It was an absolute game changer and should be at the top of the list for anyone considering a bootcamp.